Lebanon vehicles sales statistics. Q1 2015 sales down!

Lebanon vehicles sales statistics Toyota-GT86_Blanco_2015

Lebanon vehicles sales statistics are in double-digit negative for the Q1 2015 following the all-time record scored by the market in the previous year. Fueled by the Corolla success, Toyota overtook Kia becoming market leader.

Economic Outlook

Last year, the Lebanese economy decelerated to the slowest rate of expansion in three years. The weak figure was broadly attributed to the political deadlock that has characterized the country since May of last year, as well as to the spillover effects from the civil war in Syria.

Since the conflict began in the neighboring country, over a million refugees have flocked to Lebanon, representing a high cost for the economy.

Economic data from the second quarter show that the economy is struggling to rebound. In May, the PMI signaled that overall private sector conditions deteriorated. The index fell to its lowest level in eight months, mainly reflecting weak domestic demand.

Market Outlook

The market is almost stable with full year data oscillating between 34.000 and 40.000 since 2008. However the best performance was scored in the 2014 when market hit the all time record.

For the 2015 it was expected a reduction in the market voume due to lower economic push and the critical environment created by refugee from Sirya.

Indeed, accordingly with data released by focus2move Research Team through local sources and the Lebanon Association of Car Manufacturers (A.I.A.), the total new car passengers sold in Lebanon in the have been 7.543, -15.9% from the correspondent period in the previous year.

Please note in this data Light Commercial Vehicles are not included (for an estimated 800 units in this period).

Competitive Arena

As the others market in the levant area, Koreans are dominating in competition with Toyota, Nissan and others few Japanese.

In the first quarter 2015, Kia was not able to reaffirm its leadership being outpaced by Toyota that benefit from success of last generation Corolla. Toyota has sold 1.519 cars (+16.2%) while Kia 1.393 (-23.7%).

Followers are falling down as well, with Hyundai in third at 926 sales (-47.7%), Nissan in fourth with 623 (-44.5%) and Renault 6th with 270 (-27.6%).

BMW grew 76.0% but the best performer was Suzuki that boomed sales at 300, +289%, jumping in 5th place.

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Below, you can sort our interactive tables to see data regarding Brands, Groups and Models. Please bear in mind that sales data are subject to adjustments as sources will update their information. This report is updated at the publishing date and will not be modified while the next on this subject will always have the year to date data updated.

Rank Mar Rank 2015 Brand Sales Mar Sales Q1 Var Q1 Share Mar Share Q1
1 2 Kia 503 1.393 -23,7% 20,6% 18,47%
2 1 Toyota 329 1.519 16,2% 13,5% 20,14%
3 3 Hyundai 326 926 -47,7% 13,3% 12,28%
4 4 Nissan 191 623 -44,5% 7,8% 8,26%
5 7 Mitsubishi 120 245 -6,1% 4,9% 3,25%
6 5 Suzuki 110 300 289,3% 4,5% 3,98%
7 6 Renault 100 270 -27,0% 4,1% 3,58%
8 8 BMW 80 220 76,0% 3,3% 2,92%
9 10 Mercedes 62 185 1,7% 2,5% 2,45%
10 9 Chevrolet 59 215 1,4% 2,4% 2,85%



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