Brazil best selling cars 2010. The top 100

Brazil best selling cars

Brazil best selling cars 2017 again dominated by the Chevrolet Onix followed by a growing Ford Ka. Raising stars are the Renault Sandero and the Fiat Toro, new entrance in the Top 10. However the star of the year was the new Jeep Compass, landed in 11th.

Brazilian vehicles market fell from a record of 3.6 million in the 2012, when ranked as 4th globally, below the 2 million in the 2016 with a vertical unprecedented and unexpected fall, originated by the awful National Automotive Plan issued in the 2013 added by economic, social and political crisis. Having bottomed out in the Q1 2017, the market has just approached a new positive path.

In such environment, the ranking of the best-selling cars is showing several news from the final 2016 data, with the outstanding launch and sudden success of the new Jeep Compass, already in 11th place.

However, at the end of the 2017, the leadership was undisputed and under the solid control of the vehicle actually top seller in the entire Latin America, the Chevrolet Onix, sold in Brazil in 188.670 units, a wonderful +23.0%.

In second place the Ford Ka, up 1 spot, with 120.307 sales (+18.8%) overtaking the Hyundai Hb20 with 105.539 sales  (-12.3%).

In fourth place the Volkswagen Gol with 73.919 units (+23.1%) ahead of the Chevrolet Prisma with 68.991 units (+4.0%), the Renault Sandero, up 1 spots, with 67.344 sales (+6.5%)  and the Toyota Corolla, down 2 spots, with 66.183 units (+2.2%).

In eight place the Fiat Strada with 54.872 units (-7.7%)  ahead of the Fiat Mobi, finally joining the top 10, up 12 spots with 54.271 units (+88.9%) and the Fiat Toro, up 4 spots, with 50.726 (+22.9%).

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Rank 2017Rank 2016ModelSales 2017Sales 2016Variation 2017
11Chevrolet Onix188.660153.37223,0%
23Ford KA120.307101.27818,8%
32Hyundai HB20105.539120.342-12,3%
48Volkswagen Gol73.91960.04423,1%
54Chevrolet Prisma68.99166.3374,0%
67Renault Sandero67.34463.2286,5%
75Toyota Corolla66.18364.7382,2%
89Fiat Strada54.87259.443-7,7%
922Fiat Mobi54.27128.73188,9%
1014Fiat Toro50.72641.28322,9%
1159Jeep Compass49.1876.599645,4%
1210Honda HR-V47.77555.758-14,3%
1313Volkswagen Fox/CrossFox42.71643.727-2,3%
1419Volkswagen Saveiro42.42233.95025,0%
1515Toyota Etios Hatchback41.98640.6933,2%
16191Hyundai Creta41.627
1726Volkswagen Voyage40.82226.07456,6%
1811Jeep Renegade38.33051.567-25,7%
1918Toyota Hilux34.37234.0311,0%
2016Volkswagen Up!34.21338.354-10,8%
2117Fiat Uno34.16534.626-1,3%
2247Nissan Kicks33.46610.712212,4%
2312Hyundai HB20S32.23246.023-30,0%
2424Ford Ecosport31.46528.10512,0%
2521Toyota Etios Sedan31.39529.7915,4%
2625Chevrolet S1030.44726.55814,6%
27191Fiat Argo27.929
2828Renault Logan26.01223.7079,7%
2932Honda Civic25.87420.85724,1%
3023Honda Fit25.35028.439-10,9%
3120Fiat Siena24.95733.478-25,5%
3229Chevrolet Spin24.71322.9827,5%
3331Nissan Versa23.37021.8976,7%
3430Chevrolet Cobalt22.94922.4672,1%
35191Renault Kwid22.576
366Fiat Palio20.27363.996-68,3%
3733Ford Fiesta19.28518.6233,6%
3841Chevrolet Cruze Sedan19.19312.06459,1%
3935Ford Ranger17.83015.81212,8%
4027Renault Duster17.79425.373-29,9%
4136Honda City15.97615.4223,6%
42191Honda WR-V15.353
4337Chevrolet Montana14.87614.7690,7%
4434Nissan March14.05218.376-23,5%
45191Renault Captur13.742
4646Peugeot 20812.15710.76812,9%
4754Chevrolet Tracker12.1368.55841,8%
4852Volkswagen Amarok11.9649.17230,4%
4940Toyota Hilux SW411.71812.168-3,7%
5038Renault Oroch11.04714.245-22,4%
5151Fiat Fiorino10.9499.76012,2%
5248Peugeot 200810.57210.692-1,1%
5339Ford Focus10.51412.288-14,4%
5449Hyundai ix3510.25610.2260,3%
5550Mitsubishi L2009.9489.9430,1%
5642Citroen C39.88111.824-16,4%
57191Volkswagen Polo9.521
5853Volkswagen Jetta7.6698.655-11,4%
5958Citroen C3 Aircross7.5267.2873,3%
6076Chevrolet Cruze Hatch7.3283.587104,3%
6160Renault Master6.1856.383-3,1%
6256Fiat Doblo5.7117.513-24,0%
6344Hyundai Tucson5.09711.203-54,5%
6464Mitsubishi ASX5.0204.7176,4%
6566Mercedes C Class4.8834.41510,6%
6663Mitsubishi Outlander4.6834.805-2,5%
6774Ford Fusion4.3443.63519,5%
6877BMW X14.1373.44320,2%
69160Mahindra Scorpio4.0601902036,8%
7075Nissan Frontier4.0573.60512,5%
7169Hyundai HR4.0414.310-6,2%
7262Volkswagen Golf3.9965.966-33,0%
7361Nissan Sentra3.9216.288-37,6%
7467Audi Q33.8464.370-12,0%
7578Mercedes GLA3.8133.30915,2%
7665Kia Sportage3.6434.505-19,1%
7757Fiat Weekend3.5327.302-51,6%
7871Land Rover Discovery3.4703.933-11,8%
7972BMW 3 Series3.3123.795-12,7%
8070Citroen C43.2703.989-18,0%
8190Chevrolet Trailblazer3.2041.94265,0%
82145Chery QQ3.137420646,9%
8373Audi A3 sedan2.7453.683-25,5%
84138Toyota Prius2.334486380,2%
8585Volvo XC602.2842.1446,5%
8686Lifan X602.2222.0379,1%
87112JAC T52.111923128,7%
8894Iveco Daily2.0901.82614,5%
8996Suzuki Jimny2.0611.50337,1%
90110Hyundai Elantra2.052936119,2%
9189Volkswagen Space Fox1.9821.9561,3%
9289Land Rover Range Rover Evoque1.9121.956-2,2%
9382Mitsubishi Pajero1.8432.591-28,9%
9455Fiat Punto1.8177.709-76,4%
95191Suzuki Vitara1.778
9699Kia K25001.6501.37220,3%
9795Kia Cerato1.5751.609-2,1%
9880Fiat Ducato1.5472.903-46,7%
9997Troller T41.5041.4533,5%
100103Mini Cooper1.4611.08434,8%