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Porsche Global Sales Performance 2010-2020

Porsche Global Sales Performance 2010-2020 research includes all historical sales data from 2010 to 2015 plus professional forecast for the 2016-2020. Data are broken down by regions, countries and models in 50 pages 70 charts.

Key Points

  • In the 2015 Porsche was the 56th brand in the World as vehicles sales (Cars plus Light Commercial Vehicles).
  • The 225.904 sales are projected to 272.159 in the 2020
  • The most important region in the 2015 was the Central Asia (including China, Japan and India) counting 32,4% of global sales of this brand. This region in the 2020 is projected at 31,5%.
  • In the 2015 the top country was the China with 57.752 vehicles sold.
  • In the top 20 markets in the 2015 there were France (in ninth), Australia (in eleventh), Hong Kong (in twentieth).
  • In the 2015, the fastest growing market within the top 20 was the Netherlands, with sales up 112,1%, followed by Saudi Arabia (+96,3%) and South Africa (+50,4%)
  • In the 2015, the worse market within the top 20 was UAE (-20,7%).
  • In the 2015, the top five models as global sales had been: the Macan (77.820), Cayenne (71.070), 911 (31.080), Panamera (17.414) and Boxster (10.959).

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