Flash Reports
Jordan Full Year 2016. Toyota gained the leadership in a falling market


Jordan Automotive industry is a little reality in the Levant area, quite solid as domestic sales while not involved in the production site. In the country operate few firms involved in customizing vehicles – mainly commercials – and there are not suppliers for the sector. Domestic market reached the record volume in the 2014 with over 69 thousand registrations. To download professional market research or sales data on this market, visit the Jordan Store

Jordan market report. Q3 2016

Jordan Auto Market in Q3 remained mired in a sharp decline, not fueled by the economic slowdown. The Toyota Land Cruise P/U shined.

November 26, 2016

Jordan Car Industry slow down in the 2016

Jordan Car Industry slow down in the 2016 with the H1 reported down in double-digit and harsh perspective for the rest of the year Toyota was market leader with the Land Cruiser on top.

September 29, 2016

Jordan market report. Full year 2014

Jordan vehicles sales in 2014 benefit from the low oil price, positive economic environment and increased demand by both fleet and private customers. Koreans dominate together with Toyota.

May 1, 2015

Jordan market report. 2013

Jordan new cars market scored a robust increase in the 2013 fueled by tax exemption for Hybrids vehicles and from a radical change in the sales mix. Kia and Hyundai stand on top.

March 16, 2014