USA Outlook is deteriorating since new President is acting

USA Automotive Maserati-Levante-2017

USA Automotive industry outlook deteriorated in the last months and is now moderately negative for the next three years, albeit consumer’s demand should have not been satisfied yet, but last years sales increase.

Up to our Automotive Experts observations and projections, the domestic U.S. auto sales are likely to be relatively flat in the next two years and may face a moderate downturn in 2018, the victim of economic cycles, higher auto loan interest rates as the Federal Reserve raises overnight rates, and an expected flood of vehicles into the used car market.

In addition, we fear for the new President policy that could be effective in the short, booming GDP while moving the country at further higher public debts, after the good job done by Obama on reducing the budget lost. The third, but could also the second year, of such a policy would force economic actions able to damage consumer’s demand moving down a market already at top peak.

So the market outlook is stable/low negative and is worse after the first new legislations acts than immediately after the November elections results. A crisis with the NAFTA partnership is something with unprecedented events and could damage US Auto Market both directly, penalizing the established Manufacturers organization and plans, and indirectly, hitting consumer’s expectations and behaviour.

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