Netherlands Outlook. Green vehicles will save the market

Netherlands Automotive Citroen-DS_7_Crossback-2018

Netherlands Automotive industry in 2016 had been the World’s 25th losing over 50.000 units from the previous year. In the next future, introduction of new low emission vehicles will sustain the car park replacement

Innovation and renovations are the key words to drive up a pathway for future development of the automotive industry in this country. Having achieved one of the highest car density in absolute and a strong attention to the civil respect for nature and environment, the replacement of current vehicles with new and with low emission is a public and individual priority in the Netherlands.

The automotive industry in the Netherlands is part of a broader automotive region including Belgium/Flanders and North Rhine Westphalia (Germany). For future development, this cross-border region and especially the triangle Leuven-Aachen-Eindhoven will become of major importance for innovation.

Domestic vehicles market ranks as World’s 25th with over 450.000 light vehicles sales but is projected to lose at least 5 spots in the next five years. Our projection to the 2022 are stable with marginal changes within the nature market trend a part short terms effects created by always possible introduction if incentives for EVs or low emission vehicles in general.

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