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Bahrain September. Nissan shining in market moderately positive

Bahrain Auto Sales Nissan-Kicks_US-Version-2018

Bahrain Auto Sales have recovered, after bottoming out in the Q1, and is moderately positive with year to date September figures at 28.281 (+2.5%). The pull-ahead generated by the VAT introduction scheduled for January 2019 will support Q4 demand.

Economic Environment

Bahraini economy rebounded in Q2 chiefly on the back of the non-oil sector, while the oil economy only expanded at a meager rate. The external position remains a worry, however, despite a recovery in international reserves in August on higher oil prices. This should ease market fears over Bahrain’s ability to meet its debt repayments and reduce currency pressures.

Higher oil prices and the construction sector should buttress the economy in H2 and next year, while a financial assistance package from GCC neighbors should shore up weak public finances. However, fragile macroeconomic fundamentals remain a downside risk.

Market Trend

Bahrain vehicles market ended in the 2015 a long positive period, hitting the all time record at 65.042 sales. However the economic crisis generated in the region by the fall of oil price in the international market have rapidly reduced the consumer’s demand and sales dropped to 49.800 in the 2016 and 38.260 in the 2017, down 23.2%.

In the 2018 the new vehicles light vehicles market has stopped the fall. After a first quarter ended with a moderate decline at 9.841 sales (-2.5%), the market has shown a positive mood and year to date September sales were 28.281 (+2.9%) with a still positive outlook for the Q4. The introduction of VAT in January 2019 should create a pull-ahead effect untill December, but should penalize the start of the new year.

Market September Sales Sales Q3 Sales 2018 YTD Variation September Variation Q3 Variation 2018
Car+LCV 3.202 9.618 28.281 -1,5% 3,6% 2,9%

At brand-wise, the market leader Toyota has lost share selling 9.395 units (-9.9%) while the second, Nissan, boomed 45.8% at 3.178 units and the third, Hyundai reported heavy lost.

Research, Consulting, Data & Forecast

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