Belgium car market in March 2014 was flat. See all brands ranking.

Belgium car market in March 2014.

Belgium car market in March 2014 was again weak and substantially flat from year ago. Indeed, accordingly with data released by FEBIAC, the Belgium Association of Car Manufacturers, in March 2014 the total passengers cars registered in Belgium have been 52.808, down 0.5% from last year.  First quarter ended with 148.532 sales, down 0.4%.

Volkswagen recovered the leadership lost in the previous month posting a superb performance with 5.852 sales and 10.2% of share. However, Volkswagen ended the quarter losing 1.0 points of share from full year 2013.

Renault was second with 5.607 sales recovering share at 9.8%, not enough to avoid a quarterly huge loss of 2.1 points of share, while Peugeot has lost the leadership taken in February and was back in third place with 4.619 sales and 8.0% of share, ending the quarter with a share increase of 0.6 points.

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