• Jaguar

    Jaguar. Global 2017 performance is a new record

    Jaguar Global performance in the 2017 improved a robust 17.6%% from the record level hit in the previous year. Sales are driven by the outstanding performance in Asia and in South and North America. The best-selling model is the F-Pace.

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  • Maserati Global

    Maserati Global performance in the 2017 has been again quite positive following +95% CAGR scored in the previous 7 years. Sales grew in all regions with Asia up 39%. The best-selling model is the recently introduced SUV Levante.

  • Lincoln Global performance in the 2017 kept the medium term momentum improving a further remarkable 10.8%, driven by growth in Asia (mainly China) while North American operations were flat. The best-selling model is the MKX.

  • Land Rover global performance

    Land Rover Global performance in the 2017 has been sustained by growth in Asia while declining in all others regions, Africa over all. The best-selling model was the Discovery Sport.

  • Cyprus Auto Market

    Cyprus Auto Market fast started the 2018 with Q1 ended with car passenger's sales up 17.3%  fueled by the fastest economic growth in place since 2008 crisis. Kia jumped on top of the market with over 17% of share with Picanto best-selling model.

  • Infiniti

    Infiniti Global performance in the 2017 improved 4.7% with a new record of 238.000 sales thanks to a great performance in NOrth America while sales declined in Asia and in the Arabic Gulf region. The Q50 is the best selling model.

  • dodge

    Dodge & Ram Global performance in 2017 have been negative, losing 3.3% with a total of 1.27 million sales worldwide. Sales grew up in the Arabic Gulf region, but fell down in North and South America.

  • Belarussian vehicles

    Belarussian vehicles market fast started the 2018 with a huge increase reported in the first quarter. The consumer's demand is back, fueled by a growing economy and grey market is falling down. The Volkswagen Polo is the best seller, for the 6th year in a row.

  • Zambian Vehicles sales

    Zambian vehicles market up 19% in the 2017 following the modest economic recovery, mainly driven by double-digit export growth. The market is still far from the 2013 record and low competitive towards the segment of imported pre-owned.

  • Danish Auto Sales

    Danish Auto Sales in March down in double-digit ending the first quarter losing 5% from the previous year. fell  the 2018 with year to date February sales flat.  Pulled up by new models, Citroen and Ford reported substantial gains over the last year.

  • Colombian Auto Market

    Colombian Auto Market kept in March the moderately negative trend losing 6.9% and ending the first quarter down 3.2%. The expected recovery in the economy is not in place and market suffer low demand. Toyota is shining.


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