Best selling Cars in Spain in first half 2014 ranking leaded by Seat Ibiza and Leon.

Best selling Cars in Spain

Best selling Cars in Spain in first half 2014 ranking leaded by Seat Ibiza and Leon. Thanks to the sparkling demand many models have reported robust double digit performance. The surprise arrived from Ford Focus back in top ten

In June 2014 accordingly with data released by ANIACAM, the Spanish Associations of Car Manufacturers, total new Car Passengers sold have been 90.265, gaining 23.9% from year ago. First Half sales have 455.050, up 17.7% from correspondent period last year.

As far as top models concern, the Spanish market leader remained the city car Seat Ibiza retailing 16.538 units, up 20.8% from the correspondent period last year, keeping a little margin over the first challenger, the new Seat Leon, that placed 15.626 sales scoring an increase of 37.5%. In third place with an 11% increase there was the Opel Corsa with 14.866 units.

Volkswagen held the next two places with Polo at 13.418 (up 15.6%) and Golf at 12.570 (up 24.6%) followed by the emerging Dacia Sandero with 10.507 (up 46.4%).

Despite in the rest of Europe is gaining terrain any day, Renault Clio has lost 2.8% of sales and 2 spots from 2013 ranking in 7th place with 10.425 sales.

Renault Megane ranked 8th with 10.413 units ahead of an amazing Ford Focus surged in 9th place, up 7 spots from 2013 with 9.139 units and up 51.4% from year ago.

In the “raising stars” category must be mentioned the Toyota Auris (16th with 6.766 and up 46%), the Volkswagen Tiguan (18th with 6.301 and up 89%), the Citroen C3 (21st with 5.919 and up 54%), the Fiat 500 (22nd with 5.756 units and up 66%) and the Renault Captur (23rd with 5.294 and up 476%).

In the interactive tables below you can sort thru the 100 Best selling Cars in Spain in first half 2014:

Rank I HalfRank 2013ModelI Half 2014I Half Var.Share I HalfShare 2013
11Seat Ibiza16.53820,8%3,0%3,2%
26Seat Leon15.62637,5%3,3%2,7%
34Opel Corsa14.86611,3%4,4%2,8%
43Volkswagen Polo13.41815,6%3,3%2,8%
57Volkswagen Golf12.57024,6%1,8%2,7%
610Dacia Sandero10.50746,4%2,1%2,1%
75Renault Clio10.425-2,8%3,7%2,8%
89Renault Megane10.4139,6%4,3%2,2%
916Ford Focus9.13951,4%2,4%1,6%
108Peugeot 2089.028-13,1%1,6%2,2%
112Nissan Qashqai8.623-23,3%1,5%2,8%
1211Opel Astra8.231-3,3%1,4%2,1%
1313Ford Fiesta8.1247,7%1,8%1,8%
1412Peugeot 3087.93814,4%1,7%2,0%
1514Citroen C47.4838,9%1,3%1,8%
1615Toyota Auris6.76646,8%1,2%1,6%
1717Citroen C4 Picasso6.64813,1%1,7%1,5%
1825Volkswagen Tiguan6.30189,4%1,0%1,1%
1921Audi A36.19413,7%1,2%1,2%
2018Ford C-max5.9889,8%1,5%1,4%
2123Citroen C35.91954,8%1,0%1,1%
2239Fiat 5005.75666,3%1,4%0,8%
2346Renault Captur5.294476,7%1,8%0,7%
2424Kia Sportage5.26835,4%1,4%1,1%
2520Nissan Juke5.265-2,9%0,8%1,3%
2632Audi A15.11815,0%1,2%1,0%
2722Hyundai ix354.94117,4%1,2%1,2%
2835Peugeot 30084.92124,8%1,3%0,9%
2919Hyundai i304.823-15,4%0,8%1,3%
3037Dacia Duster4.67765,1%1,3%0,9%
3126Toyota Yaris4.51027,2%1,0%1,1%
3227BMW 1 Series4.467-6,8%1,0%1,0%
3342Fiat Panda4.43822,1%1,1%0,7%
3458Fiat 500L4.406140,9%1,4%0,5%
3528BMW 3 Series4.2252,7%0,8%1,0%
3629Renault Scenic4.1952,5%1,7%1,0%
3734Opel Insignia4.12930,9%0,7%0,9%
3867Peugeot 20083.970154,3%0,8%0,4%
3930Kia Cee’d3.8142,5%0,9%1,0%
4036Audi A43.677-3,1%0,7%0,9%
4133Mercedes A Class3.434-7,8%0,7%1,0%
4250Volkswagen Touran3.33532,9%0,7%0,7%
4374Opel Zafira3.26795,6%0,9%0,4%
4438Volkswagen Passat3.2423,8%0,7%0,8%
4531Seat Altea3.187-19,4%0,6%1,0%
4648Skoda Fabia3.07113,7%0,5%0,7%
4741Peugeot 50082.974-3,2%0,6%0,8%
4851Land Rover Range Rover Evoque2.91314,1%0,6%0,7%
4953Mercedes C Class2.83512,7%0,7%0,6%
5054Audi Q32.82619,8%0,6%0,6%
51111Nissan Note2.780712,9%0,8%0,2%
5256Hyundai i202.73912,7%0,3%0,6%
5340Toyota Verso2.7293,7%0,6%0,8%
5443Ford Kuga2.665-2,0%0,6%0,7%
5545Peugeot 2072.59413,9%0,5%0,7%
5669Opel Mokka2.56575,8%0,4%0,4%
5757BMW X12.52221,4%0,4%0,6%
5849Mercedes B Class2.509-16,8%0,4%0,7%
5966Honda CR-V2.49591,3%0,5%0,4%
60104Hyundai i102.384201,4%0,4%0,2%
6159Skoda Octavia2.37337,4%0,6%0,5%
6293Kia Carens2.371461,8%0,5%0,3%
6364Toyota RAV42.34557,0%0,4%0,4%
6497Opel Meriva2.32092,1%0,6%0,3%
6568Mini Countryman2.27925,0%0,4%0,4%
6677Mazda CX-52.25980,9%0,6%0,4%
6861Kia Rio2.23147,8%0,5%0,5%
6970Citroen C3 Picasso2.19716,6%0,2%0,4%
7094Ford KA2.135138,3%0,6%0,3%
7184Nissan Micra2.03078,9%0,2%0,3%
7244Peugeot 5081.977-33,0%0,4%0,7%
7362Audi Q51.950-5,2%0,3%0,5%
74180Skoda Spaceback1.9481248,1%0,4%0,0%
7571Volvo V401.93329,7%0,5%0,4%
7663Citroen C-Elysee1.9051,8%0,2%0,5%
7765Toyota Aygo1.870-12,3%0,3%0,4%
7852Seat Toledo1.625-45,1%0,2%0,6%
7981Mercedes CLA Class1.61126,7%0,3%0,4%
8086Smart Fortwo1.5892,6%0,1%0,3%
8078BMW 5 Series1.5894,1%0,3%0,4%
81110Dacia Logan1.559216,9%0,4%0,2%
8273BMW X31.558-0,5%0,2%0,4%
8382Opel Zafira Tourer1.54213,0%0,3%0,4%
8479Mitsubishi ASX1.53226,9%0,3%0,4%
8576Honda Civic1.400-4,2%0,4%0,4%
8660Fiat Punto1.373-12,4%0,3%0,5%
8783Alfa Romeo Giulietta1.3311,1%0,3%0,3%
8880Dacia Lodgy1.315-0,3%0,3%0,4%
8975Hyundai ix201.312-1,1%0,2%0,4%
90121Lancia Ypsilon1.279134,7%0,4%0,1%
91102Citroen DS41.20645,8%0,2%0,2%
9290Volvo XC601.19333,7%0,1%0,3%
9395Audi A61.13111,0%0,2%0,3%
94100Mercedes E Class1.12549,4%0,2%0,2%
95107Ford S-max1.12072,8%0,2%0,2%
96103Skoda Yeti1.10817,1%0,2%0,2%
97273Mercedes GLA Class1.0980,5%0,0%
98114Seat Alhambra1.08473,7%0,3%0,2%
9985Hyundai i401.073-12,6%0,2%0,3%