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Philippines August. Q3 sales speed still strong

Philippines Vehicles Market in the Q3 maintained the momentum fueled by strong, while moderated, economic activity expansion and running towards the half million sales milestone. Toyota is further increasing market share while Hyundai advanced in fourth place.

October 2, 2017

Philippines Q3 2016. The party goes on.

Philippines Cars Sales in Q3 2016 kept the double figures pace, positively influenced by the new government’s policies. Toyota led again the market with a huge gap over Mitsubishi, Ford and Hyundai.

November 23, 2016

Philippines 2012-2015 Insights

Philippines Automotive 2012-2015 Insights provides facts, data and forecast on this market with all data by OEM, Brand, Model and segment. From the 2004 up to the 2015 All About within 60 pages and 80 charts.

March 7, 2016