Argentinian Car Market collapsed in April 2014. Ford shines.

Argentinian Car Market collapsed in April 2014 following already robust 13.4% loss performed in first quarter of the year. Argentina ended the 2013 as the World’s 17th Car Market but winds changed this year. See statistics on All Brands & models.

In April 2014 accordingly with data released by ADEFA and ACARA, the Argentinian Associations of Car Manufacturers and Dealers, total new light passengers vehicles sold have been 50.721, down 35.7% from year ago. Year to date April sales have been 259.669, down 18.9% from year ago.  

In the Boletín Oficial published by the Argentinian government in the last day of 2013, there was a poison for the automotive sector, as new duties had been applied for cars, truck, bike and motorboats, effective the first of January 2014.

As far as light passengers vehicles the taxes were 50% of wholesales price (price to dealers) for vehicles with price above 210 mil pesos ($30,000 at the official rate, which is 62 per cent lower than the black market rate)   and 30% for vehicles with price between 170 and 210 mil. pesos ($25,000): a whopping new tax on top-end models.

In another move to protect dwindling dollar reserves it uses for debt payments and energy imports, the government slapped a two-tier tax on luxury cars. It hopes to cull demand, force dealers to reduce imports and halt the narrowing trade surplus.

In the medium term, the measure could affect cheaper cars as manufacturers – compensating for the loss of high-profit sales of premium models – could be forced to generally increase car prices.

Volkswagenin April sold 8.222 vehicles with 16.3% of share, down 0.1 points from March. Year to date Volkswagen is leader having sold 44.200 units with share at 17.0%, down 0.2 points from last year. The Gol remains the market leader with 3.086 sales in April and 6.1% of share.

Ford was second keeping a great momentum and selling 8.008 vehicles, not far from the leader, with share at 15.8%, up 1.0 points from the previous month with cumulate sales at 33.820 and share at 13.0%, up 0.4 points from last year. New Fiesta is having a great success and in April was second with 2.340 retails and 4.6% of share.

Renault was third with 7.330sales and 14.5% of share, down 2.1 from March when Renault was market leader. Year to date it was second and sales were 38.876 with share at 14.9%, down 0.5 points from year ago. Clio, Duster and Kangoo were respectively 9th, 10th and 11th.

Fiat posted a great April advancing in fourth place with 7.123 retails and 14.0% of share, up 0.7 points from the previous month. Year to date it was third with 34.070 sales and 13.1% of share, up 1.8 points from 2013.

Chevrolet was fifth with 5.803 sales and share at 11.4%, up 1.7 points from the previous month with cumulate figures at 30.294 or 11.6% of share, falling down 3.8 points from last year. Celta, Montana, Cobalt, Cruze had been the top losers in Chevrolet house.

Looking at the best-selling models, behind the already mentioned Gol and Fiesta, Chevrolet Classic was on the podium with 2.280 sales ahead of Toyota Hilux with 2.221, Ford Ecosport with 2.186, Fiat Palio 1.998 and Toyota Etios with 1.981 units. This last model is the emerging vehicles of the year ranking year to date in 9th place from the 58th last year.

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