Angola new vehicles registrations collapsed in the first half 2016

Angola new vehicles registrations Fiat-595_Abarth-2017

Angola new vehicles registrations collapsed in the first half 2016 hit by the huge economic crisis generated by the persistent low oil price. Fiat landed in the market gaining the second place.

Market Outlook

Dwindling oil revenues have severely affected the public and external accounts, while government debt has surged on the back of increased borrowing costs. In addition, lower oil earnings have translated into a plunge of foreign currency inflows and prompted the Central Bank to devaluate the kwanza against the U.S. dollar multiple times.

The weak currency has been hampering economic performance in import-dependent sectors and prompting inflation to soar.

The Angola’s vehicles market remained mired in a deep recession throughout the first semester of the 2016. The sales volume collapsed losing almost the half of the volume, compared with the previous year.

Indeed, according to data reported by ACETRO, the local Association of Car Manufacturers, in the first half of the 2016 the total vehicles sold had been 5.654, decreased 56.5%.

Competitive Arena

Toyota was the new market leader despite the only 921 units sold (-51.7%) keeping a share of 16.3%.

The great surprise was the arrival of Fiat landed already in second place with 735 units, ahead of Hyundai with 635 (-50.0%), Ford with 578 (-15.2%) and Suzuki 509 (-82.9%).

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