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Philippines Automotive industry outlook is almost positive for 2017 and next years with a target of 0.6 million sales by the 2022. The local capacity will more than double from the current 0.25 million.

Philippines automotive industry generated value equal to 4% of country’s GDP, directly employing over 8.000 workers in manufacturing plants, whereas approximately 68,000 jobs have been generated in auto parts manufacturing. An estimated 340,000 are employed in auto-supporting industries. The industry has an annual capacity of 250,000 units, all vehicle types included.

There are currently fifteen vehicle manufacturers with operating plants in the country, seven of which are equipped with electro-deposition painting systems. There are a total of 272 parts and components manufacturers in the country.

Pushed up by booming internal demand driven by strong economic development, the domestic vehicles market boomed in recent years becoming one of the most interesting in the World. Sales volume lifted from 168.000 in the 2010 to a record of 419.000 in the 2016 when it ranked as World’s 28th.

Despite this impressive growth, our researches demonstrate why the medium terms pathway is set up a further positive line with sales volume at 750.000 by 2022.

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