• Canada best selling cars

    Canada best selling cars 2018. The top 100

    Canada best selling cars ranking year to date 2018 with podium unchanged and the jump of the last generation of the Jeep Wrangler in fourth place. The recently introduced Nissan Qashqai ranks in 25th place.

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    Great Wall Global performance was awful in the 2017 following the outstanding growth scored in the previous 7 years. Sales declined 7.7% with lost concentrated in Asia and Africa.. The best model is the Haval H6, with over 5080.000 sales globally.

  • Russia best selling cars

    Russia best selling cars ranking in the 2017 with a new leader, the Kia Rio ahead of two models made by Lada. The last year leader fell in fourth place while the new Hyundai Creta is already in 5th place.

  • korea best selling cars

    Korea best selling cars 2017 ranking shows a new leader, the sixth generation of the mid size Hyundai Grandeur, which has taken the leadership ahead of the previous leader, the Hyundai Porter. Ssangyong placed the Tivoli within the top 10.

  • French vehicle market

    French vehicle market started the 2018 moderately, with year to date February sales up 3.4%. Peugeot improved in double-digit challenging the Renault leadership. The new C3 Aircross is already in 12th place, while P.S.A. places 5 models out of top sixth.

  • Senegal Auto

    Senegal Vehicles Market 2010-2025 features historical data and insights plus professional forecast on new vehicles sales by type, manufacturer, brand and model providing an easy-to-use picture of current and future competitive landscape.

  • Senegal vehicles

    Senegal vehicles sector  in 2017 scored the new best ever figure as far as new vehicles sales, with both light and heavy vehicles segment at their best. Albeit losing sales, Toyota confirmed the leadership ahead of Mitsubishi while French makes are growing.

  • German Cars

    German Cars Market  fast started the 2018 growing 9.6% year to date February underpinned by a buoyant labor market with strong employment and wage growth. Volkswagen was back near 20% of market share but the fastest brand are Peugeot and Dacia.

  • Mitsubishi Global Performance

    Mitsubishi Global Performance is shining in the 2017 following the flat performance scored in the previous 7 years. At regional level sales are fast growing in Asia and in the Pacific regions. The best model is the Outlander, growing an amazing 60%.

  • Uruguayan Vehicles Market

    Uruguayan Vehicles Market started the 2018 with a shy speed despite Renault and Fiat boomed volume jumping on top of the list, ahead of Chevrolet and the previous leader, Volkswagen. The 2018 outlook is positive despite the slow start.

  • Pakistani Vehicles Sales

    Pakistani Vehicles Sales started the 2018 maintaining the momentum with a growing speed in double-digit, thanks to the growing consumer demand and GDP growth. Suzuki further improved market share actually over 56%.


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