TURKEY 2012-2020 Outlook

Turkey Car Market 2020 Outlook Turkey Car Market 2020 Outlook

Turkey Car Market 2012-2020 Outlook provides facts, data and forecast on this market with all data by OEM, Brand, Model and segment. From the 2004 up to the 2020 All About within 130 pages and 200 charts.

Historical Market data are reported since 2004 with detail by segments, groups, brands and models from 2012 to full year 2015. The market is segmented for cars and LCVs. with a dedicated section to the premium brands segment.

Country Outlook

A richly historical land with scenery of beaches, mountains and the great city of Istanbul. There are places like Cappadocia, the southwestern coasts, mix trekking, horse-riding and water sports with mezesavouring on a panoramic terrace, and then there are the less-frequented eastern quarters, where weather-beaten relics add lashings of lyricism to mountain ranges.

Turkey’s largely free-market economy is increasingly driven by its industry and service sectors, although its traditional agriculture sector still accounts for about 25% of employment. An aggressive privatization program has reduced state involvement in basic industry, banking, transport, and communication, and an emerging cadre of middle-class entrepreneurs is adding dynamism to the economy and expanding production beyond the traditional textiles and clothing sectors.

The automotive, construction, and electronics industries are rising in importance and have surpassed textiles within Turkey’s export mix.

Actually, Turkey’s economy defied all expectations and showed strong resilience in Q3 2015 despite the inflamed political turmoil following June’s elections, which resulted in a hung parliament and dampened economic sentiment. GDP expanded 4.0% annually in Q3, which was above the 3.8% tallied in Q2.

More recent data suggest that positive spillover from November’s election carried into the final quarter of 2015. In December, the manufacturing PMI hit a 13-month high and, despite moderating, business sentiment remained in positive territory.

Research Contents

Turkey Car Market 2012-2020 Outlook research starts from the review of the last ten years heritage in which section we have checked the rule of the automotive industry in the country reporting data on segments, brands and models. Recent sales data had been reviewed starting from 2004 with a focused analysis on the 2012-2015 data, reported for cars and LCVs.

Based on several factors that directly and indirectly influence the market, we have forecast the 2015-2020 market trend with details regarding TIV (Total Industry Volume), segments and brands.

All data are presented in charts and table with an immediate and easy-to-read style that allow you to catch the essential about this market.

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