Belgium: Peugeot new car market leader In February 2014.

Accordingly with data released by FEBIAC, the Belgium Association of Car Manufacturers, in February 2014 the total passengers cars registered in Belgium were 46.140, up 1.6% from last year.  Year to date sales were 95.724, down 0.4%. Light Commercial Vehicles sales were 4.685, up 6.2% with YtD figures at 10.177, up 3.0% from last year.

As confirmed by Q4 2014 data, Belgium economy is out of the recession by over 9 months with a slow but progressive improvement of GDP and stable unemployment rate around 9%. The low inflation and the low interest rates would support a recovery in the domestic consumer’s good demand with benefit to the automotive sector and a positive 2014 performance for the domestic car market.


In February the market reported a new leader. Starting from the third place last year, Peugeot was the king thanks to a growing share at 9.4% while Volkswagen fell at 8.4%. However in the cumulate sales, the German was still ahead with a gap of 250 units.

Renault was third with 8.1% of share, up 0.4 points from the previous month, followed by Citroen, positive with 7.2% of share and  Opel fifth with 6.7% recovering 0.8 points from January.  BMW in sixth was the best premium brand with Audi 7th and Mercedes 11th.

In the interactive tables below you can sort thru the All brands ranking:

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(Source of Economic Tables is Moodys Analytics)

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