Argentina Best Selling Cars. The top 100 in the 2019

Argentina Best Selling Cars

Argentina Best Selling Cars ranking in May sees the Toyota Hilux still on top, while Ford KA holds the second place. The whole Top10 showed poor performances, while Toyota Yaris is still growing fast.


In the 2018 the market has been disappointing, as sales dropped by 11.5% closing the year at 789.820. Two distinctive events have marked this negative year: the boom in sales registered in May, with an all-time-record, and the negative trend of following months in a precarious economic environment. Thus, after the great performance of the 2017, the decline will most likely continue during the next year.

The 2019 kept the last decades’ trend of suddenly falling after series of positive performances. Indeed in January sales fell drastically down 50.2% with 59.030 units. February recorded year-to-date sales down 45.9% with 99.274 registrations. The market kept free falling in March, signing -53.7% with 38.741. The Q1 sales were down 48.3% with 138.015 registrations.

In April sales kept falling in double-digit (-51.3%), registering 37.125 units. The market is no improving even in May (-58%) with 34.239 units.

Registrations year-to-date are at 206.921 (-51.2%).


Argentinian Best Selling Cars has crowded battle for leadership with four models fighting on top of the list.

Actually the year-to-date leader is the Toyota Hilux with 11.398 (-33.4%) having taken back the leadership since May, overtaking the Ford KA actually second with 7.650 sales (-52.8%) and the Chevrolet Onix with 7.315 sales (-55.4%).

In fourth place the Toyota Etios with 6.844 units (-61.5%) ahead of the Volkswagen Gol with 5.969 units (-59.1%).

In sixth place the Fiat Cronos the  with 5.813 (+32.6%) followed by the Renault Sandero with 5.789 (-54.2%), the Volkswagen Amarok with 5.777 (-43.4%), the Renault Kwid with 5.663 sales (-48.2%) and in 10th place by the Peugeot 208 with 5.547 sales (-56.1%).

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2019 YTD
May 19
2019 Var
May 19
11Toyota Hilux11.3982.204-33,4%-34,3%
23Ford KA7.650975-52,8%-67,9%
34Chevrolet Onix7.3151.500-55,4%-45,0%
42Toyota Etios6.8441.170-61,5%-70,1%
56Volkswagen Gol5.969992-59,1%-58,2%
619Fiat Cronos5.81378532,6%-59,8%
79Renault Sandero5.789866-54,2%-58,2%
812Volkswagen Amarok5.777898-41,5%-52,0%
97Renault Kwid5.663742-48,2%-66,8%
108Peugeot 2085.547878-56,1%-62,3%
1113Ford Ecosport4.921621-49,7%-59,2%
125Chevrolet Prisma4.898869-67,3%-68,7%
1327Volkswagen Suran4.876193-23,2%-80,6%
1415Ford Ranger4.585792-46,4%-55,9%
1516Renault Kangoo4.382596-52,6%-60,6%
1611Volkswagen Polo3.991629-55,4%-72,2%
1757Toyota Yaris3.850687558,1%1126,8%
1821Renault Oroch3.735--47,6%-100,0%
1910Fiat Argo3.697433-57,6%-83,1%
2022Renault Duster3.687512-39,9%-56,1%
2117Toyota Corolla3.475458-54,7%-73,2%
2218Renault Logan3.409566-61,2%-72,3%
2314Volkswagen Up!3.223687-61,2%-52,6%
2433Honda HR-V3.144372-22,9%-45,8%
2526Jeep Renegade3.030509-46,8%-62,5%
2624Ford Focus2.973547-58,0%-57,4%
2728Chevrolet S102.911668-46,2%-41,9%
2830Renault Captur2.870448-40,5%-58,9%
2929Peugeot 20082.642379-54,8%-65,3%
3037Fiat Toro2.530594-33,0%-20,3%
3131Chevrolet Tracker2.453161-53,4%-84,5%
3224Ford Fiesta2.280275-66,0%-83,6%
3323Fiat Mobi2.275364-73,3%-75,1%
3425Peugeot Partner2.245388-65,0%-69,2%
3543Fiat Fiorino2.112286-39,8%-58,6%
3659Citroen C4 Cactus2.081353105,6%24,7%
3736Nissan Kicks2.068225-40,1%-72,6%
3820Chevrolet Cruze1.880410-76,0%-68,8%
3943Volkswagen Virtus1.6943066,6%-68,1%
4039Toyota Fortuner1.578271-22,6%-22,8%
4135Citroen C31.551245-55,0%-58,3%
4245Nissan March1.494205-42,5%-57,0%
4355Jeep Compass1.44328519,4%-18,6%
4460Volkswagen Tiguan1.31722824,8%-21,6%
4541Fiat Strada1.315212-62,4%-64,5%
4644Volkswagen Saveiro1.266280-59,8%-57,2%
4761Nissan Note1.24022861,5%-6,9%
4838Peugeot 3081.13015-70,6%-97,5%
4940Citroen Berlingo1.122154-61,4%-75,2%
5034Chevrolet Spin1.105165-71,7%-65,3%
5151Mercedes Sprinter1.077197-36,8%-31,4%
5258Nissan Frontier941177-8,4%-39,2%
5347Nissan Versa879140-58,4%-63,4%
5456Volkswagen Vento854113-54,7%-43,5%
5542Volkswagen Golf83598-74,7%-83,8%
5664Iveco Daily812158-13,5%-29,1%
5746Citroen C4 Lounge808131-69,0%-80,8%
58124Fiat Uno709189
5949Peugeot 301664155-65,0%-55,3%
6054Citroen C3 Aircross56583-67,7%-71,2%
61Honda WR-V56080
6275Chevrolet Cobalt5411121,8%-86,1%
63174Chevrolet Equinox51557
6448Volkswagen Voyage51264-78,0%-80,3%
6552Citroen C-ElysŽe510120-71,9%-64,7%
6663Volkswagen Fox50180-59,4%-58,5%
6773Ford Mondeo44858-27,3%-74,2%
6883Honda Fit43750542,6%
6968Peugeot 3008424108-38,1%-8,5%
7065Renault Master40679-53,5%-57,3%
7153Peugeot 40839158-78,2%-78,8%
7280Nissan Sentra3615451,0%3,8%
7379Ram 150034866-32,2%-27,5%
7479Chevrolet Trailblazer32638-14,9%-58,7%
7562Chery Tiggo 332342-74,9%-80,5%
7698Fiat 500x270865,5%65,4%
7774Honda Civic26243-70,4%-63,6%
7866Chery Tiggo 525342-76,2%-81,0%
7988Mercedes A Class24533-36,0%-60,2%
8070Hyundai Tucson23835-74,5%-77,4%
8182Fiat Ducato23744-35,8%29,4%
8267Toyota RAV423668-72,2%-53,7%
8369Toyota Innova21822-75,8%-85,2%
8489DS 321616-38,3%-76,8%
8472Mercedes Vito21629-63,0%-71,0%
8578Mercedes GLC20941-61,9%-63,4%
8671Chery QQ20250-73,4%-73,1%
87109Ford Transit1993853,1%111,1%
87107Kia Cerato19921-5,2%-32,3%
8887Kia Sportage19327-58,8%-63,5%
89101Chery Tiggo 2190272011,1%200,0%
9093Peugeot Expert17631-45,0%-56,3%
9181Mercedes C Class16555-58,6%-36,0%
9290Ford Kuga15835-43,8%-18,6%
9376Fiat Tipo1558-48,0%-90,4%
9484Peugeot Boxer15439-62,3%-49,4%
95116Kia Rio1471026,7%-78,7%
9686Audi A314232-69,5%-58,4%
97110Kia K250013825-47,1%-24,2%
9892Fiat 50013629-62,3%-67,4%
9977Lifan Foison13431-75,0%-64,4%
100103Mercedes GLA12933-58,7%-45,9%