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  • Malaysia Automotive Market

    Malaysia Automotive Market slipped in the first half hit by new taxation introduced on April 1st. Perodua and Proton held near 50% of market share. Best selling model was the Proton Saga ahead of two models made by Perodua.

  • Singapore auto sales

    Singapore auto sales doubled in the first half 2015 thanks to the release of high level of CEE. In June market grew at 6.997 units, the highest single month performance in five years. Toyota led the rank.

  • Serbia Vehicles Sales

    Serbia Vehicles Sales recovered in the second quarter 2015 ending the first half in a shy but positive results, following three years of decline. Fiat market leader with 15.3% of market share.

  • Moldova Vehicles Sales figures

    Moldova Vehicles Sales figures heavy negative in the first half 2015 hit by huge financial crisis that invested the country that has not been able to finance its budget. Following sixth year of growth, market is declining 26 percent.

  • Portugal Best Selling Cars.

    Portugal Best Selling Cars. The top 100 models statistics reported with 2015 and 2014 data reveals a stable podium, with Renault Clio, Volkswagen Polo and Peugeot 208. Fast movers are the Nissan Qashqai and Ford Focus.

  • World Car Brands Sales Ranking

    World Car Brands Sales Ranking - Ford was second in June overtaking Volkswagen while Toyota on top gained over all the main challengers. Mercedes and BMW reported increase around 20 percent.

  • Montenegro Automotive Industry

    Montenegro Automotive Industry is a small reality on the coast of Adriatic sea. The country found the independence less than ten years ago and is fighting to find internal stability. Volkswagen is market leader.

  • Philippines Vehicles Sales Statistics

    Philippines Vehicles Sales Statistics reported a new record in H1 2015 despite June sales fell 4% first time after 19th winning times. The year is foreseen on the sky. Toyota Vios is the best-selling model.

  • Ukrainian vehicles market

    Ukrainian vehicles market fell 20% in July following the collapse of the first half with less than 20.000 units sold in six month. Toyota is market leader ahead of Renault and Zaz.

  • Tunisia Car Market

    TUNISIA 2020

    August 27, 2015

    Tunisia Car Market 2020 Outlook is an exclusive research over the 8th largest market in Africa today expected to benefit significantly from the democratic development of the State, stable and moderate as few others in the continent.

  • Thai car market

    Thai car market fell 17% in June ending a horrible first half hit by negative economic momentum and political conflict that are killing the consumer's demand in durable goods. New Toyota Hilux landed with a market share above 20%.

  • Kazakhstan Auto Sector

    Kazakhstan Auto Sector crashed 37 percent in first half 2015 severely hit by frozen consumer's demand. Kazakhstan is struggling in the process for the accession to the WTO Organization.

  • Hong Kong vehicle sales figures

    Hong Kong vehicle sales figures at best ever first half in 2015 following a series of seventh winning month and projecting again a new all time record the sixth consecutive. Mercedes and BMW on top.

  • Colombia Vehicles Sales

    Colombia Vehicles Sales slow down in 2015. Chevrolet Spark new best-selling model. In June sales figures were flat not reporting a recovery and ending the first half losing over 3 percent for last year.

  • Nigeria Car Market 2020 Outlook

    NIGERIA 2020

    August 24, 2015

    Nigeria Car Market 2020 Outlook & data research includes statistics on brands, models and segment sales in the period 2012-2014 plus forecast to 2020.

  • global automotive industry

    Global automotive industry at best first half ever; See top 100 markets statistics in this report. In June the first decline of China anticipate the start of a grey period expected for the second half of this year.

  • Bosnia Herzegovina Vehicles Sales Figures

    Bosnia Herzegovina Vehicles Sales Figures finally positive in the Q2 2015 with a robust score which allow to end the first half up 12 percent. The slow process towards joining the EU is disappointing.

  • Belgium Best Selling Cars

    Belgium Best Selling Cars. The top 100 of the 2015 led by Volkswagen Golf ahead of two Renault with the Scenic at the best ranking worldwide and the Clio further gaining over the previous year. Mercedes C Class jumped into the top 10.

  • Switzerland Best Selling Cars

    Switzerland Best Selling Cars ranking in the 2015 with two Volkswagen in the podium. Great success of two new models, the BMW Series 2 and the Porsche Macan. In the report statistics on all top 100 models.

  • Ireland Best Selling Cars

    IIreland Best Selling Cars ranking. The top 100 in the 2015 are led by Volkswagen Golf able to gain an additional 30% from last year, followed by Nissan Qashqai and Ford Focus. See all statistics here.

  • Chilean Car Sales

    Chilean Car Sales dropped 22% in the first half 2015 albeit moderate recovery in the country economy. After being surged at a relevant volume, now Chilean automotive industry is among the worse worldwide.

  • Algerian vehicle market

    Algerian vehicle market fell in double-digit during the first half 2015 hit by government measures restricting imports of new car that have advantaged the French makers and penalized all the importers. Chinese brands are growing.

  • Bahrain car market

    BAHRAIN 2020

    August 20, 2015

    Bahrain Car Market 2020 Outlook is an exclusive research over a very dynamic automotive markets in the Middle East that reported impressive growing pace in the period 2012-2014 and is foreseen to a further boom in the next.

  • Argentina Car Market

    Argentina car market stopped the fall in June after 17 consecutive losses. However the first half 2015 reported a robust 17% loss with all brands losing terrain. The leader Volkswagen boomed in June reducing the gap over last year.

  • Morocco Car Market 2020 Outlook

    MOROCCO 2020

    August 20, 2015

    Morocco Car Market 2020 Outlook is an exclusive research over one of the most dynamic automotive markets in Africa fated to be a production hub for the Mediterranean thanks to PSA's decision to build a plant after the 400.000 units capacity opened by Renault.

  • Latvia Cars Sales

    Latvia Cars Sales kept momentum in the 2015. The second generation Nissan Qashqai is renewing its myth fast leading the market ahead of the Volkswagen Passat and the Skoda Yeti.

  • Egypt Car Market

    Egypt Car Market dropped down in Q2 2015 ending a long positive string with the first half ending with sales flat over the correspondent period last year. Hyundai and Renault Groups are fast growing challenging the Chevrolet leadership.

  • russian car sales

    Russian Car Sales in July dropped 27% keeping the nightmare live and projecting the entire 2015 sales volume a bit over the 1.6 million. Hyundai Solaris was the best-selling model followed by Kia Rio and Lada Granta.



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  • Toyota Corolla

    Toyota Corolla 2014 sales distribution statistics reveals that almost the half of the sales for the best-selling car model in the World find a customer in US and in China. The Top 20 markets represents 95.7 of total sales. See details inside.

  • 2014-Ford-Focus-RS-rendering

    Ford Focus third generation is a real World with great volume success in all continents. In 2012 sales hit the level of 1 million units in a year, but in 2013 sales were further better. Focus is the second best-selling car worldwide.

  • 2014_volkswagen_golf

    Volkswagen Golf is the market leader in Europe and third globally in first quarter 2014, right in time to celebrate the anniversary of the first vehicles produced, forty years ago starting from March 28, 1974. After seven generation the car still stand on top of Europe while becoming a World Car.

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  • Belgium auto market
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  • jeep canada
  • Best Selling European Car Brands
  • south asia
  • Best selling Cars in Europe June 2014
  • peugeot
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  • Italian's new cars market
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  • Australia Cars Market
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  • UK Best Selling Cars
  • italy car market 2021 Outlook
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  • Opel-Zafira-Tourer
  • German Vehicles Market
  • Malaysian Vehicle market
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  • Romanian Automotive Industry
  • Chilean Car Sales
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  • car market in Mexico
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  • best-selling cars ranking
  • ford kuga ireland
  • Opel Logo 1
  • Best-selling Cars in Europe
  • Thailand Vehicle Market
  • Spain Vehicles Sales
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  • South African Vehicle Sales
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  • Taiwan Vehicles Market
  • mitsubishi-ca-miev-ev-concept
  • France Auto Market
  • Tunisian Vehicle Market
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  • Alge
  • canada car market
  • New Zealand Vehicles Market
  • Brazil_political_map
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  • Volkswagen Group
  • Chilean Car Market
  • Seat-Leon_SC_2014_1024x768_wallpaper_12
  • Hong Kong Auto Market
  • South Korea Vehicle Sales
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  • 2014-bmw-x5-photos-154
  • Italian Automotive
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  • Romania Vehicles Sales
  • 2014-Jeep-Grand-Cherokee
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  • Italy best selling cars ranking first quarter 2014. Audi A3 in top 10.
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  • denmark car market insights
  • world map apr014
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  • fiat
  • Canada Auto Market
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  • china map 2
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  • Italy Car Market Insights
  • chevrolet colombia
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  • European Cars Sales