2014 Global Car Sales at 86.5 million. Brazil, Russia, Thailand & India are the new “pigs”.

2014 Global Car Sales at 86.5 million accordingly with statistical projection of firth four month of the year. Following a strong first quarter, in April the market has lost speed growing only 2.5% over the correspondent month last year.

In April total light passengers cars sold world-wide have been 7.1 million, up 2.5% with cumulate figures grew at 28.7 million, up 4.0% from year ago.  The market is now growing since February 2013 when it fell just for a one time sales shift in China.

However, the market outlook is now deteriorating as several emerging markets are struggling for the inadequate industrial policy behind the local government desires to have a greater car market as witness of a healthy and solid growth.

This is the case of Brazil, one of the fastest growing markets in the last year initially pushed by the real increase of pro capita income while later, under the actual Rousseau government, only by the wish to grow at any cost.

While under Lula government Brazil market growth was based on increased demand, in recent year it was pushed by easy access to car loans and to a communication focused more on the appearance than on the value creation. Now, while opening the FIFA World cup people is unhappy and protesting in the roads, the demand for new cars languishes.

Similar cases in different environment could be reported for Russia, where government scarp incentives and car loans pushed up the market for years. Now, while the last government scheme deadline is arriving and the market is falling down, people is waiting for knowing is others actions will be put in place while the government realized that in case of stopping support the 3-5 percent actual loss could become a 10-15 percent, not acceptable for a “social capitalist regime”.

In Thailand, the last government used automotive incentives to pump up domestic market and foreign investment also in the hope that the ownership of a new car – a real achievement for thousands of citizens – was positively affecting people mood at the political elections. Unfortunately, a military coup d’état was held in May. Now car market is collapsing and it is hard to forecast the middle term.

In the interactive tables below we report the Top 25 Market data & statistics:

Rank April 2014Rank Ytd 2014CountrySales Apr 2014Sales Apr 2013Apr Var.Sales Ytd 2014Ytd 2014 Var.
1112South Korea147.217132.14511,4%524.8357,5%
1818Saudi Arabia65.31663.8592,3%262.3421,9%
2323South Africa43.68348.702-10,3%196.775-4,5%

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