Bahrain Cars Market in 2014 hit the 4th all-time record in a row.

Bahrain Cars Market Toyota-Mirai_2016

Bahrain Cars Market in 2014 hit the 4th all-time record in a row outpacing the level of 60.000 units first time ever. Impressive was the Toyota performance with over 44% of market share.

In 2014 according to data collected by focus2move in the country, the total new Light Passengers Vehicles sold have been 60.024, the new All-Time record achieved with a spectacular jump of 12.2% from the previous year.

The last was the fourth all-time record in a string and for the time the market hit the 60.000 annual sales.

Bahrain’s economy continues to perform well, recording a 4.2% growth for the entire year of 2014, compared to 5.3% in 2013, albeit the decline of oil price.

Bahrain’s economy has strongly benefited from infrastructure development in 2014: strategic and vital projects relating to the infrastructure, energy and basic services, which were carried out during last year and were supported by the Gulf plan that amounted to $10 billion, in addition to the five-year government spend plan worth $22 billion, both of which played a vital role in the country growth last year.

The demand for vehicles benefit from this strong economic trend and the market grew as never before.
In the car market arena, all players took benefit with the leader,Toyota, having the rule of lion, growing in absolute more than any other, with annual sales at record volume of 26.455 units, up a tremendous 34.4% with market share boomed at 44.1%, up 7.3 points of share.

Nissan was second with 5.970 sales ahead of share Hyundai, Kia and Lexus.

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Rank 2014Rank 2013ModelSales 2014Sales 20132014 Y.o.Y. Var.Share 2014Share 2013
12Toyota Land Cruiser5.4954.35526,2%9,2%8,1%
21Toyota Prado5.1984.58213,4%8,7%8,6%
33Toyota Hilux4.8752.98863,2%8,1%5,6%
45Toyota Corolla2.3771.77334,0%4,0%3,3%
517Toyota Yaris2.071730183,8%3,5%1,4%
69Toyota Hiace1.6261.26628,5%2,7%2,4%
716Kia Sportage1.60480399,7%2,7%1,5%
86Hyundai Tucson1.4421.545-6,7%2,4%2,9%
915Hyundai Santa fe1.25880755,8%2,1%1,5%
1039Nissan Patrol1.040312233,7%1,7%0,6%
1119Lexus LX1.00971141,9%1,7%1,3%
1210Nissan Sunny9671.232-21,5%1,6%2,3%
1320Nissan Sentra96069438,4%1,6%1,3%
1413Honda Accord898950-5,4%1,5%1,8%
1514Toyota Camry889890-0,1%1,5%1,7%
1621Toyota RAV486966331,0%1,4%1,2%
178Nissan Altima8441.347-37,3%1,4%2,5%
1811Hyundai Accent7841.127-30,4%1,3%2,1%
1923Lexus ES74061220,8%1,2%1,1%
2012Hyundai Elantra702995-29,5%1,2%1,9%
2118Toyota Avalon681712-4,4%1,1%1,3%
2236Fuso Canter54732866,8%0,9%0,6%
2322Kia Rio541636-15,0%0,9%1,2%
2426Mitsubishi L20053444021,4%0,9%0,8%
2535Toyota Fortuner53333658,6%0,9%0,6%


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