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Professional Reports on 140 Markets and 40 Brands

  • Pakistani Vehicles Sales

    Pakistani Vehicles Sales 2017 called to recover after the last year fall and during the first four months had been on track, with year to date volume up 9%. Honda had shown a fast start improving over 40%. Toyota Corolla best-selling car.

  • Best Selling Cars Models in China

    Best Selling Cars Models in China in the first four months of the 2017 led by the Chinese Wuling Hongguang with a safe gap over the Volkswagen Lavida and the Haval H6. Since the start of the year had been launched 16 new vehicles.

  • Belarussian car market

    Belarussian car market started the 2017 in a very disappointing note reporting in the first quarter the deepest fall out of last 10 years. Renault-Nissan group dominates with over 50 percent of market share and keeps gaining.

  • Finnish cars market

    Finnish cars market dropped in April worsening the negative trend. EConomic recovery and skyrocketing consumer confidence should support market recovery in the next months, with outlook over 18 months positive.>

  • France Auto Sales 2017

    France Auto Sales in April has lost 5.5% reducing the year to date gain at a mere 2.1%. The Macron election as new President changed the sector outlook from stable to positive. Toyota shining thanks to the success of CH-R.

  • Bahrain Auto Sales

    Bahrain Auto Sales approached the 2017 keeping the negative momentum and scoring a very disappointing first quarter, losing 25.8%. Outlook for the rest of the year is negative, as government is called to limit budget deficit.

  • Senegal vehicle market 2016

    Senegal vehicle market 2016 had been positive growing 5.5% but not yet taking the pace towards the expected real development, as the import of used vehicles remains the fundamental source for local vehicles parc. Toyota is leader.

  • Canada Auto Sales 2017

    Canada Auto Sales in the first four months of the 2017 were at record level and on track to beat the 2 million annual sales target. Honda consolidates the third place with a shining selling start behind Ford and Toyota.

  • Chilean Vehicles Market 2017

    Chilean Vehicles Market boomed in the first four months of the 2017 against all negative expectations and despite the local economy is not yet recovering. On top of the list a big battle is in place between Chevrolet, Hyundai and Kia.

  • UAE Vehicles Market 2017

    UAE Vehicles Market started the 2017 with disappointing data following the record drop reported last year and despite very positive data from the non-oil economy development. Just two brands has lost in single digit, BMW and Lexus.

  • Turkish Vehicles Sales 2017

    Turkish Vehicles Sales has lost in double-digit in April keeping the negative momentum that's follow the last year record. Launching the new Megane Sedan, Renault took the leadership ahead of Volkswagen and Fiat.

  • World Best Selling Car

    World Best Selling Car ranking in the first quarter 2017 reports the global success of SUVs models with Honda CR-V, Toyota Rav4 and Volkswagen Tiguan escalating positions on top. The Ford F-Series outpaced the VW Golf in second.

  • Indonesian Vehicles Sales

    Indonesian Vehicles Sales surprised in the first quarter of the 2017 performing over observers expectations, although economic environment remained disappointing. Toyota hit the new share record with 38.2% of quota.

  • Brazil Vehicles Market 2017

    Brazil Vehicles Market in April posted a marginally negative performance after the good March. Chevrolet shining on top of the list gaining terrain over immediate followers while Jeep and Nissan are top performers.

  • Uruguayan Vehicles Market

    Uruguayan Vehicles Market roared in the first four months of the 2017 exceeding observers expectations. fueled by rising consumer confidence and economic recovery. Chevrolet jumped in first place while Suzuki is struggling.

  • Taiwan Best Selling Cars 2016

    Taiwan Best Selling Cars 2016 dominated by products locally made, with three Toyota in the podium. The leader was the Toyota Corolla, the Queen of this market since the origin. The Taiwanese market is a strong reality.

  • Argentina Auto Sales

    Argentina Auto Sales in April moderate the astonishing race started this year with an only 6% increase. However year to date sales are up a huge 35% projecting final sales well over expectations. Volkswagen is market leader.

  • Norway best selling cars

    Norway best selling cars after the first four months of 2017 with Volkswagen Golf still on top despite losing over 40% of sales. BMW i3 jumped on the podium while the new Toyota C-HR was already within the top 10.

  • Israel Vehicles Market 2017

    Israel Vehicles Market 2017 takes momentum albeit April sales fell 14%. Year to date April figures are the best ever fueled the robust economic growth. Thanks to the success of new models, Suzuki is the raising star.

  • Tunisian Vehicles Sales

    Tunisian Vehicles Sales has marginally lost volumes in the first quarter 2017 albeit March was up in double-digit. Renault kept the leadership ahead of Volkswagen and Citroen. Isuzu D-Max is the best-selling model.

  • Japan Auto Market 2017

    Japan Auto Market is fast growing fueled by strong demand, record low unemployment levels and boosted consumer confidence. After four months the 2017 picture is projecting one of the best-selling year in the history.

  • Moroccan Cars Market

    Moroccan Cars Market in the first quarter of 2017 kept momentum running at record level again. Renault Group dominates with 41 percent of share with Dacia market leader. The automotive industry is fast growing while GDP is slow.

  • USA best selling cars

    USA best selling Cars ranking updated at April 2017 reports an amazing Ford F-Series trend with sales up 7% projecting the vehicles over 1 million sales in the World. Nissan Rogue and Honda CR-V are he raising stars.

  • Russian Auto Sales 2017

    Russian Auto Sales are reported finally positive year on year after the two good performance scored in March (+9%) and in April (+6%). While Autovaz is defending the near 20% market share, among models the new leader is the Kia Rio.

  • Taiwanese Vehicles Sales

    Taiwanese Vehicles Sales in the first four months of the 2017 have been flat at the level of the 2016 record. The leader, Toyota, has lost share while all immediate followers reported are gaining and Mercedes is shining.

  • Algerian Vehicles Sales

    Algerian Vehicles Sales dropped near 50% in the first quarter 2017 after the government announcement that this licence will be just 50.000. All brands are losers, including Renault and Dacia, heavily favourite by new rules.

Hot Spot

Latin America best selling cars 2016. The top 100 in the 2017

Latin America best selling cars in the first four months of the 2017 benefit from the market recovery. The best-selling models in the total 28 countries we track has been the Chevrolet Onix. Fast movers on top are Ford Ka and Renault Sandero.

Hot Spot

Iraq March. Car sales moderately down

Iraqi Cars Sales in the first quarter 2017 had been negative again, while more moderately compared with the last three years falls. Kia dominate the market with over 31 percent of market share. Kia Frontier the best-selling.


Professional Reports on 140 Markets and 40 Brands



In the spotlight

Iran March. Saipa and Renault shining in a weak market

Iranian vehicles market in the first quarter of the 2017 has moderately lost following the long run covered last year. While losing terrain, Peugeot stands on top of the list followed by the shining Saipa and Renault.

In the spotlight

Philippines March. Sales fly up 22% over all records

Philippines Vehicles Market at new best first quarter ever, with a new wonderful performance, up 22% over the last year record. Moreover, the still robust economic growth is further pulled up by strong export to China.


Egypt March. Q1 sales down 41%

Egyptian Vehicle Market in the first quarter 2017 further increased the losing speed from the previous year hit by inflation and falling consumer's purchasing power. All top players are losing heavy, starting from Chevrolet.