Brazil best selling cars 2016. Chevrolet Onix is the star

Brazil best selling cars

Brazil best selling cars 2016 led by the Chevrolet Onix, new best-selling model in the entire Lat America region, with sales up 21%. The Honda HRV joined the top 10.

Hit by a severe economic crisis and struggling under the effect of the arrogant Automotive National Plan introduced just at the end of a golden age, a couple of year s ago, the domestic vehicle market in Brazil is dropping month after month, ending the 2016 in World’s 9th ranking, down 5 spots from the 4th achieved in the 2013, having lost over 1.6 million of annual sales.

In this crude and harsh scenario, the best selling model ranking is changing, reflecting the lost of power of the two traditional leaders, Volkswagen and Fiat and the advance of new players, mainly from Asia, with their global product portfolio.

However, a brand traditionally of top of the market, but always behind the leaders, has recently taken the top thanks to the success of a compact model, now market leader. We talk about Chevrolet and its Chevrolet Onix, reported as best selling car not always on Brazil but in the entire Latin America.

In the 2016 this model was chosen by 153.372 customers (+21.8%).

In second place the great success of Hyundai, the Hb20 with 121.616 sales  (+10.2%) followed by the Ford Ka with 101.278 (-18.5%).

In fourth place the Chevrolet Prisma, up 6 spots with 66.337 units (-5.7%) followed by the Toyota Corolla, jumped up 6 places with 64.738 units (-3.9%), the Fiat Palio with 63.996 (-47.7%) and the Renault Sandero with 63.228 sales (-19.1%).

In eight place the Volkswagen Gol with 60.044 units (-27.4%) ahead of the Fiat Strada, the best commercial vehicle, with 59.443 units (-43.0%) and in 10th place the Honda HR-V with 55.758 (+9.0%), up 6 spots.

Several new models are keeping space in this market, like the Fiat Toro, already 14th with 41.283 sales and the Fiat Mobi, 21st with 28.731 sales.

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Below, you can sort our interactive tables to see data regarding Brands, Groups and Models. Please bear in mind that sales data are subject to adjustments as sources will update their information. This report is updated at the publishing date and will not be modified while the next on this subject will always have the year to date data updated.

Rank 2016Rank 2015BestSales 2016Sales 2015Variation 2016
11Chevrolet Onix153.372125.93121,8%
24Hyundai HB20121.616110.39610,2%
32Ford KA101.278124.247-18,5%
410Chevrolet Prisma66.33770.336-5,7%
511Toyota Corolla64.73867.339-3,9%
63Fiat Palio63.996122.364-47,7%
79Renault Sandero63.22878.174-19,1%
86Volkswagen Gol60.04482.746-27,4%
95Fiat Strada59.44398.631-39,7%
1016Honda HR-V55.75851.1559,0%
1120Jeep Renegade51.56739.18731,6%
1215Hyundai HB20S46.02353.278-13,6%
138Volkswagen Fox/CrossFox43.72779.590-45,1%
14Fiat Toro41.28365
1514Volkswagen Up!38.35453.542-28,4%
1621Toyota Etios Hatch37.97435.3137,5%
177Fiat Uno34.62679.783-56,6%
1825Toyota Hilux34.03132.9003,4%
1913Volkswagen Saveiro33.95056.704-40,1%
2012Fiat Siena33.47859.393-43,6%
2131Toyota Etios Sedan29.79126.05214,4%
22Fiat Mobi28.731
2318Honda Fit28.43942.476-33,0%
2423Ford Ecosport28.10533.861-17,0%
2524Chevrolet S1026.55833.330-20,3%
2619Volkswagen Voyage26.07441.518-37,2%
2722Renault Duster25.37334.325-26,1%
2828Renault Logan23.70731.129-23,8%
2929Chevrolet Spin22.98227.366-16,0%
3034Chevrolet Cobalt22.46723.071-2,6%
3137Nissan Versa21.89717.53824,9%
3226Honda Civic20.85731.241-33,2%
3317Ford Fiesta18.62347.608-60,9%
3435Nissan March18.37623.023-20,2%
3539Ford Ranger15.81216.880-6,3%
3630Honda City15.42226.405-41,6%
3733Chevrolet Montana14.76923.651-37,6%
3885Renault Oroch14.2453.274335,1%
3932Ford Focus12.28824.277-49,4%
4057Toyota Hilux SW412.1688.69340,0%
4148Chevrolet Cruze Sedan12.06411.5394,5%
4238Citroen C311.82417.108-30,9%
4327Chevrolet Classic11.53031.157-63,0%
4449Hyundai Tucson11.20311.275-0,6%
4542Renault Clio10.86914.929-27,2%
4645Peugeot 20810.76813.401-19,6%
47Nissan Kicks10.712
4869Peugeot 200810.6926.27270,5%
4943Hyundai ix3510.22614.729-30,6%
5044Mitsubishi L2009.94314.501-31,4%
5141Fiat Fiorino9.76015.020-35,0%
5247Volkswagen Amarok9.17212.211-24,9%
5355Volkswagen Jetta8.6559.265-6,6%
5450Chevrolet Tracker8.55811.031-22,4%
5540Fiat Punto7.70916.476-53,2%
5652Fiat Doblo7.51310.566-28,9%
5751Fiat Weekend7.30210.723-31,9%
5877Citroen C3 Aircross7.2874.66756,1%
59171Jeep Compass6.599199
6058Renault Master6.3838.396-24,0%
6146Nissan Sentra6.28812.529-49,8%
6253Volkswagen Golf5.96610.063-40,7%
6360Mitsubishi Outlander4.8058.225-41,6%
6454Mitsubishi ASX4.7179.582-50,8%
6566Kia Sportage4.5056.694-32,7%
6661Mercedes C Class4.4157.790-43,3%
6771Audi Q34.3706.034-27,6%
6862Renault Fluence4.3297.759-44,2%
6970Hyundai HR4.3106.199-30,5%
7072Citroen C43.9896.032-33,9%
7182Land Rover Discovery3.9333.50412,2%
7264BMW 3 Series3.7957.271-47,8%
7368Audi A3 sedan3.6836.462-43,0%
7463Ford Fusion3.6357.410-50,9%
7573Nissan Frontier3.6055.778-37,6%
7656Chevrolet Cruze Hatch3.5879.117-60,7%
7789BMW X13.4432.71626,8%
7876Mercedes GLA3.3094.765-30,6%
7959Fiat Idea3.0548.234-62,9%
8165Fiat Ducato2.9037.050-58,8%
8283Mitsubishi Lancer2.7573.440-19,9%
8374Mitsubishi Pajero2.5915.253-50,7%
8484Peugeot 3082.2723.276-30,6%
8592Volvo XC602.1442.551-15,9%
8686Lifan X602.0373.082-33,9%
8788Fiat Bravo1.9692.795-29,6%
8867Volkswagen Space Fox1.9566.508-69,9%
8880Land Rover Range Rover Evoque1.9563.927-50,2%
89111Chevrolet Trailblazer1.9421.7958,2%
90103Honda CR-V1.9391.969-1,5%
91112Hyundai i301.9231.7738,5%
9298Kia Picanto1.8782.116-11,2%
9381Renault Kangoo1.8423.585-48,6%
9493Iveco Daily1.8262.433-24,9%
95107Kia Cerato1.6091.878-14,3%
96102Volkswagen Caddy1.5351.980-22,5%
9796Suzuki Jimny1.5032.252-33,3%
98101Troller T41.4532.019-28,0%
9978Fiat Linea1.4484.379-66,9%
10095Kia K25001.3722.410-43,1%