Flash Reports
Infiniti. Fast growing thanks to the improved market coverage

Premium & Luxury

Nowadays a relevant part of the light vehicle global market is in the hands of “premium” brands, so called because offering products reserved to the elite of mankind. These products include features, options, engines and technology advanced and expensive offered at prices more than proportional to the production cost, considering that potential customers are ready to spend a “premium” price to have the exclusivity to buy these products and be considered a breed a part. Actually in the world’s roads there are 30 brands recognized as premium or luxury. These brands cover a very broad offer, starting from the Big 3, Mercedes, BMW and Audi that offer high spec-high price vehicles with entry price affordable and also with “premium” commercials, to Mc Laren, a Formula 1 team that just recently started producing road vehicles for 200 unique customers each year.

Jaguar. In 2016 the top performer in the World

Jaguar Global Performance in the 2016 has been astonishing with sales improved 84% in a single year. Last 5 years CAGR was 26%, among the best in absolute. The renewed line up is now distributed in over 110 countries.

April 27, 2017

Lexus. Growing speed is over doubling the industry

Lexus Global Performance is quite positive with a CAGR more than double than the industry. The brand development was well-distributed in all the regions and country. Western Europe stands as the weaker area.

April 7, 2017