Dodge & Ram. High future risk related to US sales dependancy

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Dodge and Ram Global Performance in the 2016 was still very concentrated in North America despite actually their distribution network consist in 83 different markets. Last years CAGR was 9.3%.

In the period 2010-2016 Dodge and Ram has scored an outstanding performance at global sales, growing from 840.000 sales in the 2010 to 1.310.000 in the 2016, performing a Compound annual growth rate (C.A.G.R) of 9.3%, while the industry CAGR in the period was +4.6%.

In this period, Ram advanced from the World’s 103rd place to the 34th and Dodge fell from the 23rd to the 37th.

Sales split at regional level confirmed in the 2016 the supremacy of the American region counting the 99% of total sales (it was 98.1% in the 2010).

In our report we figure out this brand’s sales data in 83 different countries, with forecast up to the 2022.

On top of all, in the 2016 there was USA with 80.0% of global sales share (from 71.0% in the 2010), ahead of Canada with 13.4% (from 18.4%), Mexico with 4.7% (from 6.2%), Saudi Arabia with 0.3% and Puerto Rico with 0.3%.

Based on the over 750 millions vehicles sales downloaded within of GAD (Global Auto Database) collected and aggregated by hundreds selected sources covering over 130 vehicles markets worldwide, our “Brand Performance Reports” refer to registrations data.

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