Volkswagen Golf breath on Ford Focus shoulder among the global Best-selling Cars.

Best-selling Cars

Volkswagen Golf breath on Ford Focus shoulder among the global Best-selling Cars thanks to sales boomed over 42 percent from year ago with over 72.000 global delivery, just 6.000 below Ford Foucs that has lost the second place in favor of Ford F-Series. See Top 100 Models ranking.

In Augut 2014 according to data collected by focus2move Research Team in over 110 markets, the total new Light Passengers Vehicles global market was up 1.8% from the previous year with 6.61 million units.

Year to date August global sales have been just over 57.04 million with an increase of 3.2% from year ago or 1.77 million more than the correspondent month last year.

Toyota Corolla led again the ranking with 98.714 retails despite losing 2% from the correspondent period last year, followed by Ford F-Series gaining the second place (it was out of the podium last month) with 80.798 units, down 2.5% and by Ford Focus with 78.126 units, down 5.1% from same month year ago.

Volkswagen Golf was fourth with 72.070 sales, booming in August with volume up 46.4% year on year, just ahead of Hyundai Elantra (66.179 units, -11.8%).

Honda Accord jumped nine steps landing in 7th with 62.999 units, improving sales by 24.5%, just ahead two others Honda cars – the CR-V and the Civic losing volume in double digit from year ago.

The fastest model among top 100 was again the new Jeep Cherokee booming at 21.038 sales and improving volume over 1900% from year ago.

Remarkable August performances have been scored by a roaring Wuling Hongguang (11th with 56.502, up 67.6% from last year), Honda Fit (27th with 33.527 units, +61.4%), Foton Forland (33rd with 28.900, + 77%), Skoda Rapid (69th with 19.697 units, + 126.1%) and Nissan X-Trail (74th with 19.144 units, + 140.1%)..

Chevrolet Cruze, Volkswagen Passat, Toyota Prius, Volkswagen Gol and Toyota Aqua have significantly underperformed in August. Volkswagen Gol had the lowest performance among top 100 for the second consecutive month, down 46.5% from last year.

Among “Small Cars”, Volkswagen Polo (14th in absolute) was again in first with 50.500 (+2%) ahead of Ford Fiesta (45.647 sales, down 11.1%) and the Honda Fit (33.527 units, up an amazing 61%).

The “Compact Car” segment includes Corolla, Focus and Golf, three of best four models this month.

The “Mid-size Car” segment undisputed leader was the Toyota Camry (6th in absolute with 65.869 units down 14.5%), followed by a growing Honda Accord (62.999 units, up 24.5%) and BMW 3 Series (38.091 cars) outpacing the Hyundai Sonata. 

The “Full- size Car” segment podium has unchanged with BMW Series 5 (37th with 27.149) followed by Audi A6 (50th with 24.411) and Mercedes E Class (58th with 21.662 units).

Among SUV, the best was the Honda CR-V (8th 57.900 sales) outpacing Toyota RAV4 (56.738 units), followed by the Volkswagen Tiguan (36.817 cars)

In the Pick-up segment, the podium was unchanged with Ford F-Series on top ahead of Chevrolet Silverado and Toyota Hilux.

To see details by markets and brands you can refer to our reports on these subjects.

Below, you can sort our interactive tables to see data regarding Models. Please bear in mind that sales data are subject to adjustments as sources will update their information. This report is updated at the publishing date and will not be modified while the next on this subject will always have the year to date data updated.

Rank AugRank YtdModelAug 2014Ytd 2014Aug YoY var. %Share I HalfShare JulShare AugShare YTD
11Toyota Corolla98.714782.026-2,0%1,4%1,6%1,6%1,4%
24Ford F-Series80.798593.215-2,5%1,0%1,2%1,3%1,1%
32Ford Focus77.366701.973-5,1%1,3%1,3%1,2%1,3%
43Volkswagen Golf72.070601.91646,4%1,1%1,2%1,1%1,1%
55Hyundai Elantra66.179547.147-11,8%1,0%1,0%1,1%1,0%
66Toyota Camry65.869524.334-14,5%0,9%1,0%1,0%1,0%
715Honda Accord62.999376.54624,5%0,6%0,7%1,0%0,7%
810Honda CR-V57.900453.870-14,5%0,8%0,7%0,9%0,8%
912Honda Civic57.008416.285-14,8%0,7%0,8%0,9%0,8%
1014Toyota RAV456.738402.12125,0%0,7%0,9%0,9%0,7%
117Wuling Hongguang56.502483.15967,6%0,9%0,8%0,9%0,9%
1217Chevrolet Silverado53.316367.9248,5%0,6%0,7%0,8%0,7%
139Chevrolet Cruze52.223472.320-24,2%0,9%0,9%0,8%0,9%
1411Volkswagen Polo50.500452.9912,1%0,8%1,0%0,8%0,8%
1513Volkswagen Jetta46.185403.275-10,4%0,7%0,8%0,7%0,7%
168Ford Fiesta45.647478.274-11,1%0,9%0,9%0,7%0,9%
1726Ram pick-up43.775283.25632,6%0,5%0,5%0,7%0,5%
1819Buick Excelle38.861353.652-12,7%0,7%0,6%0,6%0,6%
1922BMW 3 Series38.091315.5917,3%0,6%0,6%0,6%0,6%
2020Volkswagen Tiguan36.817335.4296,1%0,6%0,6%0,6%0,6%
2118Toyota Hilux36.214360.163-20,4%0,7%0,6%0,6%0,7%
2224Hyundai Sonata35.654297.877-2,0%0,5%0,6%0,6%0,5%
2321Volkswagen Lavida34.763332.81319,0%0,6%0,5%0,6%0,6%
2416Volkswagen Passat34.652376.368-25,4%0,7%0,6%0,6%0,7%
2532Ford Escape34.346253.9644,5%0,4%0,5%0,5%0,5%
2631Nissan Altima34.111256.2382,8%0,5%0,4%0,5%0,5%
2730Honda Fit33.527263.43661,4%0,5%0,6%0,5%0,5%
2837Ford Fusion32.391245.65615,0%0,4%0,4%0,5%0,4%
2933Wuling Sunshine32.319249.839-5,5%0,4%0,5%0,5%0,5%
3128Kia Sportage32.220278.926-6,5%0,5%0,5%0,5%0,5%
3241Chevrolet Malibu28.927231.0773,5%0,4%0,4%0,5%0,4%
3346Foton Forland28.900202.14777,0%0,4%0,2%0,5%0,4%
3425Toyota Prius28.614294.816-39,1%0,5%0,6%0,5%0,5%
3535Hyundai ix3528.103247.887-9,0%0,5%0,5%0,4%0,5%
3638Wuling Rongguang27.553245.59926,7%0,5%0,4%0,4%0,4%
3740BMW 5 Series27.149237.924-5,8%0,4%0,4%0,4%0,4%
3851Hyundai Verna25.902195.69326,1%0,3%0,4%0,4%0,4%
3945Volkswagen Sagitar25.717207.9899,2%0,4%0,4%0,4%0,4%
4050Great Wall Haval H625.716195.85122,3%0,3%0,4%0,4%0,4%
4134Hyundai Santa fe25.670248.536-10,6%0,5%0,4%0,4%0,5%
4223Toyota Yaris25.633306.388-5,0%0,6%0,5%0,4%0,6%
4327Renault Clio25.264281.438-5,2%0,5%0,5%0,4%0,5%
4442Mazda CX-525.036229.1713,2%0,4%0,4%0,4%0,4%
4536Skoda Octavia24.849245.85313,6%0,5%0,4%0,4%0,4%
4663Jeep Grand Cherokee24.755179.2126,3%0,3%0,3%0,4%0,3%
4769GMC Sierra24.596167.3715,3%0,3%0,3%0,4%0,3%
4843Volkswagen Santana24.541211.90736,0%0,4%0,4%0,4%0,4%
4976Nissan Rogue24.444161.83225,0%0,3%0,3%0,4%0,3%
5049Audi A624.411197.6087,6%0,4%0,4%0,4%0,4%
5167Subaru Forester23.573170.46316,5%0,3%0,4%0,4%0,3%
5252Kia Rio22.905195.372-5,9%0,4%0,4%0,4%0,4%
5360Chevrolet Equinox22.847181.475-15,4%0,3%0,4%0,4%0,3%
5444Audi A422.252211.710-13,4%0,4%0,4%0,4%0,4%
5562Ford Explorer22.051180.51527,3%0,3%0,3%0,4%0,3%
5684Jeep Wrangler21.891151.54813,0%0,3%0,3%0,3%0,3%
5753Chevrolet Sail21.778192.593-15,5%0,4%0,2%0,3%0,4%
5859Mercedes E Class21.662182.6393,3%0,3%0,4%0,3%0,3%
5966Maruti Alto21.553172.05117,1%0,3%0,3%0,3%0,3%
6054Mercedes C Class21.423191.488-7,6%0,4%0,3%0,3%0,3%
6139Nissan Qashqai21.330243.905-19,8%0,5%0,4%0,3%0,4%
6270Ford Ecosport21.276164.8044,2%0,3%0,4%0,3%0,3%
6358Nissan Sentra21.119183.02417,7%0,3%0,3%0,3%0,3%
6456Audi A321.118186.28229,1%0,3%0,4%0,3%0,3%
6599Jeep Cherokee21.038134.7921912,9%0,2%0,3%0,3%0,2%
6665Toyota Vios20.559173.93426,9%0,3%0,3%0,3%0,3%
6755Nissan Sylphy20.420191.1855,1%0,4%0,3%0,3%0,3%
6857Peugeot 30820.048185.85133,8%0,3%0,4%0,3%0,3%
6996Skoda Rapid19.697139.129126,1%0,2%0,3%0,3%0,3%
7073Volkswagen Bora19.312162.650-11,6%0,3%0,3%0,3%0,3%
7164Hyundai Accent19.230173.935-5,9%0,3%0,3%0,3%0,3%
7297Kia Soul19.222138.43946,1%0,2%0,3%0,3%0,3%
7382Ford Kuga19.206156.12030,5%0,3%0,3%0,3%0,3%
7486Nissan X-Trail19.144146.708140,1%0,3%0,3%0,3%0,3%
7590Maruti Dzire19.129143.53639,4%0,3%0,3%0,3%0,3%
76150DongFeng Mini Bus18.90098.73091,9%0,2%0,3%0,3%0,2%
7868Toyota Highlander18.577167.771-12,7%0,3%0,3%0,3%0,3%
7992Saipa Pride18.268143.02854,8%0,3%0,2%0,3%0,3%
8093Kia K318.005142.10526,5%0,3%0,3%0,3%0,3%
8198Maruti Swift17.716138.29125,2%0,2%0,2%0,3%0,3%
82100Honda Odyssey17.629133.79814,2%0,2%0,2%0,3%0,2%
8383Audi Q517.578153.226-9,0%0,3%0,3%0,3%0,3%
8495Kia Optima17.470140.612-7,2%0,3%0,2%0,3%0,3%
8587Nissan Versa17.459145.577-6,7%0,3%0,3%0,3%0,3%
8647Peugeot 20817.333201.942-13,7%0,4%0,4%0,3%0,4%
8788Fiat Palio17.251144.749-5,9%0,3%0,3%0,3%0,3%
8889Volkswagen Magotan17.079143.65714,5%0,3%0,2%0,3%0,3%
8974Chevrolet Spark17.062162.150-25,7%0,3%0,3%0,3%0,3%
9080Volkswagen Gol16.550157.941-46,5%0,3%0,3%0,3%0,3%
91118Hyundai i2015.808112.3042,5%0,2%0,2%0,3%0,2%
92108Kia Sorento15.675124.771-14,1%0,2%0,2%0,2%0,2%
93103Wuling Mini-truck15.598130.4020,2%0,2%0,2%0,2%
94113Audi Q315.516122.14522,3%0,2%0,2%0,2%0,2%
9594Toyota Avanza15.021140.63224,3%0,3%0,2%0,2%0,3%
9661Opel Corsa14.766180.6764,0%0,3%0,3%0,2%0,3%
97106Dodge Grand Caravan14.667128.620-11,6%0,2%0,2%0,2%0,2%
9875Toyota Aqua14.543162.089-31,2%0,3%0,4%0,2%0,3%
99119Toyota Tacoma14.237112.191-15,5%0,2%0,2%0,2%0,2%
10048ChangAn Nangling14.00088.29625,0%0,1%0,3%0,2%0,2%