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Iceland car sales boomed in the 2015


Iceland car sales boomed in the 2015

Iceland car sales boomed in the 2015 recovering a huge 47 percent from the previous year, hitting the best volume out of the last eight years. The Japanese Toyota was solid on top with wide gap over Volkswagen.

July 9, 2016

Iceland: 2013 Car Market was down again. Toyota the N°1.

December 2013 was the ninth year on year drop in a row for the car market in Iceland and the market recovery was broken after three years. Toyota consolidated the leadership, ahead of Volkswagen. Honda CR-V boomed share as was market leader.

January 9, 2014

Iceland: 2012 Car Industry recovered 57%. Toyota Yaris on top!

In the 2012, the Iceland car market posted the third consecutive increase posting a robust + 57.7% from the previous year. In December the market posted the 25th consecutive year-on-year increase. Toyota was market leader, but Volkswagen is reducing the gap.

January 5, 2013