Pakistan November. New all time record already hit

Pakistani Vehicles Sales in November kept the outstanding momentum reporting sales up 18.3% and already hitting the new all time record at annual level. Honda is booming after the BR-V launch, but Suzuki still dominates quite share over 52%.

December 23, 2017

Pakistan Car Market in First Half 2016

Pakistan Car Market in First Half 2016 is declining steady, not supported by a quiet economic scene. Suzuki retained the absolute leadership and the Suzuki Ravi jumped in 4th place.

August 4, 2016

Pakistan Car Market Statistics. Top Brands and Models ranking.

October 2013 was again hard for the car market in Pakistan collasping over 30% while the government is ready to further increase barriers to imported vehicles. Only eight players compeete in the market with  obsolete facilities and really old fashion models.

November 29, 2013