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Spain Best selling cars

Spain. Best selling cars ranking in the 2019

Spain best-selling cars ranking in the 2019 is led again by the Seat Leon while the Ibiza felt down out of the battle for leadership. In second place the Dacia Sandero at the record share followed by the solid Nissan Qashqai. The Seat Arona is climbing the ranking while the Peugeot 3008 enters into the Top 10.

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Italian best selling cars

Italy. The best selling cars ranking in the 2019

Italian best-selling cars ranking in again dominated by the Fiat Panda, which in the 2019 is surprisingly recovering terrain, ahead of the last surviving Lancia, the model Ypsilon and the best imported model, the Renault Clio. Huge success found by the last generation of the Dacia Duster while the new entrance on top of the list is the Volkswagen T-Roc.

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Bulgarian vehicles sales

Bulgaria. Dacia is strengthening the leadership in the best market in this decade

Bulgarian vehicles sales in the 209 are further growing projecting the best score in this decade. Indeed, Year to Date October sales have been 37.309, up 6.5% and in October sales were 3.665 (+13.6%). Dacia is further reinforcing the leadership projecting the new record share at 13.0%.

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Australia Vehicles Market

Australia. Holden is collapsing in a market down 8%

Australia Vehicles Market in the 2019 is in crisis and project a fall back at the 2014 level. Indeed, Year to Date October sales have been 871.730, down 8.0% with October at 79.985, down 9.4%. Holden will hit a negative record, posting the 10th consecutive year of declining market share, having lost from 12.3% in the 2010 at the current 4.5%.

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Russian Autos Market

Russia. Ford is collapsing while the market has lost steam

Russian Autos Market in the 2019 has already ended the recovery. Following the collapse from 2.9 million sales to 1.4 million since 2017 the market was moderately gaining but Year to Date October sales have been 1.42 million, -2.4% with October at 152.057, down 5.2%. Ford is collapsing at a negative record share of 2.2%.

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Canada Auto Sales

Canada. In the 2019 the market will moderately decline at 1.92 million units

Canada Auto Sales in the 2019 is moderately negative and projected at 1.92 million units. Indeed Year to Date October 2019 have been 1.67 million, down 3.7% and October sales were 160.969, down 0.7%. Tesla is gaining 40% while several brands are losing in double-digit, including Chevrolet, Mazda, Dodge, Audi, Buick, Infiniti, GMC.

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Dutch Auto Market

Netherlands. Tesla Model 3 is the best-selling model in a shy market

Dutch Auto Market in the 2019 is declining despite the last months year-on-year recovery, and is projected to end at 425.000 units. First in the World, the country celebrate the leadership of a Tesla, the model 3, which is the best-selling model boosting the brand market share at 4.1%.

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USA Vehicles Sales

USA. 2019 keeps the moderately declining trend while Ford & Chevrolet lost terrain

USA vehicles sales in the 2019 maintains the moderately declining trend and is projected to the third lost in a row with 17.25 million sales. Indeed, Year to date October sales at 14.1 million were down 1.3% and the last month, October, was down 1.6%. Ford and Chevrolet keep losing terrain and will end the 2019 at the lower market share in the decade.

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German cars

Germany. In the 2019 the market will hit the 3.5 million cars milestone

German cars market is booming in these last month of the 2019 with September +28% and October +12.8% and is projecting the new all time record, probably for the first time over the milestone of 3.5 million cars sold in a single year. While Volkswagen is reporting the lowest market share in 50 years, Skoda & Seat are hitting their all time record.

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French vehicle market

France. The second half recovery projects the 2019 market flat

French vehicle market in the second half is recovering the moderate lost reported in the first and is projected to close the 2019 flat from the previous year, confirming the great shape under the Macron government. The traditional battle for leadership among Renault and Peugeot is ending again the lion brand in second, while Alfa Romeo and Land Rover are the fastest growing brands.

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Indian Autos Market

India. In 2019 the market is falling back down the 3 million units

Indian Autos Market in the 2019 is falling down losing 14% and projecting a year end again below the 3 million units, hit by deceleration of domestic economy, increased fuel price, higher interest rate. While Maruti control almost 50% of the market, the new player, Kia, already gained a place among the Top 10.

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Czech Republic Autos sales

Czech Republic. Dacia & Peugeot at best share ever in a market declining 7%

Czech Republic Autos sales are declining 7.2% Year to Date October 2019 following years of strong growth. The market is penalized by a less positive momentum for the national economy. Skoda has further reinforced its dominion on the market thanks to the launch of the new Scala, while Dacia and Peugeot hit record share.

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British Vehicles Market

UK. In the 2019 the market is flat waiting for BREXIT

British Vehicles Market in the 2019 is stable waiting for the effect of BREXIT (if Brexit will be) following two years of decline. Ford leadership is still solid with over 3 points of share over the best follower, despite the current market share at 13% is the lowest since the II World War. Vauxhall is dropped in 4th place.

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Finnish cars market

Finland. 2019 projected at the worst in 4 years despite the final rush

Finnish cars market in the 2019 is falling down after the end of scrap incentive scheme provided by the government in the previous year and the market will score the worst performance in the last four years. Indeed year to date October sales fell down 8.3%. In the last two months the market is recovery, but it is too late.

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Argentina Auto Sales

Argentina. In the 2019 the car market is collapsing at the lowest in 15 years

Argentina Auto Sales in the 2019 is collapsing and the year will fall below the half a million units, the worst performance in the last 15 years. Indeed Year to Date October sales were 408.066, down 43%.. The new President, Alberto Fernandez, just elected at the end of October found a country in the edge of the financial disaster.

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Swedish Auto Market

Sweden. New “green policy” pushed the market down at worst in 5 years

Swedish Auto Market in the 2019 will score the lower level in the last five years despite since September the year-on-year figures are almost positive. Indeed, Year to Date October sales at 277.405 were down 9%. Volkswagen is consolidating the leadership with over 3 point of share ahead of Volvo while Kia, Seat and Tesla are the emerging brands.

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Italian Autos Market

Italy. Fiat keeps losing share in a market stable at 1.9 million

Italian Autos Market keeps the stable trend and is projected to end the 2019 more or less in line with the previous year at 1.9 million. Indeed after 8 weak months, since September year-on-year data a positive and Year to Date October sales are down only 2%. Fiat continues to lose share and actually is at 16% with negative outlook for the next 18 months.

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Spanish autos market

Spain . Despite is recovering, the market will end the 2019 moderately down

Spanish autos market in the 2019 will report a moderate decline ending a series of six consecutive growing years. Indeed sales decline uninterruptedly for the first eight months before starting the recovery in September with year to date October sales at 1.096 million units, down 3.1%. The three top manufacturers control over 60% of the market.

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Brazil Vehicles Market

Brazil. Car market is recovering in double-digit, third year in a string

Brazil Vehicles Market keeps growing in the 2019 and will post the third annual growth in a row achieving near 2.65 million units sold, up over 25% from the 2016 negative peak, while still near 25% far from the 2013 record. Chevrolet, Volkswagen and Fiat on top of the list control 47% of the market, while Renault, Toyota and Hyundai are the emerging brands

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South Africa. The 2019 is near to mark the worst score in the last 9 years

South Africa Auto Sales in the 2019 are disappointing again with year to date October figures at 429.428, down 3.9% projecting the year at near 510.000 units, the worst score in the last nine years. Suzuki and Mahindra are the fastest group brands this year while all the best selling 5 brands are losing sales.

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