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Kia Global Performance 2010-2022

Kia Global Performance. Kia Global Performance.

Kia Global Performance 2010-2022 research includes all historical sales data from 2010 to 2016 plus professional forecast for the 2017-2022. Data are broken down by regions, countries and models

In the period 2010-2016 Kia increased global sales from 2.7 million to 3.3, up 22% with a C.A.G.R. of 3.6%.

Not a great score compared with others top players, most due to the difficulties shown in the 2012 and 2013 when sales fell respectively 0.8% and 2.8%.

In the last sixth years, the top region was Asia with 51.0% of total sales in the 2016 (from 56.9% in the 2010). All other regions gained relevance with America at 27.6% in the 2016 (it was 24.7%) and Europe at 18.4% ( it was 15.4%).

In 2016, the top market was China with 20.4% of global sales, followed by USA with 19.5% and Korea with 16.1%.

Iran raised at 4th market while Russia was 5th with last three years sales dropped near 25% (so the half of the rest of the market).

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