Best selling Cars in USA in first half 2014 ranking lead by Ford F-Series.

Best selling Cars in USA

Best selling Cars in USA in first half 2014 ranking leaded by Ford F-Series while Subaru Forester was the fastest growing model in the top 100. Honda CR-V was the best-selling SUV in USA like in Europe. In this report statistics on top 100 models.

In June 2014 accordingly with data released by GoodCarBadCar total new Light Passengers Vehicles sold have been 1.421.963, up 1.3% from year ago. First Half sales have been 8.164.952, up 4.4% from year ago.

As far as top models concern, the US Auto market leader was again a pick-up, the Ford F-Series with 365.825 sales, flat from 2013 volumes, keeping a large margin over the first challenger, the Chevrolet Silverado that placed 240.669 almost stable on the correspondent period last year. In third place with a 7.3% increase there was the Honda Camry, first car in the market with 222.540 units.

Ram pick-up followed with 203.860 sales improving 19.7% from 2013. In fifth place there was the Honda Accord with 183.933 sales (down 1.6% from last year) just few units better than Nissan Altima at 176.453 (up 5.2%) and Toyota Corolla (at 174.354, up 9.7%).

Honda Civic in 8th place sold 167.097 units (+5.3%) followed by Ford Fusion at 165.498 (+2.7%) and Honda CR-V, tenth with 154.692 (+6.1%).

Honda CR-V in Q1 2014 was the best-selling SUV both in US and Europe!

In the “raising stars” category must be mentioned the Ford Explorer (15th with 117.381, +23.2%), the Nissan Rogue (21st with 99.302, +25%), the Nissan Sentra (in 22nd  with 93.898 units, +41.2%), the Subaru Forester (32nd with 74.400, +46%), the Hyundai Santa Fe (46th with 52.005, +26%), the Mazda CX-5 51st with 50.275, +32%) and the Toyota 4Runner (69th with 35.293, +38.8%).

In the interactive tables below you can sort thru the 100 Best selling Cars in USA in first half 2014:

Rank I HalfRank 2013ModelI Half 2014I Half Var.Share I HalfShare 2013
11Ford F-Series365.825-0,5%4,3%4,9%
22Chevrolet Silverado240.669-0,8%3,1%3,1%
33Toyota Camry222.5407,2%2,9%2,6%
45Ram pick-up203.86019,7%2,3%2,3%
54Honda Accord183.932-1,6%2,3%2,3%
67Nissan Altima176.4535,2%1,8%2,1%
79Toyota Corolla174.3549,7%2,2%1,9%
86Honda Civic167.0975,3%2,3%2,2%
911Ford Fusion165.4982,7%1,9%1,9%
108Honda CR-V154.6926,1%1,8%2,0%
1110Ford Escape152.890-2,4%1,8%1,9%
1212Chevrolet Cruze145.3388,7%1,8%1,6%
1315Ford Focus120.956-10,3%1,8%1,5%
1414Chevrolet Equinox120.831-4,4%1,5%1,5%
1521Ford Explorer117.38123,2%1,2%1,2%
1617Toyota RAV4116.95215,5%1,5%1,4%
1713Hyundai Elantra112.497-10,9%1,2%1,6%
1818Hyundai Sonata106.3473,2%1,8%1,3%
1916Toyota Prius105.360-12,4%1,3%1,5%
2019Chevrolet Malibu103.505-6,8%1,1%1,3%
2124Nissan Rogue99.30225,6%1,1%1,0%
2229Nissan Sentra93.89841,3%1,2%0,8%
2320GMC Sierra93.1916,3%1,1%1,2%
2422Jeep Grand Cherokee89.61310,9%1,1%1,1%
2528Jeep Wrangler85.73710,3%1,2%1,0%
2627Kia Optima82.813-0,8%1,0%1,0%
27130Jeep Cherokee80.4320,9%0,2%
2826Chevrolet Impala78.499-5,9%1,0%1,0%
2923Volkswagen Jetta76.307-6,1%0,9%1,1%
3025Toyota Tacoma75.149-7,4%0,9%1,0%
3141Kia Soul74.99919,0%0,9%0,8%
3235Subaru Forester74.40046,6%0,9%0,8%
3332Toyota Highlander72.13816,8%0,8%0,8%
3434Dodge Grand Caravan72.06621,2%0,9%0,8%
3538Chrysler Town & Country69.87617,7%0,9%0,8%
3643Nissan Versa67.9406,6%0,8%0,8%
3736Ford Econoline66.9051,4%0,8%0,8%
3831Honda Odyssey63.297-4,8%0,8%0,8%
3942Subaru Outback62.7552,4%0,8%0,8%
4039Toyota Sienna62.291-0,4%0,8%0,8%
4130Ford Edge61.068-11,5%0,7%0,8%
4244Toyota Tundra57.98712,5%0,6%0,7%
4340BMW 3 Series56.65715,2%0,8%0,8%
4551Chevrolet Traverse52.053-2,3%0,7%0,6%
4654Hyundai Santa fe52.00526,4%0,6%0,6%
4746Kia Sorento51.921-2,7%0,7%0,7%
4849GMC Terrain50.6870,0%0,6%0,6%
4933Honda Pilot50.680-19,4%0,7%0,8%
5057Chevrolet Sonic50.39012,2%0,7%0,5%
5162Mazda CX-550.27532,1%0,6%0,5%
5245Volkswagen Passat49.775-11,3%0,5%0,7%
5350Dodge Charger49.767-4,3%0,6%0,6%
5448Lexus RX47.2643,2%0,6%0,7%
5558Dodge Journey47.15111,1%0,5%0,5%
5661Chevrolet Camaro46.67210,3%0,5%0,5%
5759Chevrolet Tahoe45.83812,2%0,8%0,5%
5837Chrysler 20045.178-39,8%0,5%0,8%
5965Subaru Impreza44.33413,4%0,5%0,5%
6064Ford Mustang44.2312,6%0,5%0,5%
6166Jeep Patriot43.92815,3%0,5%0,5%
6253GMC Acadia41.170-11,4%0,6%0,6%
6352Dodge Avenger40.463-33,7%0,4%0,6%
6455Nissan Pathfinder39.964-14,1%0,4%0,6%
6563Chevrolet Express39.514-2,7%0,6%0,5%
6660Dodge Dart37.967-15,5%0,5%0,5%
6772Kia Forte37.95110,5%0,4%0,4%
6873Nissan Frontier35.94322,6%0,4%0,4%
6985Toyota 4Runner35.29338,8%0,4%0,3%
7068Ford Fiesta35.081-8,1%0,5%0,5%
7170Mercedes E Class34.60522,6%0,5%0,4%
7271Ford Taurus34.414-8,1%0,5%0,4%
7376Hyundai Accent34.26416,3%0,4%0,4%
7481Subaru XV Crosstrek33.76534,6%0,4%0,3%
7567Lexus ES33.170-1,0%0,4%0,5%
7684Jeep Compass33.09223,6%0,4%0,3%
7756Mercedes C Class33.034-28,0%0,4%0,6%
7874Dodge Durango32.87516,1%0,4%0,4%
7969Toyota Avalon32.031-14,5%0,4%0,5%
8083Acura MDX30.66468,4%0,3%0,3%
8175Buick Enclave30.142-5,3%0,4%0,4%
8289Chevrolet Captiva29.34618,5%0,3%0,3%
8379Cadillac SRX28.86420,3%0,3%0,4%
8478BMW 5 Series27.6176,7%0,6%0,4%
8686Dodge Challenger26.281-12,3%0,3%0,3%
8777Chrysler 30026.014-11,7%0,3%0,4%
88107Nissan Juke25.76144,9%0,2%0,2%
8988Buick LaCrosse25.2803,3%0,4%0,3%
9098Hyundai Tucson24.3369,6%0,3%0,3%
91119Buick Encore23.65793,1%0,3%0,2%
92111Lexus IS23.573118,6%0,3%0,2%
9387Chevrolet Suburban23.5718,8%0,5%0,3%
9480Nissan Maxima23.451-0,9%0,2%0,3%
95102BMW X522.4384,6%0,3%0,3%
9691Acura RDX22.3490,7%0,2%0,3%
97112Chevrolet Spark22.29926,8%0,3%0,2%
98104Ford Expedition22.09924,6%0,3%0,2%
9990Buick Verano22.090-5,7%0,3%0,3%
10082Honda Fit21.824-14,6%0,3%0,3%