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Argentina Automotive Market Insights research is an exclusive focus2move product developed to provide all relevant information over the car market of this country with sales trend, competitive position, and consumers preferred products and short term perspectives.

Argentina light passengers vehicles market (Cars plus Commercial Vehicles below 3.5 tons) in 2013 growth at its all-time record volume with over 900.000 vehicles sold advancing in World’s 17th place.

However, since late 2012 the Argentina’s government began moving away from market-friendly economic policies toward a more populist attitude that grants generous government subsidies on many sectors, including public transportation.

This led to a spike in inflation, which private analysts estimate at 25%, one of the world’s highest rates (the government, which has been reprimanded by the International Monetary Fund for inaccurate data reporting, says inflation is between 10 and 11 percent).

In an attempt to control prices, President Cristina Fernandez’s government has kept the official exchange rate at artificially strong levels, effectively making imports cheaper but hampering manufacturers’ ability to compete internationally and driving down private investment.

At the end of 2013 foreign reserves were at their lowest level since 2007 and the government remained without enough foreign currency to honor its debts or pay for its energy needs, eventually leading to economic collapse.

The sharp introduction of many actions and taxes to limit imported goods volume, involved the automotive sector that starts fallings down.

In this research, focus2move Research Team has analyzed the rule of this market inside the Automotive World and the historic trends up to the end of 2013.

The market was split by segment and 2013 share of segment was compared with previous year.

Sales had been split by month, by brands and by model, with top 5 models ranking and share on segment for each segment.

Local brands performance has been compared with World data and the relative Brand strength was highlighted through the Focus2move Brand Performance Indicator.

Finally we have included a 2014 volume forecast.

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Similar reports are not available by other consulting company and considering our aggressive pricing policy, you would never get such information for a so affordable expense.

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