China. Best selling cars ranking in the 2019

Best Selling Car in China

Best Selling Cars Models in China in the 2019 confirm the very low concentration of national sales. Indeed, the top 100 models represent only the 61% of total market. On top of the list the Volkswagen Lavida, leadership, taken since 2017, is under attack thanks to the success of the last generation Nissan Sylphy.


The Chinese new vehicles market is the largest in the World and is characterized by a very low concentration of sales in the top models. Indeed the top 10 models sales represent only the 14.4% of the market, while the top 50 represent the 41.8% and the top 100 the 61%.

The best-seller in the period 2010-2015 was always a light commercial, the Wuling Hongguang, which is utilized both a minibus and eight seats MPV. Since the 2017 the leadership if under the Volkswagen Lavida, a compact sedan, which hit in the 2018 the 2.0% of market (the best share done by the Lavida was 2.1% in the 2013 and 2014). In the 2019 the Lavida is steady at 2.0%.

In second place again a sedan, the Nissan Sylphy, boomed in the 2018 at 1.8% market share and stable in the 2019.

In third the best SUV, the Haval H6, which was the market leader in the 2016 and now is quite aged, while offered at a very competitive price. Following the 1.6% share done in the 2018, this year the H6 is losing in double-digit.

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Rank 2019Rank 2018ModelYTD 2019Sales November'+/- YTD 2019'+/- November
11Volkswagen Lavida464.17653.0120,2%10,5%
22Nissan Sylphy417.37954.400-1,8%-1,2%
34Haval H6344.69941.676-14,3%-23,1%
45Toyota Corolla325.29340.001-6,2%14,2%
53Wuling Hongguang321.54236.879-22,9%-27,9%
617Volkswagen Bora303.57338.47335,2%129,0%
78Volkswagen Sagitar275.80433.520-4,1%28,4%
812Buick Excelle GT253.19718.2964,0%-42,4%
911Volkswagen Santana229.06424.342-11,1%-11,5%
1020Honda Civic224.93721.72414,8%-2,7%
119Volkswagen Tiguan210.99321.762-24,4%-21,6%
1213Geely Boyue207.90022.166-12,9%13,2%
1327Honda Accord204.28719.10130,4%-6,9%
1423Toyota Levin203.40822.90613,7%15,0%
1514Geely Emgrand EC7196.90018.557-15,1%-9,8%
1650Honda CR-V194.26924.49257,2%8,3%
1722Nissan X-Trail190.94617.3263,5%5,4%
1825Volkswagen Passat184.67126.43313,9%59,4%
1929Toyota Camry169.10718.36610,3%11,8%
2044Changan CS75164.60727.22024,1%126,2%
2126Nissan Qashqai163.77017.5794,0%17,8%
2235BMW 5 Series160.65715.37710,6%3,0%
2318Volkswagen Magotan158.29817.341-25,9%13,3%
24327volkswagen Tayron156.66324.7811438,5%345,9%
2531Mercedes C Class152.97314.6311,2%10,4%
2630Audi A4151.84414.776-0,3%2,5%
2749Mercedes E Class150.07212.03218,0%-8,7%
2819Roewe RX5145.53220.631-30,4%26,9%
2966Honda Crider144.03315.82950,1%-10,9%
30155Roewe Ei5142.00910.792276,6%-16,6%
316Baojun 510139.79513.195-58,0%-52,6%
3246Buick GL8134.85013.2992,4%38,9%
3332Honda XR-V133.28515.907-11,7%28,4%
34Chevrolet Monza132.15110.006
3561Mercedes GLC130.44413.28324,9%92,8%
36399Haval F7130.43714.0152049,9%131,0%
37328Geely Binyue127.34512.8751156,0%27,0%
3855Changan CS35125.31215.9946,3%25,4%
3921Buick Envision120.24311.535-36,8%-9,6%
40275volkswagen Tharu119.49515.216713,2%44,3%
4156Audi Q5119.47513.8693,0%54,3%
4252Hyundai ix35117.5799.121-3,1%-30,3%
43146volkswagen T-Roc117.20614.286187,0%72,2%
4440Audi A6114.63416.854-16,9%19,9%
45201Jetour X70112.57612.157327,0%27,8%
4642Toyota RAV4110.79211.526-17,1%-24,9%
47166BMW X3110.38812.309221,7%48,7%
4877Buick Regal110.07313.37325,5%23,9%
4910Hyundai Elantra107.63213.032-59,0%-34,0%
5054Honda Fit106.7584.143-9,5%-67,9%
517Volkswagen Jetta105.07616-63,9%-100,0%
5271MG ZS103.73014.16710,8%29,9%
53147Chery Tiggo 8102.44413.549152,7%78,6%
5428Changan CS55101.07110.925-35,5%-30,8%
5533Geely Emgrand GS100.80613.563-31,4%14,4%
56103Haval M699.79815.89072,1%12,7%
5747Volkswagen Golf99.2288.925-24,0%-16,0%
5851BMW 3 Series98.17810.194-20,4%-19,2%
5916Chevrolet Cavalier97.6333.541-56,9%-87,2%
6015GAC Trumpchi GS497.53911.387-57,7%-40,1%
6148Volkswagen Lamando95.5749.991-25,6%-22,9%
6243Honda Vezel95.21912.920-28,6%4,1%
6367Toyota Highlander90.4098.961-5,8%-0,9%
6436Chevrolet Sail90.0175.211-36,6%-52,7%
6572BMW X189.0738.588-1,9%-10,3%
6762Nissan Teana87.12911.148-15,5%0,3%
68359Hyundai LaFesta85.6976.866962,8%-14,8%
6968Baojun 73085.6538.429-10,0%16,2%
7057Geely Vision X384.77512.902-25,5%25,9%
71209BAIC EU-Series83.6126.258237,4%112,8%
72117Lexus ES83.2388.33957,5%5,2%
7387Changan Eado82.8077.63811,6%13,3%
7478Audi A379.7798.903-8,2%-5,6%
7582Kia Sportage79.5276.8314,2%-40,8%
7694Hyundai Celesta78.4829.74418,9%35,5%
7764Mitsubishi Outlander75.7598.269-22,1%10,0%
7883Volkswagen Teramont75.2188.171-1,0%77,3%
79224Geely Binrui75.1718.288229,6%-18,7%
8060Baojun 53075.0755.644-28,3%-12,0%
8139Geely Vision73.8258.622-47,3%-33,2%
82120BYD Tang73.5343.14443,3%-69,0%
8337Geely Emgrand GL73.0876.883-48,2%-48,5%
8424Buick Verano73.0343.897-58,1%-80,4%
8559Geely Vision SUV71.92110.653-35,0%-2,0%
86BYD Song Pro71.21620.038
8741Volkswagen Polo71.1988.214-47,9%-29,7%
88116Nissan Tiida68.8725.51529,6%58,8%
8963Dongfeng Fengguang 58068.73410.221-31,9%101,1%
89Dongfeng Glory 58068.73410.221
9053Chevrolet Malibu67.6886.058-42,9%-53,1%
9181GAC Trumpchi GS367.5785.741-16,8%-25,5%
92173BYD Yuan/S266.4502.41296,4%-61,0%
9345BYD Song MAX65.7132.918-50,2%-70,9%
94475Mercedes A Class64.3667.4601704,5%1392,0%
95102Venucia D6063.8595.9569,7%25,6%
96121Toyota Yaris L62.9097.14123,3%37,0%
9786Cadillac XT561.9666.005-16,8%-27,2%
9884Honda Avancier61.4216.404-18,3%-3,0%
99377Chery Arrizo GX60.61012.057755,1%195,7%
100161Kia Pegas60.0566.32469,3%7,4%