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Jeep. The fastest growing brand in the World


Jeep is a brand of American automobiles owned by FCA Group. Developed and produced since 1943 for the US Government the Willy Jeep (produced also by Ford) four-wheel-drive military vehicle was produced in over 650.000 units before the II World War end. It “invaded” the World field representing hope and freedom for people everywhere. After the war, Willys was the first granting the trademark in 1950 and since there Jeep was produce for military and civil use. Despite many owners and unlikely commercial life, the brand Jeep still stands as a symbol of American Values and Freedom.

Jeep. The fastest growing brand in the World

Jeep Global Performance has been the best in the World with a CAGR of 38% in 6 years, gaining 19 places in the global ranking and distributing in 107 countries. Brazil counts 4% and Italy 2.8% from nothing just six-year ago.

March 23, 2017