DAILY REPORTS on 140 Markets and 40 Brands

  • Polish cars sales

    Polish cars sales boomed in July with +31% and 45.205 units, keeping the impressive 2018 pathway pushed up by a robust economy acceleration. Driven by strong economic growth ans Zloty depreciation, the market is going to establish a new all time record, hitting the half million units.

  • Czech Republic Autos sales

    Czech Republic Autos sales were strong in July with 21.638 units (+10.1%) recovering all the first half lost. Remarkable the monthly score of Volkswagen and Hyundai, both up over 40%. Skoda is leader with over 32% of market share.

  • Jordanian Auto Sales

    JJordanian Auto Sales started the 2018 losing in double-digit in the first half. The vehicles demand was hit by weakness in the economy and regional instability. Kia was back market leader improving sales by 6%.

  • Qatari new vehicles

    Qatari new vehicles kept falling in the first half 2018 despite the government decision to postpone the VAT introduction at the next year. The marginal lost (4.6%) reported in the Q2 could be a sign of improved market conditions and the second half outlook is moderately positive.

  • Chilean Vehicles Market

    Chilean Vehicles Market is the fastest growing market in Latin America year to date in the 2018 with July sales strong again with 31.285 units (+11.4%) projecting the year at the new all time record. Chevrolet is back on top followed by Suzuki and Kia.

  • Croatian Auto market

    Croatian Auto market kept booming in July with 5.737 sales, up 39.1%. Several brands are reporting huge progress but the leader Volkswagen excavated a huge margin overall in July, with sales up 81.3%. The best selling model is the Skoda Octavia which overtook the Renault Clio in July.

  • Israel Vehicles

    Israel Vehicles Market down 0.8% in July with 25.452 sales confirming the moderately negative trend in place. Hyundai takes 15.7% of market share followed by Kia and Toyota while Mitsubishi emerges as the fastest growing brand this year.

  • Japan Auto Market

    Japan Auto Market was moderately positive in July with 441.457 sales, up 3.3% reducing the annual lost. Within the car passenger's, Toyota stands at 30% market share while Mitsubishi is the best performer and Subaru the worst.

  • Hungarian Vehicles Market

    Hungarian Vehicles Market kept the momentum in July with 12.043 sales (+35.1%) fueled by the strong GDP expansion and buoyant consumer spending. Suzuki is booming taking over 16% of market share, ahead of Ford and Skoda.

  • Bulgarian vehicles sales kept the impressive momentum in July with 4.014 units (+16.3%) pushed up by strong economic growth supported by the European Community subsidies. Renault took the leadership overtaking the traditional leader, Dacia.


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