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Chevrolet Global Performance 2010-2022

chevrolet global performance Chevrolet Global Performance

Chevrolet Global Performance 2010-2022 research includes all historical sales data from 2010 to 2016 plus professional forecast for the 2017-2022. Data are broken down by regions, countries and models

In the period 2010-2016 Chevrolet global sales declined from 4.39 million to 4.15, losing 5.4% with a C.A.G.R. of -0.9%, scoring the worse performance among the top 25 global brands.

In the last sixth years, the top region was again the American with 75.7% of total sales in the 2016 (from 66% in the 2010), thanks to the rcovery in the US and Canada plus the positive performance scored in Center and South America. All other regions had lost relevance with Asia at 21.7% in the 2016 (it was 22.6%). Having decided to quite West Europe, sales in the old continent were just 35.364 in the 2016, or 0.9% from the 8.3% in the 2010.

In 2016, the top market was USA with 50.4% of total sales, followed by China with 13.0%, Brazil with 8.3%, Mexico with 7.1%  and South Korea with 4.4%.

In the research, we report sales for each model in each country from 2010 to 2016.

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