OMAN 2012 – 2015 Insights

Oman Car Market Insights Oman Car Market Insights

Oman Cars Market 2012-2015 Insights is a must to study the historical development of this market with all data by OEM, Brand, Model and segment. From 2004 up to today all about in 65 pages and 110 charts.

Market data are reported since 2004 with detail by segment, group, brand and model from 2012 to year to date 2015. The market is segmented for cars and LCVs.

Economic Outlook

A steep fall in oil revenues is weighing heavily on public finances. According to the Central Bank of Oman, the government posted a deficit of USD 7.6 billion dollars through the first three quarters of 2015, which contrasts the USD 353 million surplus tallied during the same period of 2014. Oman is on track to record a double-digit fiscal deficit as a percentage of GDP at the end of the year.

In late November, credit rating agency S&P downgraded Oman’s sovereign debt from A- to BBB+ as a result of the deteriorating public finances.

Meanwhile, the government has denied reports that it is planning to cut fuel subsidies, which are estimated to cost more than USD 2 billion this year, and appears bent on pushing ahead with costly infrastructure projects. Political obstacles to cutting expenditure and difficulties in increasing non-oil revenues through taxes remain, so the government will rely in part on new loans to finance spending.

Market Overview

In the last decade, the Omani vehicle market boomed from 114.000 annual units in the 2004 up to 220.000 in the 2015, almost doubling volume with an impressive series of annual record, interrupted just by the international financial crisis in the 2009.

In 2015 the Omani ranked as the World’s 39th car market losing one spot from the previous year. Due to the uniqueness of Omani land, closed between the desert and the sea, the mix of Light Commercial Vehicles is high, at 34% of total Light Passenger Vehicle market.

Research Contents

This research starts from the review of the last ten years heritage in which section we have checked the rule of the automotive industry in the country reporting data on segments, brands and models.

Recent sales data had been reviewed starting from 2004 with a focused analysis on the 2012-2015 data, reported for cars and LCVs.

All data are presented in charts and table with an immediate and easy-to-read style that allow you to catch the essential about this market.

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