Renault. A gold path started in the 2016 and will not end soon

renault global performance renault global performance

Renault Global Performance in the 2016 has been the best among top global brands starting a “gold” era we aspect to continue up to the 2022. Sales in Europe still are 67% of total but a strong performance is foreseen in South America.

While the Global market was growing any year and so all the key competitors, Renault was almost flat in the period 2010-2015 with sales grew only 70.000 units at 2.12 million (data do not include Dacia and Renault Samsung).

Finally in the 2016 the brand moved ahead with a robust performance, the best among the top brands, gaining 13.8% at 2.41 million.

In the same period the total industry C.A.G.R. has been +4.6%.

Europe stands as the key region with 67.0% of global sales in the 2016 (it was 71.4% in the 2010) while Asian is taking space at 13.2% (vs 5.5% in the 2010) and America is losing at 14.7% in the 2016 (vs 17.9% in 2010) after raising at 22.3% in the 2013. The fall of Brazilian market is responsible for this.

France still is the top market albeit its weight declined from 30.7% in the 2010 to 22.4% in the 2016. Among the top 10 markets, seventh are European. Iran recovered the 10th place last year!

In the study all models sales are analyzed from 2010 to 2016.

Based on the over 750 millions vehicles sales downloaded within of GAD (Global Auto Database) collected and aggregated by hundreds selected sources covering over 130 vehicles markets worldwide, our “Brand Performance Reports” refer to registrations data.

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