Australia Best selling cars. The top 100 in the 2018

Australia Best selling cars Nissan-NP300_Navara-2016

Australia Best selling cars ranking in the 2018 again with the Toyota Hilux on top of the list, while Toyota Corolla controlling the car passenger’s segment and the Mazda CX-5 leader of the SUV segment. Great jump of Nissan X-Trail, landed in top 10.

Australian Light vehicles market in the 2018 is moderately positive – as usual -and a new all time record is possible when economic environment will keep the current pace. Indeed total vehicles sales in the first quarter have been 291.538 (+4.4%) the best Q1 ever. In April sales were 81.535 (-1.3%) and in May 99.863 (-2.1%) with Year to Date figures at 470.765 (+2.1%).

Looking at the ranking of best 100 selling cars, the year to date leader is again the Toyota Hilux with 20.615 sales (+15.1%) followed by the Ford Ranger with 17.338 units (+4.5%) and the best passenger’s car the Toyota Corolla with 15.363 units (-1.7%).

In fourth place the Mazda3 with 13.763 (-5.5%) followed by the Hyundai i30 with 11.433  (+3.3%), the Mazda CX-5, best SUV, with 10.711 units (+2.6%) and the Mitsubishi Triton with 9.896 sales (+10.6%)

In eight place the Toyota RAV4, up 4 spots, with 9.080 units (+8.7%) ahead of the Volkswagen Golf, up 5 spots with 8.583 (+22.3%) and in 10th place  the Nissan X-Trail, up 5 spots, with 8.373 units (+7.9%)

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Rank 2018Rank 2017MODELSales 2018Sales MayVariation 2018Variation May
11Toyota Hilux20.6154.38515,1%5,6%
22Ford Ranger17.3383.6744,5%-9,7%
33Toyota Corolla15.3633.120-1,7%-1,3%
55Hyundai i3011.4332.7793,3%3,6%
66Mazda CX-510.7112.3822,6%3,7%
710Mitsubishi Triton9.8962.02610,6%16,0%
812Toyota RAV49.0802.0638,7%4,4%
914Volkswagen Golf8.5832.01722,3%27,6%
1015Nissan X-Trail8.3731.4767,9%-25,9%
117Hyundai Tucson8.2801.839-9,0%-13,9%
1213Mitsubishi ASX7.8462.02915,5%16,5%
1316Kia Cerato7.7471.843-1,7%6,2%
1422Toyota Prado7.5801.71213,4%5,7%
1511Holden Colorado7.1611.754-14,9%-8,8%
1619Mazda CX-36.9461.274-4,7%-17,4%
1718Hyundai Accent6.8411.2517,7%-7,5%
1840Honda CR-V6.8101.342169,4%162,1%
1921Nissan Navara6.8011.1020,1%-26,4%
2017Isuzu D-Max6.7821.67413,9%-4,5%
2120Mitsubishi Outlander6.2731.2756,4%-9,3%
229Toyota Camry6.1161.451-28,1%-35,0%
2337Subaru XV5.9311.223143,9%743,4%
2423Honda Civic5.91995323,7%-27,3%
2528Toyota Land Cruiser5.9181.36813,9%4,2%
2627Kia Sportage5.7991.2673,7%5,1%
2729Toyota Kluger5.7951.27128,0%11,0%
2824Mazda BT-505.7011.277-0,1%11,8%
2926Nissan Qashqai5.0151.0411,0%1,3%
3033Honda HR-V5.0039385,1%-8,8%
3195Hyundai Kona4.9861.192
3335Subaru Outback4.538903-10,0%-24,4%
3438Volkswagen Tiguan4.4971.1183,0%16,5%
3532Subaru Impreza4.294664-16,8%-40,3%
368Holden Commodore4.2251.040-52,5%-43,5%
3730Subaru Forester4.187812-22,6%-32,8%
3844Toyota Land Cruiser Ute3.9411.02822,1%24,8%
3936Toyota Yaris3.829861-20,5%-20,7%
4055Toyota C-HR3.682793113,9%65,6%
4125Holden Astra3.64942314,9%-49,3%
4234Mercedes C Class3.445745-28,6%-16,8%
4343Mazda CX-93.436661-7,7%-14,2%
4441Volkswagen Amarok3.414909-3,0%20,6%
4554Suzuki Swift3.36070094,6%79,9%
4645Isuzu MU-X3.32979629,0%27,4%
4751Honda Jazz3.31365914,4%-0,9%
4852Kia Rio2.80858016,3%-12,5%
4947Mitsubishi Pajero Sport2.754475-16,6%-14,1%
5046Hyundai Santa fe2.749520-27,3%-34,6%
5150Toyota Hiace Van2.712669-5,5%-2,0%
5248Mitsubishi Lancer2.661394-9,0%-41,5%
5357Kia Carnival2.59263013,0%2,3%
5463Mercedes GLC2.56158036,6%16,9%
5539Holden Captiva2.552370-39,2%-49,0%
56Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross2.535425
5774BMW X32.40052277,9%75,2%
5842Ford Mustang2.285267-39,4%-80,2%
5949Holden Trax2.284466-23,6%-4,5%
6067Ford Everest2.26542243,7%11,6%
6153Volkswagen Polo2.260286-16,4%-46,8%
6256Ford Focus2.207441-16,2%-6,0%
6358Suzuki Vitara2.104331-20,5%-42,6%
6465Mercedes A Class2.0602168,8%-33,7%
6564Ford Escape2.0483496,1%-35,0%
6682Kia Picanto2.01845067,7%106,4%
67Holden Equinox2.009428
6866Kia Sorento1.987436-2,0%-2,7%
6959Hyundai iLoad1.935522-27,7%-4,2%
7069Nissan Pathfinder1.895499-14,7%49,0%
7180Audi Q51.875381143,2%514,5%
7260Audi A31.862309-13,6%-44,7%
7362Jeep Grand Cherokee1.829426-11,6%-16,5%
7461Hyundai Elantra1.783435-24,7%18,9%
7583Mercedes GLA1.78038551,4%102,6%
7679Lexus NX1.65538322,1%25,2%
7773Holden Barina1.47928428,4%0,7%
7891Toyota Fortuner1.47536770,1%41,2%
7978Mercedes CLA1.413266-1,5%1,1%
8075BMW X11.366265-10,7%-13,4%
8171Mitsubishi Pajero1.309216-23,4%-31,6%
8285Renault Koleos1.29633611,4%-3,4%
8368Land Rover Discovery Sport1.272220-36,3%-19,4%
8594BMW 3 Series1.2221983,7%-25,0%
8677BMW X51.189299-19,4%-6,6%
8786Land Rover Range Rover Sport1.152242-16,0%15,8%
8887Mercedes GLE1.080237-17,6%-22,5%
89108BMW 1 Series1.07916317,3%-20,1%
9084Holden Trailblazer1.068203-16,5%-31,6%
91114Volvo XC601.05623762,2%42,8%
92103Mitsubishi Fuso Canter (LD)1.0551000,0%0,0%
93101Porsche Macan1.039155-7,4%-39,0%
9481Volkswagen Passat1.037214-27,1%-18,9%
95LDV T601.006241
9697Subaru WRX984176-0,4%-4,9%
97100Volkswagen Caddy95528712,0%13,0%
9896Audi Q7931188-19,2%-35,4%
99111Audi Q292413130,3%-37,9%
10088Ford Mondeo918167-33,6%-29,2%