Uruguay cars statistics

Uruguay October. Chevrolet can overtake Volkswagen before Xmas

Uruguayan Vehicles Market reported a new positive score in October, with sales up 15.8% following the impressive run performed so far this year. Over doubling sales, Chevrolet is reducing the gap to the leader, Volkswagen, and could take the lead before Xmas.

November 15, 2017

Uruguay market report. Full Year 2016

Uruguay Vehicles Sales in 2016 declined for the third consecutive year, dragged down by the difficult economic situation in Brazil and Argentina. Fiat was the new brand leader.

February 3, 2017

Uruguay market report. November 2016

Uruguay Cars Market in November boomed in double figure, showing the best performance of the year. Volkswagen was the leader outpacing Fiat while Ford sparkled.

December 26, 2016