Finland July. Toyota skyrocketing score pulled market up


Finland Automotive industry is becoming more and more relevant with not only a medium term growing profile for the domestic market, but with fast growing local production for vehicles and components. Considering that 93% of goods and people transportation in the country is done on road, the economic development of Finland pass through a save growth of this sector. Local production, hit by the 2009 crisis, is fast growing with over 80.000 units produced in the 2016, a good ratio towards sales of new vehicles, at 132.000 in the same year.

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Finland July. Toyota skyrocketing score pulled market up

Finnish cars market up 4.4% in July thanks to a skyrocketing Toyota's performance. However, since the start of the year the market is flat albeit the strong consumer confidence and positive economic indicators. Second half outlook is positive.

August 17, 2017

Finland market report. November 2016

Finland Cars Market in November registered a tepid sales decline. Volkswagen maintained the first step of the podium, sustained by Golf.>

December 18, 2016

2014 Finnish Automotive Industry stands down.

2014 Finnish Automotive Industry stands down waiting for recovering demand posting the third worse performance in the decade raising only 2 percent from the already negative 2013. Skoda Octavia rushed ahead of Volkswagen Golf.

January 17, 2015

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