Best Selling Cars Models in China. The top 100 of the 2019

Best Selling Car in China

Best Selling Cars Models in China in 2019 were under the leadership of the Volkswagen Lavida, which however, is still falling in double-digits. The Nissan Sylphy holds the second place while the Buick Excelle GT scores an outstanding performance.


In the 2018 the Chinese vehicles market has progressively lost steam, following the deceleration of the domestic consumer demand. Indeed, after a positive start, the market has performed negatively during the second half of the year, ending with sales down 3.7%. The market has interrupted the positive trend of recent years losing for the first time since ’90s and closing the 2018 with 27.5 million units sold.

The 2019 kept declining in January – the 7th month in a row – signing the third consecutive double-digit drop, with sales at 2.332.165 (-16.3%). February were down again signing -17.6% and 1.421.311 units.

In March, the market dropped down in double-digit (-13.7%) with 2.309.609 units, leading to year-to-date registrations at 6.082.005 (-15.4%).

The market shows no improvements (-15.6%) in April, with 1.855.118 units, and in May with 1.683.264 sales (-24.9%). In June, sales kept the same tone, losing 19% – with 1.795.655 units – leading year-to-date figures at 11.420.982 (-17.5%).


Market Outlook

After the recent years’ decline, the Chinese market is expected to recover over the 2019-2025 period of time. Indeed, on the economic front, fiscal and monetary easing are expected to cushion the economy against any sharp slowdown, while a further deterioration in relations between China and the U.S. is the main downside risk.

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Competitive Arena

As far as regard the year-to-date ranking of best-selling cars, the Volkswagen Lavida is back on top of the list (as in the 2016), with 250.252 sales (+3.7%).

In second place the Nissan Sylphy, a compact sport utility vehicle (SUV) produced by the Chinese manufacturer Great Wall Motors since 2011, with 212.227 sales (+0.8%).

In third place the Haval H6 with 182.513 (-16.5%) ahead of the Wuling Hongguang, with 179.408 sales (-25.3%). This is a MPV produced since September 2010 by SAIC-GM-Wuling, the joint venture of Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation, Liuzhou Wuling Motors Co and GM China.

In fifth place the Toyota Corolla with 177.815 sales (-7.4%) followed by the Buick Excelle GT with 152.119 sales (+32.3%), the Foton Light Truck with 138.145, the Wuling Mini Truck with 137.077, the Volkswagen Bora with 136.188 (+2.3%) and in 10th place the Volkswagen Tiguan with 117.436(-21.8%).

Rank 2019Rank 2018ModelsSales YTD 2019Sales June'+/- June'+/- YTD 2019
11Volkswagen Lavida250.25234.330-23,0%3,7%
22Nissan Sylphy212.22733.969-22,1%0,8%
34Haval H6182.51327.0522,9%-16,5%
43Wuling Hongguang179.40818.777-27,8%-25,3%
55Toyota Corolla177.81528.527-11,5%-7,4%
613Buick Excelle GT152.11924.973107,8%32,3%
715Foton Light Truck138.14525.9660,0%0,0%
812Wuling Mini Truck137.07720.0000,0%0,0%
919Volkswagen Bora136.18826.64329,4%2,3%
109Volkswagen Tiguan117.43627.53644,0%-21,8%
1124Chana Light Truck116.15817.8550,0%0,0%
1211Volkswagen Santana115.11019.235-35,1%-21,5%
138Volkswagen Sagitar115.05817.632-25,1%-26,5%
1422Honda Civic113.90825.64155,0%17,4%
1531Honda Accord111.96819.54935,4%57,3%
1629Jac Light Truck111.31217.7650,0%0,0%
1714Geely Boyue109.71413.786-38,0%-21,1%
1823Nissan X-Trail103.49120.6738,8%6,0%
197Volkswagen Jetta98.2256.188-77,1%-31,1%
20131Roewe Ei596.70910.889133,6%890,1%
2118Geely Emgrand EC794.137--100,0%-26,5%
2248Honda CR-V92.21121.225102,7%88,1%
2327Toyota Levin92.16613.895-17,1%6,5%
2430Volkswagen Passat91.40014.66541,5%3,6%
2537Toyota Camry85.39615.508-2,3%10,9%
2650Mercedes E Class85.06112.7064,9%10,8%
2760Honda Fit83.52215.6019,1%56,2%
2836Mercedes C Class82.94714.241-8,5%-4,2%
2926Wuling Hongguang V82.74113.7030,0%0,0%
3039BMW 5 Series81.49715.22920,6%10,3%
3134Audi A481.40914.17511,5%1,8%
3232Nissan Qashqai80.16517.76060,6%-2,5%
3320Volkswagen Magotan78.72113.726-22,0%-37,7%
346Baojun 51078.58413.661-33,4%-64,3%
3562Isuzu N-Series77.66615.5000,0%0,0%
3616Chevrolet Cavalier74.6044.419-77,8%-35,6%
3746Toyota RAV471.74210.498-8,9%-3,4%
3869Honda Crider71.32512.70626,8%31,1%
39317Haval F771.02510.128
4058Changan CS3570.96810.288-8,2%-6,8%
4155Hyundai ix3569.56510.837-2,1%12,0%
42265Geely Binyue69.05110.786
4354Changan CS7568.98012.04939,6%-10,6%
4464Mercedes GLC68.33310.7515,6%7,8%
4533Honda XR-V66.7225.354-60,9%-18,9%
4645Buick GL864.53913.988-21,7%-17,7%
4725Buick Envision63.55810.553-40,3%-43,7%
4817GAC Trumpchi GS463.04121.50636,5%-51,7%
4921Roewe RX562.95210.301-35,4%-47,2%
5067Dongfeng Light Truck62.73714.288
51256volkswagen Tharu62.14010.881
52858Chevrolet Monza62.12417.807
5357BMW 3 Series60.7492.546-73,8%-8,7%
5435Changan CS5558.84510.88014,5%-35,5%
5572CNHTC Light Truck55.8459.6990,0%0,0%
5682Buick Regal55.73912.44476,0%37,4%
5756Volkswagen Lamando55.7078.165-45,8%-26,5%
58173BMW X354.7709.989512,8%789,8%
5981Great Wall Wingle 553.24510.4620,0%0,0%
6052Volkswagen Golf52.91110.181-6,0%-27,0%
61183Jetour X7052.5278.071
6271MG ZS52.1048.86018,1%7,1%
63152volkswagen T-Roc51.94910.556941,0%5003,0%
6438Geely Emgrand GS51.4585.359-61,8%-37,7%
6597JMC Light Truck50.4969.713
66289volkswagen Tayron50.48213.023
6749Honda Vezel50.0107.567-36,0%-28,1%
6861Audi Q549.46311.64337,7%-22,2%
69119BYD Tang49.3416.197378,9%1280,9%
7086Wuling Sunshine49.32510.0000,0%0,0%
7193Kia Sportage49.2682.955-68,8%74,0%
72194BAIC EU-Series49.07617.916229,1%444,0%
7384BMW X148.3118.38932,0%1,6%
7410Hyundai Elantra47.77610.597-74,5%-67,5%
7579Toyota Highlander47.7598.601-7,0%1,4%
7695Dongfeng K Series Mini Truck46.0327.0000,0%0,0%
7741Audi A645.7698.489-5,5%-35,4%
7840Chevrolet Sail45.6729.291-33,5%-44,8%
7959Chevrolet Malibu44.8997.626-14,2%-22,2%
8028Buick Verano44.8482.008-82,8%-51,5%
8144Geely Emgrand GL44.7425.055-63,4%-41,9%
8299Changan Eado44.46512.27882,1%9,9%
83148Chery Tiggo 844.2728.73067,2%748,1%
84129Lexus ES43.81010.16397,3%48,0%
8553Volkswagen Polo43.1004.312-71,9%-41,7%
87212Geely Binrui42.7675.180
8866Baojun 53042.6135.553-63,0%-30,3%
89312Hyundai LaFesta41.9546.398
90107Haval M641.8252.4333,6%126,2%
9173Baojun 73041.6133.430-23,8%-35,5%
9268Geely Vision SUV40.8315.012-51,9%-34,1%
9365Geely Vision X340.3465.027-50,8%-36,1%
9451BYD Song MAX39.8486.828-43,9%-50,9%
9594Volkswagen Teramont39.6969.05736,9%-10,9%
9647Geely Vision39.5955.096-56,6%-51,9%
97171Zotye T30038.4755.01762,3%27,5%
9878Mitsubishi Outlander38.3476.771-32,0%-32,2%
9989Audi A338.2868.60615,3%-8,6%
100124Chana Star Mini Truck38.0524.000