Bahrain 2017. Toyota dominates in the crisis

Bahrain Auto Sales BMW-2-Series_Convertible-2018

Bahrain Auto Sales in 2017 have lost 23.2% despite the final year recovery. Consumer demand continue to be penalized by austerity measures and the non-oil sector growth has not balanced the lost in the oil sector. Toyota dominates.

Bahrain economy continues to grow at a moderate pace heading into 2018, with a marked contrast between the non-oil and oil sectors. The non-oil sector is fairly dynamic, boosted by growth in tourism and a strong investment pipeline spearheaded by the GCC Development Fund, while the oil sector remains hampered by OPEC production cuts, which were recently extended through 2018. Encouragingly, the Q4 business confidence index produced by the Information and eGovernment Authority remained in positive territory

Bahrain vehicles market ended in the 2015 a long positive period, hitting the all time record at 65.042 sales. However the economic crisis generated in the region by the fall of oil price in the international market have rapidly reduced the consumer’s demand and sales dropped to 49.800 in the 2016 and 38.260 in the 2017, down 23.2%.

  Sales 2012 Sales 2013 Sales 2014 Sales 2015 Sales 2016 Sales 2017 Sales 2018 e
Car+LCV 46.696 54.323 62.239 65.042 49.807 38.260 35.264

  2012 Var 2013 Var 2014 Var 2015 Var 2016 Var 2017 Var 2018 var e
Car+LCV 50,0% 16,3% 14,6% 4,5% -23,4% -23,2% -7,8%

At brand-wise, the market leader Toyota has lost in line with the industry with 14.225 sales (-28.1%). It was followed, at an abysmal distance,  by Nissan with 3.528 (-25.7%) and Hyundai with 3.245 sales (-18.7%).

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