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Brazil best selling cars. The top 100 in the 2019

Brazil best selling cars ranking in the 2019 updated at the end of August confirms the undisputed leadership of the Chevrolet Onix which has a gap of over 50.000 units over the first followers, the Ford Ka and the Hyundai HB20. The emerging models are the Renault Kwid in fifth place – and the Jeep Renegade, in 10th.

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Spain Best selling cars

Spain best selling cars 2019. The top 100 models

Spain best-selling cars ranking in 2019 sees the Seat Leon maintaining the first place, followed by the Dacia Sandero – up 2 two spots – and the Nissan Qashqai. The Seat Arona is climbing the ranking – soaring 37.7% – while the Peugeot 3008 enters into the Top 10.

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Germany best selling cars

Germany best selling cars. The top 100 in the 2019

Germany best selling cars ranking in 2019 is dominated for the 44rd year by the Volkswagen Golf with a wide gap over Tiguan and the Polo. The Volkswagen T-Roc keeps climbing the ranking, while the Passat loses 5 positions (-20.4%).

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Italian best selling cars

Italian Best Selling Cars. The top 50 in the 2019

Italian best-selling cars in the 2019 show on top the Fiat Panda, keeping the large gap over the followers, ahead of the Lancia Ypsilon growing in double-digits. Astonishing performances signed by the Dacia Duster and the Sandero, but the star of the year is the Volkswagen T-Roc (+99.6%).

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USA best selling cars

USA best selling Cars. The top 100 in the 2019

USA best selling Cars in 2019 sees as the best-selling model the Ford F-Series. The Ram pick-up – up a brilliant 30.3% – conquers the second place, overtaking Chevrolet Silverado. The Chevrolet Equinox gains 2 spots, surging 11.8%.

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Colombian Auto Market

Colombia August. Renault soared 30.8% in market up 9.3%

Colombian Auto Market in August improved by 9.3% with 22.910 units sold. Renault marked a stunning performance (+30.8%), holding 21.9% of share. Despite losing 14%, Mazda is currently in 4th place, while Volkswagen was the best Top 10 brand.

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Cyprus Auto Market

Cyprus August. Honda shines in a declining market (-15.8%)

Cyprus Auto Market in August was hit by another sales drop (-15.8%) selling 999 units. Disappointing performances scored by the Top 3 brands, with Toyota leading with 13.1% of share. Honda was shining, reaching the 9th position.

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Mexico Cars Market

Mexico August. Renault (+19.8%) ignoring a negative market trend

Mexico Cars Market in August decreased by 9.3% with 107.664 units sold. Nissan – leading with 20.9% of share, – fell down 13.6% ahead of Chevrolet (-18.9%) and Volkswagen (-8.8%). Renault entered into the Top 10, marking an impressive +19.8%.

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Thailand vehicles market

Thailand August. Toyota holding 40% of a market down 3 months in a row

Thailand vehicles market in August losing 6.8% from the previous year, with 67.595 sales. The Top 3 brands kept a flat trend, with Toyota holding 40% of share. Nissan, Mazda and Ford fell in double-digits, while Subaru hit a stunning +255%.

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India best selling cars

India best selling cars. The top 100 in 2019

India best selling cars ranking in August is still dominated by Maruti, holding the first 6 models of the ranking. The Alto is the leader – even if down 14.5% – followed by Dzire (-30.5%) and the Swift (-16.4%). Fantastic performance scored by the Ertiga, reaching the 11th position.

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Australia Vehicles Market

Australia August. Mazda down a huge 30.4% in a harsh environment

Australia Vehicles Market decreased for the 17th consecutive month in August with 83.405 units sold (-9.6%). The leader Toyota dominated the market with 20% of share, while Mazda was hit by a huge sales drop (-30.4%). Kia and Nissan were the only Top 10 brands reporting positive performances.

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Austrian Car Sales

Austria August. Auto sales down 12.9%

Austrian Car Sales in August declined in double-digits with registrations at 29.886 (-12.9%). Volkswagen - the leader - improved 5.3% with 15.5% of share, followed by Skoda (+30.4%) and Seat (-10.8%). Awful performance scored by the Golf, losing 25%.

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Uruguayan Vehicles Market

Uruguay August. Renault & Volkswagen unaffected by negative market trend (-11.8%)

Uruguayan Vehicles Market in August went back on a negative tone (-11.8%) selling 3.372 units. However, the current leader Renault and Volkswagen ignored the market trend, signing impressive performances. Fiat keeps struggling (-56.8%), outpaced by Suzuki (-14.5%).

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Slovenian Autos Market

Slovenia August. The Sandero pushed Dacia up 90.1%, while market lost 11.5%

Slovenian Autos Market in August dropped down 11.5% with 4.987 units, as sales boomed the previous year due to WLTP introduction in September 2018. Volkswagen held a flat trend – with 16.2% of share – while Renault was hit by a huge fall (-41.9%). The Dacia Sandero conquered the market podium (+100.4%).

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Vietnamese vehicles market

Vietnam August. Ford & Mitsubishi booming while the market decelerates

Vietnamese vehicles market in August grew slower than in the previous months, selling 19.271 units (+4.1%). The leader Toyota surged 15.2%, increasing the gap from the followers, with 26.3% of share. Ford boomed at 94.5%, while the Xpander pushed Mitsubishi up a stunning 169.7%.

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german cars

Germany August. Mercedes running fast (+22%) while Volkswagen lost 17.1%

German cars market in August registrations held a flat trend (+0.9%) with 312.479 units sold. The leader Volkswagen fell sharply down (-17.1%) while Mercedes kept growing at a fast pace (+22%), outpacing Audi (-10.5%).

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Portuguese Auto Market

Portugal August. Mercedes gains the podium of a market down 19%

Portuguese Auto Market in August fell down 19% – as the previous year’s WLTP introduction in September, induced sales to boom in August 2018 – with sales at 12.435. Indeed, Renault’s decline was significant (-57.2%), holding just 8.5% of share. Mercedes gained the market podium, improving in double-digits.

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Chilean Vehicles Market

Chile August. Chevrolet leading a market down 7 months in a row

Chilean Vehicles Market in August signed the 7th consecutive decline, with sales at 32.849 (-15.3%). Despite losing 9.9%, Chevrolet held the crown with 9.4% of share. Behind, Kia, Suzuki and Nissan declined in double-digits.

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World Best Selling Compact Cars

World Best Selling Compact Cars. The top in the 2019

World Best Selling Compact Cars segment in the First Half of 2019 fell down 14.6% with 6.2 million global sales. The Toyota Corolla still dominates the ranking, followed by the Honda Civic and the Volkswagen Golf.

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World Best Selling Coupe

World Best Selling Coupe. The top in the 2019

World Best Selling Coupe in the First Half of 2019 was still the Ford Mustang despite losing 16.3% from the previous year, while the Dodge Charger – just a few units below – has become a real threat for the market throne. The Genesis G70 gained the 7th place, signing a stunning performance.

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