Iraq June. Sales finally up, moderately


Iraq Automotive industry is potentially a large market for vehicles, so far blocked by negative environment. The war against terrorists that have occupied and destroyed a relevant portion of national territory is limiting the growth of the country, with destruction in the existing infrastructures and no investments for new one. In the years 2010-2011, the Government has put in place a plan to support foreign investments to produce locally new vehicles, but the war crisis has blocked any plan. Now, during the 2016 has been announced again the project to produce locally.

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Iraq June. Sales finally up, moderately

Iraqi Cars Sales in the first half of the 2017 had been marginally positive following the collapse reported in the previous three years. Kia dominates the market with over 38 percent of market share, with the Frontier as best-selling model. Nissan is shining.

July 22, 2017

Iraq 2016. Market deeply down for the third year

Iraq Vehicles Market 2016 hit the third consecutive heavy fall in a series, dragged down by the oversupply in the global crude market. The Kia Frontier kept the leadership while Volkswagen shines.

February 8, 2017

Iraq Vehicles Market in Q1 2016 collapsed

Iraq Vehicles Market in Q1 2016 paid the collapse of financial balance and fell down deeply a really minimum volume for a such large and populated country. Volkswagen Group was the best performer.

July 17, 2016

Iraq New Vehicles market dropped 40% in the 2015

Iraq New Vehicles market dropped 40% in the 2015. The industry was severely hit by the economic crisis, with GDP down 2.9%, due to high military expenses and fall of 85% revenues from oil. Kia was market leader.

April 9, 2016