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Honda. Escalating the global leadership leaving Europe aside

honda honda

Honda Global Performance has been one the best as absolute volume increase between 2010 and 2016 with +1.4 million of annual sales. The brand is winning all over, but in Europe, counting the half of 6 years ago. 

In the period 2010-2016 Honda global sales have been one of the best in absolute in terms of growing volumes, which have been increased by 41.2% from 3.38 million in the 2010 to 4.77 million in the 2016, performing a Compound annual growth rate (C.A.G.R) of 6.9%, while the industry CAGR in the period was +4.6%.

In this period, Honda has gained 1 step within the Global Car Brands Ranking landing in the sixth place.

Sales split at regional level confirmed in the 2016 the supremacy of the Asian region counting the 55.6% of total sales (it was 47.8% in the 2010).

Sales in America count 39.5% (from 44.5%), while European represent only the 3.8% (from 6.1%).

In our report we figure out this brand’s sales data in 117 different countries, with forecast up to the 2022.

On top of all, in the 2016 there was USA with 30.9% of global sales share (from 32.4% in the 2010), ahead of China with 25.7% (from 19.0%), Japan with 14.8% (from 19.1%), Indonesia with 4.2% and Canada with 3.5%.

Based on the over 750 millions vehicles sales downloaded within of GAD (Global Auto Database) collected and aggregated by hundreds selected sources covering over 130 vehicles markets worldwide, our “Brand Performance Reports” refer to registrations data.

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