Argentina Best Selling Cars. The top 100 in the 2019

Argentina Best Selling Cars

Argentina Best Selling Cars ranking updated at July 2019 confirms the wide gap taken this year by the leader, the Toyota Hilux, over all others competitors. The Hilux sold over 15.000 units declining just 33% in a market which is collapsing reporting volumes down 50%, the worse annual score globally.


In the first seventh month of the 2019 the Argentinian market reported a spectacular drop, with sales down by near 50% and the worst year-on-year score at global level. The ranking of the best selling light vehicles of course report just negative performance,

While in the recent years there were four models fighting for the leadership, this year the undisputed leader is the Toyota Hilux, with a wide gap over all others.

So far the Toyota Hilux sold 15.303 units and despite losing 31.6% have already created a gap of over 4.000 units over the first follower.

The second is the Chevrolet Onix with 11.030 sales (-47.8%), up 2 spots from the previous year, and it is followed by the Ford KA with 10.942 (-48.6%) and the  Toyota Etios with 10.311 units (-55.5%), down 2 spots.

In fifth place the Volkswagen Gol with 8.108 units (-54.6%) ahead of the Peugeot 208 with 7.934 sales (-50.9%), up 2 spots, the Renault Sandero with 7.930 (-50.2%), the Volkswagen Amarok with 7.7217 (-40.2%), the Renault Kwid with 7.697 sales (-45.2%) and in 10th place by the Fiat Cronos with 7.335 (+4.0%).

Rank 2019Rank 2018ModelSales YTD July 2019Sales July 2019'+/- YTD 2019'+/-July 2019
11Toyota Hilux15.3032.355-31,6%-9,3%
24Chevrolet Onix11.0302.281-47,8%-6,8%
33Ford KA10.9421.652-48,6%-42,2%
42Toyota Etios10.3111.978-55,5%-22,6%
56Volkswagen Gol8.1081.117-54,6%-31,8%
68Peugeot 2087.9341.313-50,9%-21,4%
79Renault Sandero7.9301.103-50,2%-37,5%
812Volkswagen Amarok7.7211.034-40,3%-28,4%
97Renault Kwid7.6971.073-45,3%-37,4%
1019Fiat Cronos7.3358304,0%-46,3%
115Chevrolet Prisma6.7831.171-66,9%-55,2%
1213Ford Ecosport6.7111.010-45,9%-26,5%
1315Ford Ranger6.328991-43,3%-30,4%
1457Toyota Yaris6.2341.471899,0%9706,7%
1521Renault Oroch5.671599-38,5%-46,3%
1610Fiat Argo5.6521.408-64,2%-53,7%
1716Renault Kangoo5.536552-54,6%-64,9%
1811Volkswagen Polo5.360711-57,5%-62,0%
1917Toyota Corolla5.3491.161-48,0%-15,7%
2027Volkswagen Suran5.168117-33,4%-83,0%
2122Renault Duster5.163813-35,0%-11,1%
2214Volkswagen Up!5.089771-54,1%-51,7%
2318Renault Logan4.587578-58,3%-50,2%
2426Jeep Renegade4.383798-42,4%-23,4%
2524Ford Focus4.262659-52,0%-32,1%
2633Honda HR-V4.109535-17,8%24,1%
2730Renault Captur4.030613-33,5%-9,6%
2828Chevrolet S104.024616-45,3%-36,6%
2920Chevrolet Cruze3.7711.155-61,7%15,3%
3037Fiat Toro3.597547-21,9%39,9%
3129Peugeot 20083.392431-53,8%-37,7%
3224Ford Fiesta3.356597-62,4%-51,1%
3323Fiat Mobi3.255600-68,1%-31,0%
3425Peugeot Partner2.972382-65,0%-65,4%
3531Chevrolet Tracker2.949343-57,1%-58,1%
3636Nissan Kicks2.907476-36,9%-18,9%
3759Citroen C4 Cactus2.82041172,2%26,9%
3843Fiat Fiorino2.702355-39,9%-29,3%
3943Volkswagen Virtus2.623474-16,2%-39,3%
4045Nissan March2.318412-33,4%-19,5%
4139Toyota Fortuner2.021185-26,9%-53,5%
4235Citroen C31.996259-54,7%-49,1%
4355Jeep Compass1.99230518,0%40,6%
4460Volkswagen Tiguan1.77132114,6%50,0%
4561Nissan Note1.76523442,5%-13,7%
4641Fiat Strada1.758281-59,3%-35,6%
4744Volkswagen Saveiro1.722218-58,5%-56,9%
4834Chevrolet Spin1.578270-67,1%-44,7%
4940Citroen Berlingo1.504183-62,0%-67,3%
5038Peugeot 3081.487185-69,2%-61,5%
5151Mercedes Sprinter1.420172-33,2%-14,0%
5247Nissan Versa1.380289-49,7%-19,5%
5358Nissan Frontier1.36121711,3%7133,3%
5456Volkswagen Vento1.240225-39,3%251,6%
55Fiat Uno1.078216
5642Volkswagen Golf1.072141-75,1%-70,1%
5764Iveco Daily1.055121-17,1%-24,8%
5846Citroen C4 Lounge1.029118-70,9%-71,4%
5949Peugeot 301975152-62,2%-58,2%
60Honda WR-V938238
6154Citroen C3 Aircross874186-60,3%-15,8%
6263Volkswagen Fox777179-50,6%13,3%
6352Citroen C-Elysée767155-66,6%-34,6%
6448Volkswagen Voyage698112-76,4%-69,7%
65volkswagen T-Cross634617
6683Honda Fit631114142,7%-40,3%
6767Toyota RAV4592190-45,0%59,7%
6868Peugeot 300859174-39,9%-59,3%
69Chevrolet Equinox57842
7074Chevrolet Cobalt575245,5%-47,8%
7165Renault Master54975-55,8%-58,6%
7272Ford Mondeo54344-39,3%-65,1%
7353Peugeot 40848746-78,2%-79,6%
7479Ram 150047975-23,2%56,3%
7598Fiat 500x46811027,2%71,9%
7673Honda Civic439108-56,9%74,2%
7680Nissan Sentra4394028,0%-31,0%
7762Chery Tiggo 342751-74,2%-68,1%
7879Chevrolet Trailblazer39335-29,3%-52,1%
7988Mercedes A Class33458-31,4%20,8%
8082Fiat Ducato33045-23,8%21,6%
8169Hyundai Tucson32546-71,3%-59,6%
8266Chery Tiggo 531930-76,7%-81,1%
83101Chery Tiggo 22976950,0%-46,1%
8471Mercedes Vito28748-61,6%-36,0%
8577Mercedes GLC28146-57,0%4,5%
8670Chery QQ26527-75,1%-85,3%
87109Ford Transit2623824,8%-7,3%
8887Kia Sportage26144-53,7%15,8%
8981Mercedes C Class25955-43,6%816,7%
9089DS 323612-45,9%-70,0%
91107Kia Cerato23016-2,1%33,3%
9293Peugeot Expert22827-48,2%-51,8%
9386Audi A322740-58,5%-13,0%
9490Ford Kuga20926-42,4%-40,9%
9592Fiat 50020136-55,8%-12,2%
96103Mercedes GLA19349-51,4%14,0%
97110Kia K250018431-37,0%82,4%
9884Peugeot Boxer18311-64,5%-84,5%
9976Lifan Foison18023-71,8%-55,8%
9996Audi Q518031-61,5%-36,7%
100116Kia Rio179265,3%-36,6%