Argentina Vehicles Sales – May 2014 market collapsed while Ford lands in 1st.

Argentina Vehicles Sales

Argentina Vehicles Sales – May 2014 market collapsed 39% from year ago posting the worst year on year performance in last sixth years. Ford landed on top of the market with an amazing performance and four models in top ten.

In May 2014 accordingly with data released by ACARA and ADEFA, the Argentinian Associations of car manufacturers and dealers, new Light Passengers Vehicles sold have been 53.695, down 39.4% from year ago, the worst year-on-year performance in the last 6 years. Year to date May sales have been 313.364, down 23.3% from year ago.  

The Argentinian car market is collapsing mirroring the new economic scenario in which the country entered starting this year. Following years of a style of life above the real power, the country has discovered the hard reality behind the demagogic proclaimers of its political leaders. Wishing to have a sharp while realistic picture of the market, please refer to the just published research: Argentina Automotive Market Insights. Has the Argentinian Titanic found its iceberg?

Commenting the May market, the second most relevant fact –after the huge market drop – was the escalade of Ford up to the leadership. It was 4th last year, 3rd in March, 4th in April and finally first in May!

Fordretailed 8.673 cars with a significant 16.2% of share, up 0.4 points from April. In the first five months of the year, Ford was third with 42.587 sales and share at 13.5%, up 0.8 points from year ago. The first Ford model was Fiesta in 5th place, followed by Focus in 6th and Ecosport in 7th. The Ranger was 9th ending a memorable month for the blue oval with fourth model in top 10.

Fiat advanced in second place being protagonist as well with 8.282retails and 15.4% of share, up 1.3 points from April, while cumulate sales were 42.447 and share Fiat Palio jumped in first place (from the 6th in April) with 3.170 sales.

Volkswagen was third selling 7.765 units and 14.5% of share, down 1.8 points from April. Year to date Volkswagen was leader and figures were 52.028 retails and 16.5% of share, down 0.7 points from year ago. The YTD leader, the Gol, fell in third place with 2.697 sales.

Chevrolet was fourth with 7.034 sales and 13.1% of share, up 1.7 points from the previous month. Year to date sales were 37.404 with 11.9% of share, down 3.3 points from last year. The Classic was the second best-selling model last month with 2.750 sales.

Renault was fifth with 6.943 retails and 12.9% of share, down 1.7 points. Year to date sales were 45.988 with share at 14.6%, down 0.8 points from 2013. The Clio was seventh with 1.976 retails.

Looking at the best-selling models, the ranking was almost dynamic with Fiat Palio new leader ahead of Chevrolet Classic and Volkswagen Gol. Immediately behind, there were Toyota Hilux and three Ford’s (Fiesta, Focus and Ecosport).

In the interactive tables below you can sort thru the All-brands and Best-selling models as you like:

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