Qatar Outlook. Economic winds to push-up market till 2022

Qatar Car Market Toyota-i-TRIL_Concept-2017

Qatar Car Market is ready to regain momentum after the sharp and unexpected fall generated by the oil sector 2015-2016 crisis. We foresee a new long run up to the 2022, led by Toyota and premium brands

Qatar’s external position continues to deteriorate, weighed down by last year’s economic woes. Both the government and the private banking sector have had to resort to external funding to make up for lackluster performances in the country’s oil and gas companies. In turn, slow growth in domestic funding has been tightening liquidity among Qatari banks for some time now, with the 3-month interbank rate currently sitting at multi-year highs.

Growth this year will pick up in both the oil and non-oil sectors. The former will accelerate as several projects come to fruition, while the latter will benefit from a more relaxed fiscal stance and capital outlays related to the 2022 World Cup and the 2030 National Vision plan.

The automotive sector has been a key driver during the last decades country expansion and had been severely hit by the 2015-2016 oil sector crisis, breaking an upward trend.

In the next five years, the market will regain momentum, as the oil crisis is over and the robust investments in alternative to energy sectors will reduce the country dependency by the primary sector. The domestic vehicles sales will start growing from the 2017, with an expected strong second half, and will keep growing in the following years, albeit the negative impact of VAT introduction, planned by January the 1st, 2018.

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