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  • Best selling car in France

    Best selling car in France. The Top 100 models all are impressively dominated by local made models with all the top eleven position taken by French brands and only 12 foreign models in the top 30.

  • Ireland Cars Sales Figures

    Ireland Cars Sales Figures outstanding in the first half 2015 albeit June's sales fell 15 percent. Fueled by a strong economic environment, the market stands among the best in Europe this year at highest level in 8.

  • France

    France rebounding economy fueled the best selling month since 2009 in June with a first half ending with a +6 percent and strong perspectives for the rest of the year.

  • Indonesia Auto Industry heavy fell in first half 2015 hit by low consumer's demand in a struggling domestic economy. However, Toyota managed to avoid losing volume keeping over 50% of market share among groups.

    Indonesia Auto Industry heavy fell in first half 2015 hit by low consumer's demand in a struggling domestic economy. However, Toyota managed to avoid losing volume keeping over 50% of market share among groups.

  • Canadian Car Market

    Canadian Car Market hit the new best first half ever posting in June the 27th year on year growth in a series. Ford on top of the list is struggling and losing terrain towards Toyota.

  • Germany best selling cars

    Germany best selling cars competition starts from the second place after the unrivalled golf, able to growth again at 9.0 percent of market share. Near 1 car each ten sold in Germany is a Golf! The rest of podium is hold by others Volkswagen.

  • Peugeot-308_GTi_2016

    Netherland best selling cars ranking is led by Volkswagen Golf that has expanded the gap over the Renault Clio. In the first half of 2015 Volkswagen Polo and Peugeot 308 had been protagonist of an amazing fly jumping ahead of 10 spots landing in third and fourth.

  • Saudi Arabia Vehicles Sales Statistics

    Saudi Arabia Vehicles Sales Statistics were almost positive again in Q1 2015 albeit the fall of oil price in the international market. Car sales were reported up 6.3% at the best Q1 ever. Mazda was the fastest growing brand..

  • Australia Best selling cars

    Australia Best selling cars in the first half 2015 led by Toyota Corolla as the rival Mazda3 was hit by cannibalized sales by the new Mazda CX-3. In this report we outline sales statistics for Top 50 models in first half 2015 compared with the previous year.

  • Sweden Best selling cars

    Sweden Best Selling Cars are dominated by Volvo and Volkswagen taking the top sixth positions in the ranking. Volvo V70 led ahead of Volkswagen Golf and Passat. Skoda Octavia and Audi A6 entered into the top 100 with robust performances. See top 100 models statistics.

  • Spain Best selling cars

    Spain Best selling cars in the first half 2015 led by Seat Leon and Ibiza ahead of Volkswagen Golf and Polo. Opel Zafira and Mokka had been among the fastest growing models, while Citroen Cactus was the best new model. See the top 100 models statistics.

  • Israel best-selling cars

    Israel best selling cars in the 2015 had been Toyota Corolla and Kia Picanto while the third step of the podium was taken by the new Kia Sportage overtaking the Mazda3. Top 100 models data and ranking reported here.

  • Lebanon vehicles sales statistics

    Lebanon vehicles sales statistics are in double-digit negative for the Q1 2015 following the all-time record scored by the market in the previous year. Fueled by the Corolla success, Toyota overtook Kia becoming market leader.

  • Norway best-selling models

    Norway best-selling models ranking in the 2015 is dominated by the Volkswagen Golf, thanks to the success of the electric version, with a wide gap over the immediate followers, the Toyota Auris and the Tesla Model S.

  • usa best selling cars

    USA best selling cars in first half 2015 reported no surprise on the top but outstanding performance from a list of new models gaining space between the 10th and the 20th place. Volkswagen Golf and Chrysler 200 had been the fastest growing

  • Italian best selling cars

    Italian best selling cars in the first half 2015 were dominated again by Fiat models, with the Lancia Ypsilon able to catch the second place celebrating the 30 years from launch. Several new models are gaining terrain with Opel Mokka wonderful 14th place.

  • Brazil best selling cars

    Brazil best selling cars ranking in the 2015 is led for the very this time by a Korean model, made in Brazil, the Hyundai HB20. In second place the second generation Ford Ka while the Fiat Palio was third. Former leader, Volkswagen Gol, falls in sixth.

  • South Korean Vehicle market

    South Korean Vehicle market hit in June the best ever month ending a record first half fueled by importers sales. BMW hit a record 3.6% market share while all top importers boosted volume hitting records share.

  • japan vehicle market

    Japan Vehicle Market

    July 20, 2015

    Japan Vehicle Market flat in June ending a sharp first half with observers outlook positive for the remaining part of the year. Toyota gained share and is near 30 percent while just importers reported strong increase led by Mercedes.

  • Czech Auto Market

    Czech Auto Market is rocking in the sky scoring the record first half up 20 percent from last year. This is the best market in Europe this year fueled by amazing sales from the domestic make Skoda.

  • Israel auto sector

    Israel celebrates a new record first half for auto sector with June up in double-digit. The three brands on the podium, Hyundai, Kia and Toyota gained the 36.8% of market share monopolizing the sales. Kia Sportage again the best-selling car.

  • Russian Auto Sector

    Russian auto sector plunged 36 percent in the first half 2015 with June again collapsing. The EU decision to extend sanctions until early 2016 is pushing the market down at 1.5 million units this year and ever down in the next.

  • Kuwait car market research


    July 14, 2015

    Kuwait Car Market research 2015 was conducted in Q3 2015 featuring all the dynamics inside the automotive market of this country. Qatar Automotive sector is one of the most dynamics worldwide fueled by a great economic expansion

  • German Vehicles Market

    German Vehicles Market in double-digit up in June fueled by a strong economic background and pulled up by amazing performance of Mitsubishi, Smart, Land Rover, Jeep and Mini. All data and statistics inside.

  • Citroen C4 Cactus in Netherland

    Statistics on first half figures from the Dutch market highlight as the new and almost original Citroen C4 Cactus is conquering the heart of Dutch consumers with the new model approaching the top 10 ranking.

  • Ghana Car Market

    Ghana Car Market 2020 Outlook was conducted in Q3 2015 featuring all the dynamics inside the automotive market of this country projecting the figures towards 2020 with details on cars and LCVs by year, segment, brand and model.

  • Mexico Cars Sales

    Mexico Cars Sales hit a record after the other and in June was at best month ever ending a best first half ever. June over 108.000 sales represent the peak in an astonishing pathway with over 0.6 million new cars sold in the first half 2015.

  • zambia car market 2020 outlook

    ZAMBIA 2020

    July 10, 2015

    Zambia Cars Market 2020 Outlook was conducted in Q3 2015 featuring all the dynamics inside the automotive market of this country projecting the figures towards 2020 with details on cars and LCVs by year, segment, brand and model.



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  • Toyota Corolla

    Toyota Corolla 2014 sales distribution statistics reveals that almost the half of the sales for the best-selling car model in the World find a customer in US and in China. The Top 20 markets represents 95.7 of total sales. See details inside.

  • 2014-Ford-Focus-RS-rendering

    Ford Focus third generation is a real World with great volume success in all continents. In 2012 sales hit the level of 1 million units in a year, but in 2013 sales were further better. Focus is the second best-selling car worldwide.

  • 2014_volkswagen_golf

    Volkswagen Golf is the market leader in Europe and third globally in first quarter 2014, right in time to celebrate the anniversary of the first vehicles produced, forty years ago starting from March 28, 1974. After seven generation the car still stand on top of Europe while becoming a World Car.

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  • Pakistan Vehicle Market
  • Lebanon Cars Market
  • Malaysia Vehicle Sales
  • Qatar automotive research
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  • New Car Sales in Spain
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  • Iguazu
  • Lithuania Light Vehicle
  • Asean Best selling Cars
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  • India Vehicles Market
  • Singapore Car Market Insights
  • Egypt Car Market
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  • venezuelan car market
  • Volkswagen-Gol
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  • Egypt Car Market
  • Canadian Auto Market
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  • Dutch Vehicle Market
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  • South Korean Car Market
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