Australia Best selling cars. The top 100 in the 2019

Australia Best selling cars in the 2019, updated with July figures, confirms the leadership of the two pick up made by Toyota and Ford, while the growing availability of the last generation allowed to the Toyota Corolla to take back a place in the podium, overtaking the Mazda3.


Australian best selling car ranking, updated at the end of July 2019, did not show surprise towards the usual ranking, with the market dominated by pick ups and sedan, with Toyota, Mazda and Ford on top of the list.

Looking at the year-to-date ranking, the leader is again the Toyota Hilux with 29.491 sales (-2.2%), followed by the Ford Ranger with 24.664 units (-1.6%) and the Toyota Corolla, which finally benefit from the new generation availability and is back on podium  with 18.263 (-16.0%), with July sales at 3.244 (+25.1%).

Sliding down from the podium, with July sales down 22%, the Mazda3 ranks in fourth place with 17.109 units (-12.4%).

In fifth place the Hyundai I30 with 16.628 units (-3.1%) ahead of the Mazda CX-5 with 16.116 (+0.2%) and the Mitsubishi Triton with 14.281 sales (-6.2%).

In eight place the Toyota RAV4 with 13.878 units (+1.9%) followed by the Kia Cerato with 13.096 units (+12.3%) and in 10th place  the Mitsubishi ASX with 12.024 units (+8.8%)


Market Outlook

After the moderate improvement of recent years, the Australian market is seen substantially flat in the period 2019-2025. Indeed, despite the market has lost steam during the last year, it is still expected to continue with a moderately positive tone, despite the 2019 outlook is not positive.

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Rank 2019Rank 2018ModelSales YTD July 2019Sales July 2019'+/- YTD 2019'+/-July 2019
11Toyota Hilux29.4913.359-2,2%-10,4%
22Ford Ranger24.6643.168-1,6%7,4%
33Toyota Corolla18.2633.244-16,0%25,1%
55Hyundai i3016.6282.252-3,1%3,4%
66Mazda CX-516.1162.1600,2%-3,3%
77Mitsubishi Triton14.2811.524-6,2%7,5%
88Toyota RAV413.8782.4191,9%30,5%
913Kia Cerato13.0961.72312,3%20,7%
1012Mitsubishi ASX12.0241.5898,8%37,7%
1114Toyota Prado11.4981.6207,4%13,0%
129Nissan X-Trail11.2081.516-7,6%-5,4%
1316Holden Colorado11.0131.317-0,5%-8,0%
1411Hyundai Tucson10.8511.478-7,8%-0,8%
1521Mitsubishi Outlander10.5581.18414,9%14,6%
1615Isuzu D-Max9.7471.247-6,6%-13,0%
1722Toyota Camry9.5381.5988,2%21,3%
1810Volkswagen Golf9.3131.074-26,8%-37,3%
1918Mazda CX-39.0411.285-10,0%4,2%
2030Subaru Forester8.6671.46149,9%147,2%
2126Toyota Land Cruiser8.4611.1631,4%9,1%
2219Honda CR-V8.430902-16,5%-14,7%
2324Kia Sportage8.2911.083-0,1%8,0%
2417Nissan Navara8.136985-14,3%-8,1%
2520Hyundai Accent7.636848-19,5%-24,4%
2631Hyundai Kona7.5741.23010,2%115,4%
2728Mazda BT-507.519946-6,6%2,8%
2832Honda HR-V7.449779-0,1%12,6%
2933Volkswagen Tiguan7.0329706,8%29,7%
3027Honda Civic6.529701-24,0%-23,6%
3123Toyota Kluger6.509816-26,1%-35,0%
3225Nissan Qashqai6.496802-22,8%-33,4%
3329Subaru XV6.105867-25,0%7,7%
3536Toyota Land Cruiser Ute5.676722-5,0%-13,7%
3654Mercedes C Class5.59374319,5%50,7%
3739Toyota Yaris5.574888-1,4%15,8%
3838Toyota C-HR5.4727540,8%-9,6%
3940Volkswagen Amarok4.885429-9,5%-41,5%
4042Isuzu MU-X4.811647-5,9%-11,1%
4135Subaru Outback4.725474-27,8%-44,4%
4245Suzuki Swift4.396404-11,2%-31,1%
4344Mazda CX-94.345681-14,4%-2,2%
4447Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross4.2474198,9%-42,0%
4552Mercedes GLC4.2226637,9%22,6%
4653Kia Rio4.019421-2,0%-6,2%
4755Mitsubishi Pajero Sport3.9743583,8%-16,4%
4851Kia Carnival3.9734325,1%-18,3%
4949Honda Jazz3.798381-16,0%6,4%
5043Holden Commodore3.711460-37,5%-17,4%
5146Hyundai Santa fe3.624456-17,3%-42,1%
5250Toyota Hiace Van3.487646-13,1%7,0%
5360Kia Picanto3.4563588,6%1,4%
5464Holden Equinox3.43442316,2%56,1%
5559Volkswagen Polo3.43043841,6%476,3%
5637Holden Astra3.252157-36,1%-73,3%
5758Ford Everest3.053462-2,6%29,8%
5870Mercedes A Class3.02837422,4%130,9%
5959Holden Trax2.954427-15,4%12,1%
6063Suzuki Vitara2.9363540,3%-3,3%
6157Tesla Model X2.88240022,6%-50,0%
6265BMW X32.843313-13,3%-4,0%
6356Ford Mustang2.704262-22,0%-52,0%
6441Subaru Impreza2.670549-55,0%-27,6%
6569Hyundai iLoad2.557371-3,6%38,4%
6674Ford Focus2.400253-23,7%-43,7%
6768Kia Sorento2.309326-18,4%-13,1%
6861Tesla Model S2.30040010,7%-24,2%
6966Ford Escape2.247231-24,6%-48,9%
7071Audi Q52.184269-8,4%68,1%
7148Mitsubishi Lancer2.16310-46,8%-98,6%
7267Audi A32.127204-20,7%-43,2%
73172MG 32.0433922737,5%2915,4%
74114MG ZS2.036284158,0%51,9%
7589BMW X51.99019817,7%-2,9%
7679Toyota Fortuner1.9732422,2%74,1%
7782LDV T601.92633522,6%24,1%
7888Volvo XC601.87020618,4%-20,2%
7978Lexus NX1.782248-26,5%-20,0%
8072Jeep Grand Cherokee1.768242-32,5%-26,2%
81118Volvo XC401.760241189,0%143,4%
83Holden Acadia1.694261
8475Hyundai Elantra1.685187-36,4%-49,5%
8583BMW 3 Series1.657253-12,8%-21,4%
8681Mitsubishi Pajero1.655120-13,4%-54,7%
87119Mazda CX-81.626205
8884BMW X11.577233-19,2%60,7%
8976Nissan Pathfinder1.543184-38,6%-14,4%
9073Mercedes GLA1.529124-38,4%-42,3%
9191Holden Trailblazer1.522221-2,2%13,9%
9297Land Rover Range Rover Sport1.51696-4,0%-39,6%
9393BMW 1 Series1.472234-5,6%4,5%
9487Land Rover Discovery Sport1.418154-23,1%-13,5%
9595Mitsubishi Fuso Canter (LD)1.3401850,0%0,0%
9699LDV G101.297191-1,6%5,5%
9798Volkswagen Caddy1.268181-7,5%24,0%
98110Audi Q21.2501435,8%12,6%
99109Porsche Macan1.245194-10,9%52,8%
100Ford Endura1.203219