Best Selling Cars Models in China. The top 100 of the 2018

Best Selling Car in China

Best Selling Cars Models in China in 2018 were under the leadership of the Volkswagen Lavida, which was corroborated by the June’ launch of last generation allowing to take distance from all other competitors. Impressive performance scored by the Nissan Sylphy, gaining the second position.

In the 2018 the Chinese vehicles market has progressively lost steam, following the deceleration of the domestic consumer demand. Indeed, after a positive start, the market has performed negatively during the second half of the year, ending with sales down 3.7%. The market has interrupted the positive trend of recent years losing for the first time since ’90s and closing the 2018 with 27.5 million units sold.

As far as regard the ranking of best-selling cars, thanks to a very strong score in June (+25.8%) and July (+34%) with the arrival of the last generation, the Volkswagen Lavida is back on top of the list (as in the 2016), with 503.825 sales (-2.6%).

In second place the Nissan Sylphy with 481.216 (+18.6%), which gained this place in August for the very first time.

In third place the 2017 leader, the Wuling Hongguang, with 476.538 sales (-10.5%). This is a MPV produced since September 2010 by SAIC-GM-Wuling, the joint venture of Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation, Liuzhou Wuling Motors Co and GM China.

In fourth place the Haval H6, a compact sport utility vehicle (SUV) produced by the Chinese manufacturer Great Wall Motors since 2011, with 452.552 sales (-10.6%).

In fifth place the Toyota Corolla with 374.400 sales (+11.2%) followed by the Baojun 510 with 361.403 sales (+0.7%), the Volkswagen Jetta with 327.685 (+3.2%), the Volkswagen Sagitar, up 3 spots, with 309.902 (-5.2%), the Volkswagen Tiguan with 307.896 (-11.4%) and in 10th place the Hyundai Elantra with 284.284 (+1.5%).

Research, Consulting, Data & Forecast

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Rank 2018Rank 2017ModelSales 2018Sales 2017'+/- 2018
12Volkswagen Lavida503.825517.255-2,6%
25Nissan Sylphy481.216404.72618,9%
31Wuling Hongguang476.538532.394-10,5%
43Haval H6452.552505.944-10,6%
59Toyota Corolla374.400336.76311,2%
66Baojun 510361.403358.8770,7%
711Volkswagen Jetta327.685317.6373,2%
810Volkswagen Sagitar309.902327.062-5,2%
97Volkswagen Tiguan307.896347.328-11,4%
1016Hyundai Elantra284.284280.1841,5%
1113Volkswagen Santana276.411287.334-3,8%
1219Wuling Mini Truck270.410255.2375,9%
13775Buick Excelle GT261.920
1414Geely Boyue255.695286.163-10,6%
1512Foton Light Truck252.787294.127-14,1%
1627Chevrolet Cavalier252.108189.45933,1%
178GAC Trumpchi GS4250.605337.330-25,7%
1818Geely Emgrand EC7246.998259.418-4,8%
1920Volkswagen Bora245.818248.665-1,1%
2025Volkswagen Magotan228.990216.3035,9%
2123Roewe RX5224.819234.418-4,1%
2233Honda Civic218.132173.86525,5%
2329Nissan X-Trail207.951184.61212,6%
2441Chana Light Truck207.439154.52134,2%
2522Buick Envision201.776236.229-14,6%
2635Wuling Hongguang V196.315172.35613,9%
2734Toyota Levin192.697172.87111,5%
2828Buick Verano192.174185.3263,7%
2937Jac Light Truck180.023169.4526,2%
3039Volkswagen Passat179.028160.32411,7%
3145Honda Accord176.769150.36517,6%
3240Nissan Qashqai175.045156.32212,0%
3338Honda XR-V168.250167.9520,2%
3471Audi A4167.923116.45944,2%
35108Changan CS55165.36179.678107,5%
3655Mercedes C Class164.014136.03620,6%
37115Toyota Camry163.04675.237116,7%
3844Geely Emgrand GS157.638150.4844,8%
3962BMW 5 Series156.638124.68325,6%
4066Chevrolet Sail154.141123.76024,5%
4151Audi A6153.273143.6996,7%
4224Baojun 310151.663219.727-31,0%
4315Ford Escort150.360285.029-47,2%
4464Geely Emgrand GL148.466124.10919,6%
4549Buick GL8144.308145.853-1,1%
4660Toyota RAV4144.049128.54512,1%
4750Geely Vision143.851145.005-0,8%
4830Honda CR-V143.689181.178-20,7%
4948Honda Vezel141.600146.906-3,6%
5070Mercedes E Class141.227116.77520,9%
51218BYD Song MAX141.06830.390364,2%
5243Volkswagen Golf140.599151.160-7,0%
5332Volkswagen Polo140.442174.691-19,6%
5421Changan CS75140.293239.880-41,5%
55202Hyundai ix35139.65935.087298,0%
5647Volkswagen Lamando134.746147.059-8,4%
5768BMW 3 Series134.479123.2069,1%
5846Changan CS35131.833150.252-12,3%
5963Chevrolet Malibu129.458124.1884,2%
6075Honda Fit129.179111.75215,6%
6165Audi Q5124.549124.0570,4%
6374Mercedes GLC118.350111.8055,9%
64214Geely Vision X3116.94431.233274,4%
65776Baojun 530116.324-
6669Dongfeng Light Truck113.976122.976-7,3%
6761Geely Vision SUV113.309126.999-10,8%
6884Honda Crider113.10898.93014,3%
6972Nissan Teana112.694113.282-0,5%
70124MG ZS112.15970.16459,9%
7186CNHTC Light Truck111.82495.07017,6%
7217Baojun 730111.507275.227-59,5%
7331Dongfeng Fengguang 580111.003176.309-37,0%
7426Haval H2106.120214.697-50,6%
75776Baojun 360106.099-
7658Skoda Octavia105.673130.523-19,0%
77100Mitsubishi Outlander105.64084.72024,7%
7882Toyota Highlander104.856100.2444,6%
7976Sichuan South Chun Mini Truck101.851108.872-6,4%
8094Great Wall Wingle 5101.53988.13115,2%
81136Buick Regal100.37861.61962,9%
8256Hyundai Mistra99.118134.437-26,3%
8392BMW X198.47190.5848,7%
8454Chery Arrizo 5/5e96.401136.136-29,2%
85105Wuling Sunshine95.67282.88615,4%
86430MG 695.0678.4091030,5%
87107Chery Tiggo 3/3x95.06280.31918,4%
88103Audi A392.62383.57510,8%
89112BAIC EC-Series90.63778.07916,1%
90468Lynk & Co 0189.4056.0121387,1%
91308GAC Trumpchi GS389.31018.241389,6%
92208Kia Sportage89.05332.514173,9%
93116Volkswagen Teramont86.18275.11414,7%
94104Dongfeng K Series Mini Truck85.95682.9143,7%
9581BYD Song84.327101.037-16,5%
9680JMC Light Truck82.251101.877-19,3%
97132Cadillac XT582.11163.58829,1%
9888Changan Eado80.92692.504-12,5%
9999Honda Avancier80.84786.056-6,1%
10053Kia K377.920139.107-44,0%