Best Selling Car in China. The top 100 of the 2017

Best Selling Car in China

Best Selling Car in China in the 2017 led again by the Chinese Wuling Hongguang fighting head-to-head with the Volkswagen Lavida for the final supremacy in this year. The new Baojun 510 landed in 6th place.

Chinese domestic vehicles market in the 2016 has finally reduced the growing speed, while achieving a mix on global market of 30%. The future evolution is clearly driven more by real solution regarding the two main issues created by the last decade market boom, pollution and traffic congestion. Chinese government has shifted its attention from total volume to engine mix and is progressively creating incentives to small and low emission vehicles, while supporting investment in the AFVs, mainly electric. In this direction, in January 2017 it has been increased the duties for vehicles with engines displacements over 1.6 liter (from 5% to 7.5%). During the 2017, according to the data released by the C.A.A.M., (China Association of Automobile Manufacturersnew light vehicles sales have been 28.2 million, up 0.9%.

As far as regard the ranking of best-selling cars in the 2017, the leader unchanged from the previous year, albeit all models on podium are losing volume compared with the previous year.

Leader is an MPV, the Wuling Hongguang, with 532.000 sales (-18.1%). It is produced since September 2010 by SAIC-GM-Wuling, the joint venture of Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation, Liuzhou Wuling Motors Co and GM China.

In second place again the Volkswagen Lavida with 517.000 units (-5.7%). This is a four door compact saloon manufactured by Shanghai Volkswagen Automotive for the Chinese market since 2008 with the current second generation on sales since 2012. A “mature” vehicles in a quite innovative market.

In third place the Haval H6, a compact sport utility vehicle (SUV) produced by the Chinese manufacturer Great Wall Motors since 2011, with 505.000 (-12.9%).

In fourth place the Buick Excelle, (including the GT), with 421.000 units followed by the Nissan Sylphy, up 2 spots,  with 404.000 (+10.0%), the new Baojun 510 with 358.000 units and the Volkswagen Tiguan, up 11 spots, with 340.000 sales (+40.4%).

In eight place the GAG Trumpchi GS4, up 3 spots, with 337.000 (+3.2%) ahead of the Toyota Corolla with 336.000 (-5.1%) and in 10th place the Volkswagen Sagitar with 327.000 units (-4.2%).

Rank 2017Rank 2016 Sales 2017Sales 2016Variation 2017
11Wuling Hongguang532.394650.018-18,1%
23Volkswagen Lavida517.255548.321-5,7%
32Haval H6505.944580.683-12,9%
469Buick Excelle421.296105.033301,1%
57Nissan Sylphy404.726367.97910,0%
6Baojun 510358.877
716Volkswagen Tiguan340.032242.16040,4%
811GAC Trumpchi GS4337.330326.9063,2%
98Toyota Corolla336.763354.702-5,1%
1010Volkswagen Sagitar327.062341.331-4,2%
119Volkswagen Jetta317.367348.437-8,9%
1213Volkswagen Santana287.334318.340-9,7%
1365Geely Boyue286.163109.209162,0%
1414Ford Escort285.029296.867-4,0%
154Hyundai Elantra280.184410.997-31,8%
166Baojun 730275.227370.169-25,6%
1718Geely Emgrand EC7259.418223.78115,9%
1819Volkswagen Bora248.665222.27911,9%
1921ChangAn CS75239.880209.35314,6%
2015Buick Envision236.229275.383-14,2%
2183Roewe RX5234.41890.033160,4%
22138Baojun 310219.72750.021339,3%
2333Volkswagen Magotan216.303171.28626,3%
2423Haval H2214.697196.9269,0%
25137Chevrolet Cavalier189.45950.786273,1%
2630Buick Verano185.326177.2024,6%
2727Nissan X-Trail184.612180.2022,4%
2820Honda CR-V181.177216.805-16,4%
2990Dongfeng Fengguang 580176.30986.658103,5%
3028Volkswagen Polo174.691180.138-3,0%
3184Honda Civic173.86590.01493,2%
3237Toyota Levin172.871159.0718,7%
3317Ford Focus172.126225.924-23,8%
3436Honda XR-V167.952161.7113,9%
3526Volkswagen Passat160.324188.214-14,8%
3646Nissan Qashqai156.322139.68411,9%
3712Baojun 560151.915321.555-52,8%
3829Volkswagen Golf150.695178.791-15,7%
39128Geely Emgrand GS150.48460.521148,6%
4050Honda Accord150.365136.24510,4%
4132Changan CS35150.252172.712-13,0%
4244Volkswagen Lamando147.059143.1452,7%
4335Honda Vezel146.906164.076-10,5%
44101Buick GL8145.85379.60483,2%
4548Geely Vision145.005137.6875,3%
4651Audi A6L143.699135.7305,9%
4824Kia K3139.107193.408-28,1%
4954Chery Arrizo 5/5e136.136128.8755,6%
5042Hyundai Mistra134.437148.254-9,3%
5131Hyundai Tucson134.252176.698-24,0%
5239Skoda Octavia130.523155.098-15,8%
5368Mercedes C Class L129.258105.40022,6%
5447Hyundai Verna128.940137.822-6,4%
5560Toyota RAV4128.545116.38910,4%
56139Geely Vision SUV126.99949.447156,8%
57168Jeep Compass124.20437.455231,6%
5891Chevrolet Malibu124.18885.18045,8%
59197Geely Emgrand GL124.10930.037313,2%
6045Chevrolet Sail123.760140.283-11,8%
6152BYD F3123.590130.114-5,0%
6278BMW 3 Series L123.20696.92127,1%
6353Audi Q5122.324129.453-5,5%
6443BMW 5 Series L120.320143.779-16,3%
6577Audi A4L116.45997.42119,5%
66130Mercedes E Class L113.43157.43997,5%
6781Nissan Teana113.28290.27925,5%
6871Ford Mondeo112.158103.2748,6%
69Mercedes GLC111.805
7062Honda Fit111.752113.597-1,6%
7155Ford Edge108.525123.690-12,3%
72336Soueast DX3103.1738.5351108,8%
7379Toyota Highlander100.24492.0009,0%
74190Mitsubishi Outlander99.77731.724214,5%
7598Buick LaCrosse99.60980.96623,0%
7687Honda Crider98.93087.39913,2%
77115Dongfeng Joyear SUV97.41870.63937,9%
7838Changan Eado95.504156.372-38,9%
7996Toyota Prado94.70882.33015,0%
8059Toyota Vios93.626117.041-20,0%
8161Ford Kuga92.455115.083-19,7%
82328GAC Trumpchi GS891.7169.006918,4%
8399ChangAn CX7091.67680.63613,7%
8476BAIC Huansu S391.41098.377-7,1%
85132BMW X190.57454.90065,0%
86171Hawtai Shengdafei88.02537.022137,8%
8741Chana Honor86.447152.607-43,4%
88321Honda Avancier86.0569.456810,1%
8985Audi Q384.70588.901-4,7%
9095Leopaard CS1084.60482.6802,3%
9125Chevrolet Cruze82.836189.106-56,2%
9292Audi A382.73584.784-2,4%
9357Chery Tiggo 3/3x80.319118.414-32,2%
94Changan CS5579.678
95160Nissan Tiida78.71240.32095,2%
96302BAIC EC 18078.07911.168599,1%
97113Mercedes GLA77.91270.9299,8%
9875BYD Song77.527100.042-22,5%
9966Jeep Cherokee77.108108.314-28,8%
10034Dongfeng Fengguang 330/37077.022168.673-54,3%