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provides a clear picture for a fast and immediate understanding of a specific car market, the best tool for assessing actual performance and discover market perspectives.  The service includes a ten years heritage data plus last three years detailed figures by segment, model and brands, presented in over 90 pages and 120 charts and tables.

Car Market 2005-2022 Data, Facts, Forecast, Outlook

provides the 2022 outlook for a Car Market mixing data on global trends by brand, local historical and current performance and several economic factors. Includes the next years forecast by segment and brand. Starting from a deep review of the economic, political and social environment, we analyze the current country development plans in the mobility sector and mix data on global and local automotive sector in order to project the market into the future. Actually each research covers over 180 pages with more than 220 charts and tables.

Brand Global Sales Performance 2010-2022

is a unique report on single Brand performance, very useful to assess current and perspective outlook of a specific brand via the pathway shown by current performance by country and by model. This research helps professionals involved in the automotive sector to check the real performances of each brand. Each research is developed through over 60 pages with more than 70 charts and tables




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South Korea Outlook. Basic market sentiment is positive

South Korea Automotive Outlook basic sentiment is still positive thanks to the benefit of Importers invasion and to the reaction of local car makers, finally expanding the local offer. Crisis with North Korea is already hitting economy.