About us

We are a booming global player in the research & consulting automotive sector, based in Rome, Italy.

Our “possible mission is to help Clients finding their way of successful business providing wide an unrivaled business intelligence and data, served with a drop of experience.

Mixing huge information daily collected into our Global Mobility Database with deep expertise and knowledge of a Team of Automotive Experts co-operating from all over the World we deliver best in class services.

Industry Researches

We release high qualified industry researches to provide a wide and exhaustive picture about the automotive market trends and its protagonists’ performances and perspectives available for immediate purchase and download in this site.

Data Provider

We own a global automotive database with TIV (Total Industry Volumes) from 2000 and with data by Brand, Segment and Models since the 2010 broken down by month for over 140 markets in the World. Our analysts feed the database any day allowing us to configure reports in excel for customers in the five continents.


We are involved in projects typically in one or more of these areas:

Network Distribution analysis

Circulating fleet data

Production Plants capacity, output, destination, models

Brand future outlook volumes, regional opportunities, SWOT

Entry Plan in new markets with operative & business plan

Markets advisory

  • Market entry plans
  • Expansion plans
  • Opportunity assessment
  • Business case creation
  • Critical analysis
  • Local market studies
  • Feasibility study
  • Consumer trends
  • Country profiles

Market forecast

  • Market volume forecast
  • Scenarios generation
  • Brand  volume and share forecast
  • Market share forecast
  • Market segmentation forecasts
  • Strategic planning guidance
  • Strategic planning

 Brands & Models outlook & perspectives

  • Global segment outlook & perspectives
  • Brands outlook & perspectives
  • Groups outlook & perspectives

Our Methodology

Our consulting activity is based on a specific methodology ensuring amazing availability of data plus outstanding professional expertise simultaneously covering over 100 global car markets.

Key elements of our methodology are:

Mobility Database: it is a F2M proprietary database updated on daily basis collecting information from over 300 global sources. Data regard countries, brands, groups, segments and models on cars and light commercial vehicles.

Mobility Certified Sources: we have selected a number of reliable sources world-wide to have access to data and information and to cross-check data and standardize report.

Economic Factors Track: we use multiple sources to follow global economic trends having developed our internal methodology to correlate the car sector with social, politic and economic factors.

Local Experts Insights: to collect insights on local markets we use to interviews local industry experts (trade associations, automotive associations, journalists, customs department and other government agencies), key manufacturers, major importers, distributors and retailers.

Automotive Experts Team (AET): a team of automotive consultants, expert on local markets, has been aggregated under a non-exclusive partnership to support our Team providing insights and expertise on specific subjects.

Data & Insights Sources

Quality Data Source is a key asset for us. We have searched, selected and screened over 280 global sources and are keeping them updated.

Sources are split in many different categories:

  • OEMs Headquarters, Regional and National offices
  • Associations of Car Manufacturers
  • Associations of Dealers and Car Distributors
  • Associations of Car Importers
  • Media specialized in the car sector
  • Media specialized in financial and economics
  • Car Importers
  • Consulting firms
  • Focus2move local Automotive Expert Team (for insights)



Hot Report

Indonesia Outlook. Market growth below potential

Indonesia Automotive industry outlook is still not positive as could be. The market size is still little compared with one of most populated country worldwide. Toyota is investing while Ford ceased sales operations.