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Uruguayan Vehicles Market

Uruguay. In 2019 the market keeps worsening (-9.2%)

Uruguayan Vehicles Market in 2019 keeps declining, projected below the 2010’s volume. Indeed, Year to Date November registrations have been 36.218 (-9.2%), while November fell in double-digits at 3.608 (-11.1%). Volkswagen – followed by Renault and Suzuki – is projected to a peak of 15.1% of share, improving by 1.4 points from last year.

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Japan Auto Market

Japan. Market projected at 5.2 million while November dropped down in double-digits

Japan Auto Market in the 2019 is almost stable and is projected to end the year at the level of the previous two, with 5.25 million units. Indeed, Year to Date November sales have been 4.84 million (-0.9%), while November fell 12.7%. The three top brands, Toyota, Honda and Nissan hold 69.7% of the market, but importers are progressively growing.

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Switzerland Auto Market

Switzerland. Skoda, Seat & Tesla shine in a market moderately positive

Switzerland Auto Market is moderately growing in the 2019. Indeed Year to Date November sales have been 276.578, up 1.6% and November was stable at 26.103 (+0.5%). Mercedes and BMW project their new record share while Skoda, Seat and Tesla are the fastest growing brands.

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Norwegian Auto Market

Norway. Tesla is booming in a moderately negative market

Norwegian Auto Market in the 2019 is moderately declining. Indeed, Year to date November 2019 sales have been 121.096, down 1.7% from the correspondent period last year. While Volkswagen and Toyota struggle to keep the leadership, Tesla doubled the share with the Model3 best-selling model.

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Polish cars sales

Poland. In the 2019 the market will hit the milestone of half million cars sold

Polish cars sales is running to establish in the 2019 the 5th all-time record in a row. Indeed, Year to date November sales in 2019 have been 565.948, up 3.7% with recent months quite positive and November sales at 41.484, up 8.7%. While the market leader Skoda is almost stable at 13% of share, Toyota is gaining terrain with a 2019 record over the 11%.

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Chilean Vehicles Market

Chile. Vehicle market down 10.7% in 2019

Chilean Vehicles Market in the 2019 is falling down hit by economic and social difficulties, after having hit in the 2018 the all time sales record. Indeed, Year to Date November sales have been 340.485, down 10.7%. Chevrolet is still market leader despite losing near 8 points of share in 10 years.

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Russian Autos Market

Russia. Ford is collapsing while the market has lost steam

Russian Autos Market in the 2019 has already ended the recovery, signing the 9th loss in the last 10 months. Following the collapse from 2.9 million sales to 1.4 million since 2017 the market was moderately gaining, but Year to Date November sales have been 1.58 million, -2% with November at 156.848, down 6.4%. Ford is collapsing at a negative record share of 1.8%.

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German cars

Germany. In the 2019 the market will hit the 3.5 million cars milestone

German cars market is booming in these last month of the 2019 with October +12.8% and November +9% and it’s projected to a new all-time record, probably for the first time over the milestone of 3.5 million cars sold in a single year. While Volkswagen is reporting the lowest market share in 50 years, Skoda & Seat are hitting their all time record.

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Danish Auto Sales

Denmark. In the 2019 the market is fully recovering

Danish Auto Sales in 2019 is expected to recover from the previous years’ decline. Indeed, Year to Date November sales have been 243.126 (+2.7%) while November grew by 1% with 21.463 units sold. All top 3 brands are reporting negative scores, while Citroen grows in double-digits.

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Portuguese Auto Market

Portugal. Peugeot is hitting the new record in a stable market

Portuguese Auto Market in 2019 could break the series of six consecutive growth. Indeed, Year to date November 2019 new car sales have been 204.645 (-2.4%). Following the lost cumulate in the first eight months, since September the market is recovering and could full-fill the gap over 2018. Peugeot is hitting the new record share.

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Korean Vehicles Market

South Korea. Hyundai & Kia holding 68.7% in a moderately declining market

Korean Vehicles Market is moderately declining in the 2019 while remaining not far from the best level ever. Indeed, Year to Date November sales have been 1.59 million, down 3.5% with November down 1.5%. Hyundai and Kia still dominate, while their combined market share at 68.7% is down over 7 points from 2012.

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Canada Auto Sales

Canada. In the 2019 the market will moderately decline at 1.92 million units

Canada Auto Sales in the 2019 is moderately negative and projected at 1.92 million units. Indeed, light vehicles sales Year to Date November 2019 have been 1.82 million (-3.4%) while in November sales were 144.476 (-0.8%). Tesla is growing fast (+40%) while several brands are losing in double-digit, including Chevrolet, Mazda, Dodge, Audi, Buick, Infiniti, GMC.

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USA Vehicles Sales

USA. 2019 keeps the moderately declining trend while Ford & Chevrolet lost terrain

USA vehicles sales in the 2019 maintains the moderately declining trend and is projected to the third lost in a row with 17.23 million sales. Indeed, Year to Date November sales have been 15.5 million, down 1.1% while the last month, November, was up 1%. Ford and Chevrolet keep losing terrain and will end the 2019 at the lower market share in the decade.

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Argentina Auto Sales

Argentina. Vehicle market collapsing at the lowest in 15 years

Argentina Auto Sales in the 2019 is collapsing and the year will fall below the half a million units, the worst performance in the last 15 years. Indeed Year to Date November sales were 413.212, down 45%. The new President, Alberto Fernandez, just elected at the end of October found a country in the edge of the financial disaster.

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Malaysian Vehicles Market

Malaysia. Proton impressing (+42.9%) while Perodua is projected to 40.3%

Malaysian Vehicles Market in 2019 went back on a negative path. Indeed, Year to Date October sales were 487.370 (-0.9%) while October surged 14% with 52.898 units sold. The leader Perodua is expected to reach 40.3% of market share, while Proton gained the 2nd place.

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British Vehicles Market

UK. In the 2019 the market is flat waiting for BREXIT

British Vehicles Market in the 2019 is stable waiting for the effect of BREXIT (if Brexit will be) following two years of decline. Ford leadership is still solid with over 3 points of share over the best follower, despite the current market share at 13% is the lowest since the II World War. Vauxhall is dropped in 4th place.

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Indian Autos Market

India. Kia up in 9th place in market projected below 3 million units

Indian Autos Market in the 2019 is falling down losing 12.4% and projecting the full year again below the 3 million units, hit by deceleration of domestic economy, increased fuel price, higher interest rate. While Maruti control almost 50% of the market, the new player, Kia, already gained a place among the Top 10.

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Taiwanese Vehicles Sales

Taiwan. Toyota recovering in a stable market

Taiwanese Vehicles Sales in 2019 is holding a flat trend. Indeed, Year-to-date November sales were at 395.967, up just 0.7%, while November registrations grew in double-digits, at 40.705 (+13.2%). Toyota is recovering market share – being projected to 27.3% – while Honda immediately lost the 2nd place, falling down by 19.7%.

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Emirates Automotive Market

UAE. In the 2019 the market is not recovering, following the previous three years fall

Emirates Automotive Market in the 2019 is steady at the previous year level, despite the total volume is well below the record hit in the 2015. Indeed, in the first ten months of the year light vehicles sales have been 200.489, down 1.9% and the full year is projected in line with the previous. BMW ranks in fourth and is well ahead of the rival Mercedes.

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Saudi Arabia Auto Market

Saudi Arabia. Mazda shining in a market recovering at half million sales quota

Saudi Arabia Auto Market in the 2019 is rebounding following the lowest sales level in the decade hit last year. Indeed, in the first ten months of the year, sales have been 413.751, up 21.8%. While the leader Toyota keeps losing market share and is below the 30%, Mazda grew up in third place with an amazing escalade.

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