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Best Selling Cars Models in China. The top 100 of the 2018

Best Selling Car in China Nissan-IMx_Concept-2017

Best Selling Cars Models in China in June is back the Volkswagen Lavida, launching the new generation model, overtaking the Wuling Hongguang, the Haval H6, and the recently launched Baojun 510

Chinese light vehicles sales (including both domestic and imported vehicles)continue their moderate expansion in the 2018. Having ended the first quarter with 7.1 million units (+4.3%), in April sales were 2.2 million (+6.7%), in May 2.15 million (+5.1%) and in June 2.12 million (-0.4%) with Year to Date figures at 13.55 millions (+3.8%).

As far as regard the ranking of best-selling cars, thanks to a very strong score in June (+25.8%) with the arrival of next generation the  Volkswagen Lavida is back on top of the list (as in the 2016), with 241.333 year to date sales (-5.6%).

In second place the 2017 leader, the Wuling Hongguang, with 240.319 sales (-7.9%). This is a MPV produced since September 2010 by SAIC-GM-Wuling, the joint venture of Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation, Liuzhou Wuling Motors Co and GM China.

In third place the Haval H6, a compact sport utility vehicle (SUV) produced by the Chinese manufacturer Great Wall Motors since 2011, with 218.653 sales (-3.5%).

In fourth place the best new entrance of the last year and actually landed at the highest rank for any model produced by its brand, the Baojun 510, up 3 spots, with 216.742 sales (+110%).

In fifth place the Nissan Sylphy  with 210.584 (+16.9%) followed by the Toyota Corolla with 192.015 sales (+13.2%), the Volkswagen Sagitar with 156.615 (+11.1%), the Volkswagen Tiguan with 150.338 (-8.2%), the Hyundai Elantra with 147.046 (+44.8%) and in 10th place the Volkswagen Santana, up 3 spots, with 146.300 (+13.0%).

Research, Consulting, Data & Forecast

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Rank 2018Rank 2017MODELSales H1 2018Sales JunVariation H1 2018Variation Jun
12Volkswagen Lavida241.43344.571-5,6%25,8%
21Wuling Hongguang240.31926.005-7,9%-24,6%
33Haval H6218.65326.279-3,5%-25,3%
46Baojun 510216.74220.507110,6%-33,2%
55Nissan Sylphy210.58443.63316,9%31,8%
69Toyota Corolla192.01532.24813,2%-2,1%
710Volkswagen Sagitar156.61523.54711,1%2,6%
87Volkswagen Tiguan150.33819.349-8,2%-34,3%
915Hyundai Elantra147.04641.50644,8%268,0%
1012Volkswagen Santana146.60029.65413,0%80,9%
1111Volkswagen Jetta142.48027.042-4,9%14,4%
1213Geely Boyue139.08822.23311,8%4,5%
1318Volkswagen Bora133.17920.58517,2%40,7%
148GAC Trumpchi GS4130.44415.760-27,8%-49,8%
1517Geely Emgrand EC7128.00819.6459,8%24,6%
1623Volkswagen Magotan126.28517.58822,3%0,4%
1721Roewe RX5119.32415.94219,2%3,5%
1825Chevrolet Cavalier115.87019.89055,2%63,1%
19631Buick Excelle GT114.96312.017
2020Buick Envision112.92817.685-6,2%10,0%
2127Nissan X-Trail97.62919.00432,4%14,4%
2231Honda Civic97.05516.54315,4%-6,0%
2322Baojun 31096.08210.00222,9%11,0%
2426Buick Verano92.52111.65324,4%-28,1%
2594Changan CS5591.1789.5052510,3%178,2%
2635Volkswagen Passat88.22510.3676,0%-22,2%
2714Ford Escort87.25112.030-29,3%-40,4%
2832Toyota Levin86.52416.76719,8%3,5%
2950Mercedes C Class86.49815.41529,6%47,3%
3061Chevrolet Sail82.80213.96651,2%60,1%
3139Geely Emgrand GS82.58414.04441,7%13,0%
3245Geely Vision82.29111.73418,0%9,8%
3334Honda XR-V82.23713.694-8,1%-28,5%
3436Nissan Qashqai82.20811.0614,0%-21,6%
3565Audi A481.15012.70957,5%31,4%
36217BYD Song MAX81.08812.176
3719Changan CS7577.1918.630-27,2%-44,2%
3859Geely Emgrand GL77.01013.81951,3%68,2%
39101Toyota Camry76.99415.86951,6%72,6%
4064Mercedes E Class76.62011.98935,7%29,6%
4144Buick GL876.40412.27113,0%0,5%
4241Changan CS3576.17111.21213,2%18,6%
4342Volkswagen Lamando75.83815.06413,1%-20,8%
4455Toyota RAV474.23311.52314,4%-2,5%
4530Volkswagen Polo73.94815.358-9,9%-9,7%
4657BMW 5 Series73.73412.50820,1%121,8%
4746Audi A672.7109.3468,7%-16,5%
4838Volkswagen Golf72.41310.795-4,0%-15,2%
4951Hyundai Mistra71.77813.34729,1%67,6%
5040Honda Accord71.18614.4432,3%15,4%
5143Honda Vezel69.55411.8210,2%-11,0%
5229Dongfeng Fengguang 58068.2017.222-19,8%-27,9%
5363BMW 3 Series66.5159.7065,5%5,4%
5516Baojun 73064.5524.502-50,7%-70,0%
5660Audi Q563.6778.5507,8%-3,9%
5768Mercedes GLC63.41110.17810,0%12,3%
58186Geely Vision X363.16010.225
59177Hyundai ix3562.09311.067461,4%1262,9%
6056Geely Vision SUV61.99510.4266,4%-1,8%
61632Baojun 53061.11115.005
6277Changan Eado58.0745.8097,2%-30,7%
6358Chevrolet Malibu57.7268.88444,3%9,0%
6488Mitsubishi Outlander56.5939.95752,1%41,7%
6566Nissan Teana55.72810.3589,4%-2,7%
6680ChangAn CX7054.828-17,3%-100,0%
6775Honda Crider54.41210.01815,0%20,8%
6893Chery Tiggo 3/3x54.3866.66525,9%12,7%
6969Honda Fit53.45714.2940,7%58,5%
7053Skoda Octavia51.4848.937-13,1%0,0%
7149Chery Arrizo 5/5e49.7061.500-26,3%-85,3%
7228Honda CR-V49.03410.472-31,8%16,4%
73109MG ZS48.6527.50564,7%16,8%
74370MG 648.3758.659
7582BMW X147.5496.35111,3%-21,2%
7673Toyota Highlander47.0879.250-11,1%18,3%
7798BYD Song46.9195.99536,7%9,2%
78632Lynk & Co 0146.2529.247
79632Geely Vision S145.5126.902
80114Roewe i645.4516.81164,0%4,4%
8124Haval H244.7454.684-61,5%-57,8%
82102Volkswagen Teramont44.5506.617123,0%-0,9%
8387Honda Avancier43.3467.15237,5%-0,9%
8491Audi A341.9127.4798,9%10,1%
85116Cadillac XT540.8274.83834,3%13,9%
86119Buick Regal40.5637.06959,0%225,9%
8748Kia K340.2322.818-29,6%-58,0%
8871Soueast DX339.9403.444-9,1%-55,9%
8997BAIC EC 18039.9063122,5%-99,9%
90181WEY VV538.9875.121
9174Buick LaCrosse38.1964.595-13,6%-41,8%
92136WEY VV737.5874.7901087,2%51,3%
93209Kia KX Cross37.4475.542
9489Audi Q337.4044.286-1,6%-28,5%
95265GAC Trumpchi GS337.2026.767
96134Chevrolet Equinox36.3756.110109,7%13,6%
9778Toyota Vios36.3416.005-30,6%-22,3%
9872GAC Trumpchi GS836.1794.798-28,5%-32,4%
99270Venucia D6035.9335.237
100100Dongfeng Future35.7684.412-1,1%-19,0%