Best Selling Vehicles in China in the first quarter 2015.

Best Selling Vehicles in China

Best Selling Vehicles in China in the first quarter 2015. Bajoun 730 kept growing together with Great Wall Haval 6, Volkswagen Santana and Jetta, Ford Escort. The three on the podium have lost sales in Q1 in a market full of new models.

Market Outlook

In February 2015 according to data released by C.A.A.M., the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, total new Light Passengers Vehicles sold in China have been 2.240.200, up 4.8% compared with the correspondent month last year, achieving the 25th year on year consecutive growth.

However while the car passenger segment kept growing with 1.870.000 sales (+9.4%) the light commercial vehicles segment kept falling with 370.200 units (-19.4%). Thanks to this new positive month the first quarter 2015 ended at best ever level with sales figures at 6.273.200, up 6.2%, in line with our Research Team forecast for the entire year of a +6.1% at 24.989.000 units.

Top 100 models

This report is devoted to review the best-selling models ranking in the country and in case of China this is almost interesting. Indeed the market is really dynamic with fast introduction of new models and over 750 cars and LCVs on sales.

Although having three models in the Top 8, Volkswagen has not the market leader. Indeed the MPV Wuling Hongguang has taken the leadership in mid 2014 and has taken a wide advantage over the nearest followers. In the Q1 2015, Hongguang registrations were 189.432 (-9.8) with a gap of 46.000 units over the second.

Volkswagen Lavida was back with 143.132 units (-5.1%) well ahead of the third, the Buick Excelle selling 107.368 units (-27.6%) and the 4th, the Hyundai Elantra, distributed in China under 3 different nameplates, with 92.651 (-15.6%).

Behind a slot of emerging models, the Great Wall Haval 6 (5th with 87.749, +29.3%), the Volkswagen Santana (6th with 86.570, +8.4%) and the new Baojun 730 (7th with 84.756) and the Volkswagen Jetta (8th with 82.292, +9.9%).

An old name for a new model, this is the Ford Escort, recently launched only in China and growing any month. In the quarter it was 23rd with 59.083 sales, but in March was 13th with 23.446. It could aspire entering the top 10.

Others fast movers are the ChangAn Honor (19th with 61.884, +30.6%), the world leader Toyota Corolla (25th with 56.932, +26.1%), Geely Emgrand (22nd with 59.959, +86.8%), the BYD F3 (37th with 44.806, +246.6%).

RankRank Q1ModelSale MarSales Q1Var MarVar Q1Share MarShare Q1
12Wuling Hongguang67.350189.4325,5%-9,8%3,4%3,18%
23Volkswagen Lavida41.732143.132-3,8%-5,1%2,1%2,40%
34Buick Excelle36.587107.368-25,7%-27,6%1,9%1,80%
47Volkswagen Santana31.68686.57029,8%8,4%1,6%1,45%
56Great Wall Haval H631.44687.74925,4%29,3%1,6%1,47%
68Baojun 73030.00884.5261,5%1,42%
79Volkswagen Jetta28.51882.2922,1%9,9%1,4%1,38%
85Hyundai Elantra26.44892.651-24,8%-15,6%1,3%1,56%
917Nissan Sylphy25.53863.340-2,8%-8,0%1,3%1,06%
1014Wuling Rongguang24.99465.877-28,6%-38,8%1,3%1,11%
1118Chevrolet Sail23.85363.23411,7%-0,6%1,2%1,06%
1223Ford Escort23.44659.0831,2%0,99%
1325Toyota Corolla23.33856.93231,7%26,1%1,2%0,96%
1419ChangAn Honor22.38461.88410,5%30,6%1,1%1,04%
1510Volkswagen Sagitar22.25472.981-16,3%-1,6%1,1%1,23%
1611Ford Focus21.74871.672-40,0%-28,7%1,1%1,20%
1721Foton Forland21.45060.05643,0%-25,9%1,1%1,01%
1820Wuling Mini-truck21.27060.83340,2%33,7%1,1%1,02%
1916Chevrolet Cruze20.89265.612-6,5%1,0%1,1%1,10%
2015Hyundai Verna20.71665.72917,6%15,9%1,0%1,10%
2122Geely Emgrand EC720.62159.95966,1%86,8%1,0%1,01%
2237BYD F320.37444.806218,2%246,6%1,0%0,75%
2312Volkswagen Passat19.79867.389-25,0%-10,1%1,0%1,13%
2427Volkswagen Bora18.51455.724-12,2%-7,2%0,9%0,94%
2526ChangAn Eado18.45856.47339,3%57,0%0,9%0,95%
2631Dongfeng Fengguang 33017.65350.089239,5%142,0%0,9%0,84%
2728JAC Refine S317.32953.7120,9%0,90%
2836Kia K316.10745.84835,0%23,2%0,8%0,77%
2943DongFeng Mini Bus16.00040.000166,7%122,2%0,8%0,67%
3040Great Wall Haval H215.97541.7430,8%0,70%
3141ChangAn CS7515.88441.7340,8%0,70%
3234Jac Light Truck15.53746.6113,6%-12,5%0,8%0,78%
3313Volkswagen Tiguan15.52067.228-23,8%1,4%0,8%1,13%
3435Jimbei mini-truck15.41846.25471,3%71,3%0,8%0,78%
3532ChangAn CS3514.23649.70451,5%83,7%0,7%0,83%
3629Volkswagen Golf14.19551.855-7,3%22,5%0,7%0,87%
3758Beijing Weiwang M2014.13530.286154,1%87,4%0,7%0,51%
3850Toyota Camry14.04036.801-10,7%-8,0%0,7%0,62%
3947Great Wall pickup14.00038.557180,0%157,0%0,7%0,65%
4024Wuling Sunshine13.88957.903-51,2%-38,2%0,7%0,97%
4142Beijing Auto Huansu S313.87640.1730,7%0,67%
4230Volkswagen Polo13.58951.68943,6%-0,7%0,7%0,87%
4339ChangAn Mini Bus13.58844.345-54,7%-44,6%0,7%0,74%
4438Dongfeng Joyear13.08944.66559,7%80,7%0,7%0,75%
4545Audi A613.02038.731-17,6%-4,4%0,7%0,65%
4648Skoda Octavia12.95938.34280,9%54,9%0,7%0,64%
4749Hyundai Mistra12.88437.35924,8%24,1%0,7%0,63%
4846Kia K212.35138.577-2,7%-0,8%0,6%0,65%
4965Nissan X-Trail12.25227.845194,9%385,9%0,6%0,47%
5061Zotye T60012.21529.759311,0%371,4%0,6%0,50%
5144BMW 5 Series12.03938.848-6,8%0,2%0,6%0,65%
5252Wuling Hongguang V12.00035.0090,6%0,59%
5351Jinbei Light Bus11.83435.50118,3%18,3%0,6%0,60%
5353JMC Light Truck11.83434.77833,8%31,1%0,6%0,58%
5463Dongfeng Future11.45228.979-12,6%-22,7%0,6%0,49%
5555Ford Mondeo11.37330.92426,5%3,7%0,6%0,52%
5673Audi Q511.21625.42714,8%-5,4%0,6%0,43%
5768BYD S711.07526.8830,6%0,45%
5854ChangAn Nangling11.02033.061-21,3%136,2%0,6%0,56%
5964Hyundai ix3510.84528.944-13,8%-22,2%0,5%0,49%
6057Geely Vision10.74330.357256,6%485,5%0,5%0,51%
6169Buick Envision10.49526.6340,5%0,45%
6259Peugeot 30810.40730.13266,7%50,8%0,5%0,51%
6376Citroen C-Elysée10.12024.038-3,8%-13,8%0,5%0,40%
6467Chery Tiggo 310.00227.573265,7%167,4%0,5%0,46%
6586Beijing Senova D5010.00020.3713189,5%2133,7%0,5%0,34%
6670Kia Sportage9.93926.391-18,8%-24,8%0,5%0,44%
6771Honda CR-V9.65526.073-34,8%-44,5%0,5%0,44%
6860Chevrolet Malibu9.64730.09117,4%-3,9%0,5%0,51%
6974Skoda Rapid9.48625.21140,3%18,5%0,5%0,42%
7066Buick LaCrosse9.12827.82632,1%30,3%0,5%0,47%
7192Chery 29.07119.4520,5%0,33%
72105Toyota RAV49.06017.732-19,1%-40,9%0,5%0,30%
7375Hyundai ix259.04924.0880,5%0,40%
7433Volkswagen Magotan9.04447.953-50,0%-14,0%0,5%0,80%
7577Honda Vezel9.00123.6800,5%0,40%
7662Ford Kuga8.99429.331-25,7%-10,7%0,5%0,49%
7756Buick Regal8.97530.4414,0%25,0%0,5%0,51%
78122Hyundai Sonata8.88914.4527,8%-39,9%0,5%0,24%
7978Toyota Levin8.84922.9420,4%0,39%
8083Honda XR-V8.72521.6750,4%0,36%
8185Peugeot 4088.66121.50549,1%49,5%0,4%0,36%
8282Nissan Teana7.94121.896-37,9%-13,2%0,4%0,37%
83108Honda Accord7.72317.20727,1%16,3%0,4%0,29%
8589Great Wall Haval H17.70319.8490,4%0,33%
8690Toyota Vios7.65919.641-42,3%-37,8%0,4%0,33%
8772Audi A47.45025.659-31,7%-10,9%0,4%0,43%
8888Peugeot 3017.39519.8699,8%11,0%0,4%0,33%
8994Honda Fit7.37719.339171,6%256,9%0,4%0,32%
9079BMW 3 Series7.34122.070-13,5%-13,3%0,4%0,37%
9297Buick GL87.26918.997-0,3%-21,2%0,4%0,32%
9387Ford Ecosport7.14320.2003,0%16,1%0,4%0,34%
94102Mercedes C Class7.08718.24284,4%67,5%0,4%0,31%
9581ChangAn Yuexiang V57.03922.02550,9%74,8%0,4%0,37%
9691Kia K46.82819.4610,3%0,33%
97126BMW X16.69413.857-16,2%-38,0%0,3%0,23%
9895Citroen C-Quatre6.66319.246-10,9%-8,0%0,3%0,32%
99107Honda Crider6.62517.509-50,3%-53,3%0,3%0,29%
100100Geely King Kong6.55518.550-6,4%38,6%0,3%0,31%

Above you can sort our interactive tables to see data regarding Brands, Groups and Models. Please bear in mind that sales data are subject to adjustments as sources will update their information. This report is updated at the publishing date and will not be modified while the next on this subject will always have the year to date data updated.