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Hyundai Global Performance 2010-2022

Hyundai Global Performance

Hyundai Global Performance 2010-2022 research includes all historical sales data from 2010 to 2016 plus professional forecast for the 2017-2022. Data are broken down by regions, countries and models

In the period 2010-2014 the Hyundai has improved global sales from 3.7 to 4.8 million. Then in 2015 the increase was a little 70.000 and in the 2016 the balance was negative, with global sales at 4.86 million, down almost 30.000 units and breaking the raise, with one of the worse performance among all the top global brands.

In the period 2010 – 2016 the weight of Asia over the brand increased from 51.5% to 54.6% while Europe declined from 16.1% to 14.8% and America from 26.0 to 25.8%.

Actually the top market is China, representing 20.4% of global sales (was 16.7% in the 2010). The second is USA at 19.5% (was 13.1%) and the third Korea with 16.1% (vs 17.6%).

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