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  • Yemen Car Market

    Yemen Car Market insights research is an exclusive focus2move study providing all relevant information over this market including historical trend, sales by brand, segments and models and a general outlook keeping in consideration internal & external factors.

  • Nigeria Market Insight

    Nigeria Vehicle Market Outlook is now almost positive after that the government promoted the development of a New Automotive Industry Development plan that in the 2014 entered in the first implementation plan generating huge interest among car makers.

  • Angola Market Insight 599

    Angola Car Market Insights 2014 is a broad overview on this market; an exclusive focus2move research conducted providing readers of key information over country, its automotive background and recent statistics.

  • Cover

    Algeria Automotive Insights research is an exclusive focus2move product developed to provide all relevant information over this market, the players competitiveness and the consumers preferred products.

  • Qatar automotive research

    Qatar Automotive Insights research is an exclusive focus2move product developed to provide all relevant information over the car market of this country with sales trend, competitive position, consumers preferred products and short term perspectives.

  • Russian Car Market

    Russian Car Market Researches are published by AUTOSTAT a Russian agency specialized since 2006 in the Russian Automotive sector has been doing researches and publishing ready marking reports on various segments of the automotive market in Russia.

  • Italian Car Market 2014

    In this research over the Italian Car Market we have featured one of the most important global market in terms of heritage, automotive culture, sports and stylish car manufacturing.

  • brazil automotive

    Brazil Automotive Market Insights is a full research developed analyzing the crude facts and numbers featuring the rule and the position actually achieved by this country in the global automotive chessboard.

  • Argentina Automotive

    Argentina Automotive Market Insights research is an exclusive researcht providing all relevant information about Argentinian Car Industry with 2012 & 2013 sales data, trend, competitive position & 2014 forecast & perspectives.

  • Saudi Arabia Car Market Insights

    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the larger country inside the Gulf Cooperation Council and has always played the rule of leading country in this "hot" zone of the planet. KSA light passengers vehicles market in 2013 growth at its all-time record volume ranking as World’s 20th

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  • fiat serbia
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  • Serbian Car Market
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  • Honda-Civic
  • panda
  • Qatar automotive research
  • BMW-5-Series_2014_
  • japan vehicle market
  • New Caledonia: Car Market 2014 Outlook.
  • Ford-Fiesta-2014-5
  • Uruguayan automotive industry
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  • Fiat-500
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  • Millionth-Fiat-500-Tychy-Poland
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  • Toyota middle
  • U.S. Vehicle Sales
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  • Greek Vehicle Market
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  • Kenia Automotive Industry
  • nigeriamap1
  • tel-aviv-skyline-and-shore
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  • vw-golf-gti-mk-v-tuned-by-schmidt-revolution_4
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  • Renault-Logan
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  • Volkswagen_2
  • Chevrolet
  • uk new car sales
  • Egyptian Car Market
  • 2013 kia picanto 2
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  • Chile Vehicles Sales
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  • european best selling cars
  • Glacial-perito-moreno
  • Seat-Leon_SC_2014_1024x768_wallpaper_12
  • japan vehicles sales
  • Australian Auto Market
  • Nigeria Market Insight
  • region-map
  • russian cars
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  • 2013-Volkswagen-Beetle-Convertible-UK-5
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  • Spanish Car Sales
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  • cambodia
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  • Mazda-BT-50_2012_1600x1200_wallpaper_02
  • florence_cityscape_night-wallpaper
  • taiwan car market
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  • thailand-1-1
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  • Bahrain Vehicle Sales
  • South African Vehicle Sales
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  • Fiat-500
  • Kazakhstan_political_map_2000
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  • 2014-Ford-Focus-Hatchback-Picture
  • civil_ensign_of_new_zealand_flag_drapeau_bandiera_bandeira_flagga-1331px
  • Datsun concept
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  • German Auto Market
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  • 2014_volkswagen_golf

    Volkswagen Golf is the market leader in Europe and third globally in first quarter 2014, right in time to celebrate the anniversary of the first vehicles produced, forty years ago starting from March 28, 1974. After seven generation the car still stand on top of Europe while becoming a World Car.

  • 2014-toyota-corolla-to-be-unveiled-before-the-los-angeles-auto-show_6

    Toyota Corolla is the World's best selling model since years and years. In 2012 it was the first car ever to hit the level of 1 million sales in a year. However, in 2013 it did further better, at new record volume.

  • 2014-Ford-Focus-RS-rendering

    Ford Focus third generation is a real World with great volume success in all continents. In 2012 sales hit the level of 1 million units in a year, but in 2013 sales were further better. Focus is the second best-selling car worldwide.