Austria car industry – outlook

Automotive Industry            This country should be considered a satellite of German and is dominated by German Brands. The car production achieved its record volume in the 2006, with 274.000 vehicles, but then declined to a minimum of 72.334 in 2009, partially recovered in 2010 (104.314). However the country remains important for suppliers and R&D centers. The automotive industry is concentrated in 3 areas, the greater Vienna area and in the provinces of Styria and Upper Austria, where “clusters project” had been succesfully developed. Indeed, greater Vienna is hosting companies specialized in vehicle interiors and electronics, while Upper Austria province is focus on engine manufacturing, and Styria in manufacturing, with Magna Steyr in Graz that is building vehicles for Mercedes and BMW.

Automotive market              The car passenger industry in Austria was very stable in the period 1990-2009, between a minimum of 273.000 (in 19949 and a maximum of 320.000 (in 1992 and 2009). In 2010 the market reported a 2.9% increase over previous year, fixing a new record at 328.563 units and in 2011 it further grew at 356.145, + 8.4%, the best ever. 

Meantime the small Light Commercial Vehicle is remaining substantially stable. In 2011 was at 32.531 registrations, for a total light passengers market of 388.676 units.

In January 2012 the car passenger industry was 26.826, +4.9% on previous year, confirming to be one of the best in Europe. LCV at 2.352 was growing 9% over previous year.