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Chile October. Sales up 19%, Chery up 90%

Chilean Vehicles Market kept the pace in October improving sales by 19%. Hyundai has taken leadership over Chevrolet and Kia on top of the brands ranking but the fastest increase last month was reported by the Chinese Chery, up 90%.

November 15, 2017

Chile market report. Full Year 2016

Chile Auto Sales 2016 back over the 0.3 million units, after the sharp slowdown of the previous year. Hyundai was finally the leader, outpacing the historic leader Chevrolet.

February 3, 2017

Chile market report. November 2016

Chile Cars Market in November hit in double digit the best increase of 2016, sustained by the tepid growth in Q4. Hyundai was riding high and Nissan shined.

December 26, 2016

Chile Autos sales flat in August.

Chile Autos sales flat in August. The economic environment stands weak albeit few more positive notes from copper price, a primary economic index here. Hyundai conquests the leadership.

September 17, 2016