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Alfa Romeo Global Performance

alfa romeo glbal performance

Alfa Romeo Global Performance in the 2014 was again heavy negative due to the lack ness of new products. Global sales fell again for the fifth year in a row and now the brand ranks in 89th global place.

Alfa Romeo is one of oldest and most appreciated brand in the world despite in recent year was not subject to product innovation and the lineup is tin and not competitive.

Since foundation in 1910, Alfa Romeo has involved in racing and sport car and albeit the racing activity has been abandoned since years, the brand still stands as an icon of Italian stylish sport car.

Today is a division of a FCA Group and produces just three models, the Giulietta, the Mi.To. and the 4C.

Alfa Romeo in the 2013 has sold globally 74.155 vehicles ranking in 85th place with 0.1% of market share keeping the falling trend scored in recent years.

Unfortunately in the 2014 the performance further worse, with only 67.491 sales and a poor 89th place.

Giulietta is the best-selling model with a global ranking as 420th with 46.238 sales.

This research was developed in January 2015 assembling retail sales statistics collected in over 110 markets in the world.

Global Sales are analyzed by month, by country, by region and by model in order to provide a wide picture of current competitive position in the automotive scenario.

Data reported regard the years 2012, 2013 and 2014.

This unique report consists in several charts, table, data plus highlights that will help you to catch the momentum of this brand and foresee the next path.


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